Brexit Deal Passes EU But A Divided UK Parliament Will Have The Final Say | NBC Nightly News
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Brexit Deal Passes EU But A Divided UK Parliament Will Have The Final Say | NBC Nightly News

November 30, 2019

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  1. The EU has to pass a deal because there is a deadline and they want the UK OUT, but the insulting fool politics on display is the fact that EU taxpayers and citizens are forced to pay for a weekend meeting among thousands and thousands of wasted nonsense because the fact is that the “ deal “ presented is NOT APPROVED by British Parliament and obviously its a waste of time to fly the whole bunch in when one side shows up unprepared as usual. It’s insulting it’s unacceptable behavior especially from Britain’s side . This is not a DIVORCE! It’s s flock of irresponsible fools deliberately refusing to do their jobs and being completely out of touch and showing vial disrespect for a committed intelligent population(s) group(s) and it has no place in the current world and the behavior is an insult to any EU citizen . The sole pollution fact and the cost of housing and feeding ( and all of the booze ,just look at a certain person who was so drunk recently he FELL in public and couldn’t get up) a flock of arrogant incompetent fools is an open display of insulting EU standards and nobody has to accept it

  2. London's falling because the foundation countries, upon which it sat, the foundation that provided ALL the goods and did ALL the WORK… is BREXIT-ING. Poor London… they won't get to take every one else's food, goods and money… as free and easily. I guess they'll have to do their own work for a change… And the foundation countries, now FREE… are figuring that out. Maybe London should've been nicer to them… (roaring laughter!) As If! Sometimes I crack myself up!

  3. I don’t know why the EU is acting like they really have a hard foundation to walk on. Two of their biggest members have unemployment rates at or above 10%, two of the biggest members leaders are incredibly unpopular and won’t be re-elected, one big member has anti-eu government, the eastern block is rebelling at a record pace, and the bulk of the eu nations are mired in debt.
    All this really shows is the British lost their ability to negotiate.
    If anyone thinks the EU will be around in another 10 years is delusional.

  4. I think Mrs May needs to find out if French and Germans are European. I think maybe French are white or brown. The French are like Greeks. Some Greeks are white and some Greeks are not white.

  5. Erase everything I type if I type something. I think the French are white or brown. I think the French are like the Greeks. I think the Greeks are European. I think the Germans are white or brown. I think maybe the English are European.

  6. Rubbish…Mob Rule got their way.
    500-page catastrophe, …well May, you've bamboozled your people again with your selfishness.
    This will lead to you not being

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  8. This is insane. Our current situation (full EU membership with all benefits of the Single Market and no Irish border issue, whilst keeping our own currency, exemption from Schengen and our substantial national rebate, and with a seat at the decision making table alongside a growing number of other countries who oppose further integration, and of course still with the ability to control EU immigration by other means (welfare & benefits etc) as other members have done and we for some reason never did.) is looking better by the day.

  9. We need a strong leader who use their " HEAD", not their heart, as Theresa May is an ardent remainer. Theresa May has got what she wanted. She had an unelected civil servant negotiating a "deal"behind the back of elected Brexit Cabinet Minister. Believe this speaks volumes about her and her methods, and what she believes in our democracy. She arrogantly listened to her cronies to call an election, wasting time and money. This just made UK weaker.

  10. The Greek people voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU, to get out from austerity. But even their left wing ruling party could not comply and caved in to the EU. Now the same has happened with Brexit and the ruling Tory party, a total capitulation of UK sovereignty to the European elitists. The British Parliament will not approve this and this will make way for what should of been implemented in the first place: No Deal Brexit.

  11. I think the chaos of the unknown is over-exaggerated. Most of the protestors against BREXIT are probably EU citizens who are living in the UK and benefiting from the UK. I think the UK should just leave and ignore the bad deal. This is a really bad deal. Why can't the UK just take the chances? The worst possible scenario is for the entire EU not to trade with the UK? If Singapore can thrive without joining the EU, the UK can't because of what? The UK has more resources and a much bigger market than Singapore. Just trade with others. As for the EU citizens (3million +) in the UK who are fearful of the unknown, well, they have nobody to blame but the EU itself that really don't represent them. The EU is no democracy, and as a trade union, it's gone too far to try to become a ruling government of all member countries. The UK needs to look at its former colony Singapore and see that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

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