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Brian “Head” Welch – Liberty University Convocation

November 17, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: Hi everybody. Let’s welcome Brian “Head” Welch to convocation. It’s an honor to have you, buddy.>>BRIAN WELCH: Thank you. I’m honored to be here. Thank you.>>NASSER: 40 million albums sold, multiple
Grammys, MTV video awards, best-selling author, New York Times best-selling author. All that said, last night you got into Charlotte
through your flight at 11:30 at night. They canceled the Lynchburg leg. And instead of being a big rock star, you
rented a rental car, got here about 4 a.m. You drove in just to be with us, and we’re
grateful for that. Thank you so much for being a humble servant.>>WELCH: Thank you.>>NASSER: Where were you? Just before we get started, where were you
this week? Where were you coming from?>>WELCH: Um, I am such the frugal rock star,
man. I got like the economy car and just drove
here. I got four hours sleep, so don’t mind the
baggy eyes, but I was in the gulf coast. I actually—A few weeks ago Tim Hawkins and
his wife came out to tour, and we ministered to the fans after a Korn concert, and they
offered. They’re like, hey, we’ve got a beach house
if you ever want to use it. Like two days later I’m like, hey! Remember that beach house? So I went there, and so Tim Hawkins is going
to be here in four days or something like that, right?>>NASSER: That’s right. Get your tickets. It’s going to be awesome!>>WELCH: But the thing is, I was cooking
bacon one day, and all the smoke went in the kitchen. And I panicked, and I went to the window sill
to lift up the window so all the smoke could go out, and I broke his wife’s frog. So you guys got to help me. Like when he comes here, you’ve got to just,
got to ease him into that. I broke her frog—her glass frog. That’s my story.>>NASSER: That’s an amazing story. I’m surprised it didn’t make it into the I
Am Second Video, right? Well that video’s actually got a few years
to it. That video kind of ends with you talking about
being called out of the band Korn, but since then God has obviously brought you back into
that. Catch us up a little bit since that video,
you know, when the Lord just radically saved you, what’s been happening with you?>>WELCH: Oh my gosh. I am so—I am 100% all or nothing, but the
thing is when I was all all into the drugs, all into the just wanting to be famous and
all that stuff, but when I met Jesus it was like I am all in. I was like, I want you so bad. Like how—tell me how intimately can a human
become with you, because my heart has been shattered over and over with heartbreaks,
with personal failures, and I just needed— I wanted that. I wanted to be in Heaven right when I met
Him. I was like, why? I don’t want to be here anymore; you know? But he’s like, obviously I’ve got stuff to
do, but you know, ever since then I just—. My goal in life, it’s not success or ministry,
not even- nothing, except getting to know him. That’s my goal in life, is getting to know
him as intimately as any human being can. So there are different levels of relationship
with the Lord. And a lot of you guys, and I’m speaking to
myself too, what you see about Him right now is not what you have to stay- You don’t have
to stay at this level. There’s multiple levels. He will open our eyes, the eyes of our heart,
to see Him, and to grow into relationship. It’s just, it’s really fun for me. It’s like exciting. It’s the most— It’s like the funnest roller
coaster ride ever- ups and downs, everything.>>NASSER: That’s amazing. So when you first got saved, obviously as
a new believer you felt like just being in the band just overwhelming at that moment,
but then you began to grow. You began to become more and more intimate
with God. And as God just deepened your roots, you felt
like maybe you were more and more ready to go and be as a missionary out and about. Tell us how that came about. How’d you get back into the band, the story
behind that, and how is it now, as a believer, being on the front lines? Like you guys are touring with the Slipknots
of the world, right? And you’re just out and about every week doing
that. I would love for you to talk about your calling
right now.>>WELCH: Yeah, it’s like, you know, Jesus
is just wild. He’s wild, and you can’t figure him out. You know one season I’m like, He’s like
leave Korn, raise your daughter, and minister to my bride, you know. The church is his bride. So I would go out and do concerts. I would do speaking events for years. And so, and then, just like Him, He just throws
a curve ball. Like. He’s just like, hey. I’m going to throw you out into the—back
into your band. And, you know, just watch how many people
start to hate you then, you know, because the Christians, some of the Christians—. I got mostly support; I will say that, but,
you know, it happened through my daughter. Because my daughter was 6 years old when I
was getting off of drugs, when I met Christ, and I got free. And it was like He sent her as an angel into
my life to pull me away, to get my life to find him. But when she grew up and she— Around 13
years old she started getting into all these 90s bands. Her favorite band is Blink-182. So we just saw them two weeks ago in Indiana,
and we went backstage and we were talking to the Day to Remember and all them. They’re friends of ours, and Mark Hoppus from
Blink comes walking into the hallway, and she’s like oh my gosh! And he goes, Jennea, right? Hey, how you doing? How was your birthday? And she walked away. She goes, “I am so spoiled.” But, where was I?>>NASSER: You were talking about getting
back into the band.>>WELCH: Oh yeah, that. Sorry, I go through rabbit trails. But. So it was her. She was like, “I want to go to concerts more,
Dad.” And I’m like, I’m not connected anymore, you
know? Like who do I know to get? I could just maybe walk up and say, “Hey,
I used to be in a big band. Can I come in?” What happened was I started taking her to
concerts. And I went to this one festival. I was on tour with P.O.D., and during that
tour-yeah, P.O.D! Those are my homies! So I was on tour with them, and they had a
show at a big rock festival. My solo band couldn’t play it, because we
weren’t big enough. We went with them, and Korn was headlining. I reconciled with the guys, and everybody
was in tears. I played a song with them. My dad even hit me up the next day. He was like, I was in tears watching it, because
I grew up with these guys. My dad knew them before they went through
puberty. You know what I’m saying? And so just to see us reconcile, and see all
the tears. I was like, what’s going on here? About a few days later I got asked to come
back to the band. I said no, because it’d been almost a decade. I’m like, I’m doing my own thing, and I’m
walking with Jesus. And the next thing you know I felt the Lord
impress on me like, hey. You’re following me. Follow me back there. And I resisted first, but I got some counsel
from people, and I prayed, and through a series of events I knew it was my calling. And He’s confirmed it over and over. It’s so wild and fun right now. In a spiritual way, of course, but it’s so
fun to be back, man. It’s so fun to be back.>>NASSER: So a lot of us have watched videos,
just honestly, just even iPhone videos where after a show you’ll come offstage. You and a few people will just go out into
the lobby, you know, and just meet people and minister. Can you talk a little bit about what you’re
doing?>>WELCH: Oh yeah, man, I always— man. You guys, I’m telling you. If you get yourself into a kind of uncomfortable
place with people out in the world, any of us can do it. I don’t care who you are; you can do it. You get yourself out there. You put yourself on the line. You be bold, and like Joyce Meyer said once
when I was new in my faith, she was like, “If you’re afraid to do something, then do
it afraid.” And so that ministry thing was for me, man,
how are these people going to react. And they’re expecting me to be this preachy
Jesus freak guy, and I’m like how do I do that? So I prayed. I was like, Lord, I want to do more, but I
don’t really know how to go about it, you know? So that’s when the film crew for that movie
Holy Ghost came in and— woo! Really, that changed my life, in all seriousness. That movie changed my life. Todd White came in and just helped me to get
out there. And so that’s what we did, you know? And so that opened up a whole new realm of
life for me. And so living your life, just open your heart
to people, you know? And so I’ve been doing that ever since. I used to do it with my bass player a lot. Fieldy, he’s a Christian. But he’s more—he’s more like laidback, so
I’m like, all right, well I’m going to get more crazy now with my faith, because I just—. I don’t know; it’s a fire in me, and it’s
how I was made, so period, you know? So yeah, I have— Todd White really lit that
fire. I have a new friend Robby Dawkins. He sends a lot of his friends out and meets
me all over the country, and we just actually they kind of come to serve me. We gather like 40, 50 people a night, and
then as they serve me, I tell my testimony to these people. And then I start taking pictures with them,
and then its where I become the servant, because I let Robby Dawkin’s friends like just go
do whatever they want after I’m done taking pictures. People are in tears. People are getting touched by God. People are just— It’s crazy. I’ve seen people’s face come alive for the
first time. They’ve said, “I’ve never felt anything like
this before in my life.” These two people I just met a couple weeks
ago. They’re clean off heroin for three years,
and they’re starting to help others, but they just had no life. They were like, yes, we did really bad things,
and we’re just— They just looked empty. By the end of the prayer with us and everything
they were like, I’ve never felt anything—! I was like, you don’t have to be sober, like
with no life. You can be high on God’s love. It’s like, so real, you know! And I know, it’s so beautiful, you know? To see people come to life. So I live for that. That’s my whole reason for existing now, to
see people get touched by God.>>NASSER: Man, I watched a video where you
and Todd led this young man to the Lord, and just to literally on video watch him go from
death to life. And just to think, if you had not gone back
into, you know, the band, that young man probably would have never heard the Gospel. Little did He know when He showed up that
God had an after-show for him moment where He was going to touch his life. How has your—the temptations are still there. I mean when you’re out on the road with these
bands how do you navigate through just being a believer? I know you have your brother in
arms. The bass player is also a believer, but how
do you guys navigate just the temptation that comes your way?>>WELCH: Temptations? Uh, well, yeah, they try to creep in. I remember last year we were touring and everything,
and actually it came from some Christians that I connected with in Seattle. We went to their house before the show, and
they broke out bread and started doing communion, and they poured some wine and everything. And I was like, oh cool. Oh that’s real wine! I’ll just have a glass. And I was like-I didn’t drink for 10 years. And I was like, oh cool. I can drink now! I can have some wine, just with communion. And two months later I was in bars having
shots and everything. And so I was like, eh. Can’t drink. I’m an alcoholic. I thought I was delivered from that, so that
was a temptation. I mainly didn’t drink on the road that much. It was more at home, so that’s done. The temptation as far as drugs and women and
all that—they’re not around. Everyone’s different in the band. Some of the guys are having kids, like just
had new babies like last year. And I make fun of them because they’re going
to be like, “Hey Jimmy, throw me the ball!” They’re going to be like 65 with a 16-year-old. But everyone’s different. Everyone’s grounded. They have their families. You know what? I’m just saying that everybody is thankful
for our success, and they’re thankful that they made it through. Because everybody, all five guys in Korn,
could’ve died from drugs, easy. It was just—it was chaos, man. It was chaos, and so everyone is thankful. And I think everyone believes in God in the
band. You know a couple of us choose Jesus and everything,
so, but God’s right there working. And I just want to say one thing. Like some people, some of the religious Christians
will throw at me, “Well, how can you be yoked, unequally yoked, with unbelievers and everything?” And you know, we’ve got to remember that Paul,
when he was speaking to people, when he was writing the Bible, he was talking to these
baby Christians who were getting sidetracked left and right. You know, doing this and that and getting—. You’ve got to know God for your life now. And so when you get strong enough, you know. You can’t make the Scripture talk to you,
like Paul was talking to them. You know, you’ve got to know God and what
He’s saying for your life, you know? And of course I love the Scripture. And it’s so powerful, and it’s for today,
and every Word is true, but we can’t misinterpret it, because we can lose our destiny if we
get too religious and misinterpret the Bible. You know, we could miss out on a lot, a lot
of stuff. So, I thought I’d throw that in there.>>NASSER: Man, I think obviously have their
opinions on whether you should be divided, and you’re saying, man, I don’t want to be
divided from that world; I want to be distinct from it. But at the end of the day, I think the person
whose opinion really matters is the young man you led to the Lord the other day. You know what I’m saying? I think we should ask him, is God using this
brother to usher in hope into their life? Have you had bigger criticism coming from
the church, or have you had bigger criticism coming from the lost people that see you always
pushing the Gospel, you know, everywhere you go, trying to bring up conversations about
Christ everywhere you go? And then, in dealing with that kind of criticism,
how do you just receive it, but yet, at the same time, not let it hijack your joy?>>WELCH: Thank you for asking that, because
I was going to throw something in a second ago. But they— it’s crazy, because I’d love to
present Jesus in a way—. I know I seem like, really zealous, and I
am, but I do it in a way where people can open their heart to Him, you know? And I talk about how the religious people
that would be on the corner saying, “If you go into that Korn concert, you’re going to
hell.” For 20 years off and on some of these religious
people would be out there, and so I relate to, like, people not wanting Christianity,
because of some of these people out there that are just mean-spirited people, you know? And so I do encounter some rejection. I mean, I send people out there to, “Hey,
you want to meet Brian from Korn?” Sometimes they’re like, “That’s that Jesus
freak, no thanks!” I’m like the headlining band, they don’t want
to meet me, you know? It’s like, and so they know that I’m going
to—. But I love to do it in a cool way, you know? And just in a way that’s truth, but it’s like,
hey guys, I was just like you, you know? I didn’t want none of this stuff before. But I just want to convince them, and persuade
them, persuade them—. And only God can do that, but persuade them
by just my story, that this is everything they want. Jesus is everything they ever wanted. They just don’t know it. You know, some of them don’t know it yet,
but it’s happening. And God is touching them, and I don’t know. I feel like I’m just getting started, and
I can’t wait to see what happens next. I can’t wait to see what this generation does
next, man. You guys, man, the things that—. If you think about even 100 years ago, there
was nothing. It was just the world was so, just, simple,
you know? And just the understanding and the creativity
of just this whole generation and what they’ve done with the digital age. Man, you guys, the sky is the limit, man. You guys can go out there and flip this whole,
just, face of Christianity around, man. Just please, please develop that intimacy
with Jesus. Let that be your main focus, and have your
motive be to turn this around. Because Jesus is everything they ever wanted—the
world, you know? But I know it’s just, because I’m facing it
every day. It’s just hard, because the face of Christianity
has been so unappeasing, and just, I don’t know, just not really inviting in the past
decades. But it’s changing! It’s changed a lot since, just since 2005,
you know, when I got saved, so I can’t wait to see what you guys do in your life, you
know?>>NASSER: Brian, you say that, and not just—. You say that as a father, because you’ve got
a daughter who is this generation, who is the age of a lot of the students that are
sitting here. Tell us just a little bit about just your
relationship with your daughter. I know in this book you talk really honestly
about her struggles and how God has delivered her out of a lot of just tragedy into a testimony
as well. Would you speak a little bit into that, just
about that relationship and that dynamic?>>WELCH: Well, yeah, when I left Korn, you
heard the story. I looked at my daughter, and I was like, you
know, I’m going to be home. I’m going to raise you. I’m going to make you breakfast. I’m going to take you to school. I’m going to pick you up—dance class, everything. And I did that for years, and it was fun,
just me and her, you know? I dated a little bit, I just never remarried
or anything. So just me and her—single dad, and then
she turned, you know, 12, 13, and she started getting depressed. A little bit here and there at first, and
then, you know, 14 came, and she was just—. She fell into a dark pit, and she—we just
started clashing, butting heads, and one day she just yelled at me. She said, “I hate you! I hate everything you stand for! And I cut myself because of you.” And that’s when I realized that she was harming
herself, and she started—she was having suicidal thoughts. And so I got counseling for her, and it got
better at first, and then it would get worse. And so Christmas 2013—it’s hard to talk
about, but. I was at my parents’ house, and my parents
have been together 50 years, and so it’s just—yeah. Well I went into the room, and I saw my daughter’s
arms, and she, just from wrist to shoulder, just sliced both arms. And she tried to drink something underneath
the sink and stuff. She was like suicidal, and she was like, “I
want to die. I want to die.” And it was just brutal man, and I was going
to take her somewhere for Christmas—like just put her in a place, because I was afraid
she was going to do something really bad. But right then I had to decide. It was crazy, because, it was like, I saw
the pain in her eyes, but it was rebellion too. And she was like—. But it was coming from a place of hurt, but
she was just like—. I had to do something, because I couldn’t
do it all anymore. So what happened was I found a school that
did like full time, basically, counseling and school. So it was a boarding school slash faith-based
counseling place. The girl that runs it actually ended up-she
used to follow the Osbournes—Ozzy Osbourne She used to follow the Ozzfest around, and
she wanted to get into that industry. She was the singer of a band, and she would
interview the bands at the Ozzfest. And so she got radically saved—piercings
all over her face. And she got radically saved, and she started
just helping the youth. And so I’d met her a couple years before my
daughter’s meltdown, and so I kept calling her, and saying, hey, “My daughter did this—any
advice?” And so Christmas 2013 I was like, “I need
help. Do you have an opening in your school?” And she made an opening for me, and my daughter
threatened to run away if I ever tried to put her in a place, so I couldn’t tell her. I told her we were going to visit a school,
because she knew we were having—Our relationship was bad, and so I took her there, and she
was—As the girl was talking to me, the lady was talking to me, she was standing behind
her going get me out of here! No, we’re leaving! And I said, “Jennea, I didn’t come here to
show you this school. I came here to enroll you, and you’re staying
here today.” And she was just like, F you and F that! She was bolting, looking for the door to leave. And so, long story short, she sat down and
just busted into tears. She knew it was over. She knew that she was there to face every
demon, every wound inside of her soul. And so what she did, was we ended up hugging. Through tears I could barely talk. I said, “Jennea, I’ll never abondon you.” And it was the hardest, because it was me
and my little girl. Her whole life it was just me and her, you
know? And I had to leave her. It was the tough love that I did not want
to do, but God restored our relationship. He helped her forgive, in her heart, her dad. Because I failed a lot, you guys. I was like, I love Jesus with all my heart,
but my old personality had a hard time going away and dying, you know? And it took like a decade for me to change,
you know. I was just up and down like a yoyo. And my emotions, you know, good day, bad day,
good day, bad day, and I had this anger and rage. She saw stuff that she shouldn’t have, and
her mom wounded her deeply. And so all this pain came to the surface,
but she dealt with it head on, and I would really encourage you guys. Just deal with your pain head on, and really
deal with your parents and everything. And have someone help you talk about past
hurts and everything. It really is so beneficial, and my daughter
has come alive. She’s not perfect—nobody is. But she’s invited God into her life. She didn’t want nothing to do with Jesus before
that program, and on her own terms, Jesus just actually kind of went after her. And He’s been touching her, and she still
kind of processing things. Because she’s like, she’s spoken a few places,
and we’re asking her, “Do you want to speak some more?” And she’s like, “No, right now I feel like
I want to learn more.” And so yeah, she actually goes to Full Sail
University. She just started, so yeah! Woo! I’m so proud of that kid, and she let me,
in this book With My Eyes Wide Open, she let me share every crazy detail. I mean if she would’ve said I don’t feel comfortable
with that it was gone out of the book, and, but she is so brave. I’m so proud of her, and if you guys pick
it up there’s an audio version too. I read the whole book myself. I will never do that again, but, so this is
the only time you’ll hear me reading a book. It took like eight hours a day for like two
weeks. So.>>NASSER: Man, one of the things that I loved
about the book was just the hope that it gave, I think, somebody who’s reading it who has
maybe yet to see the light with their relationship with their earthly father. And it’s such a story of hope. I think we might have students here, men and
women, who maybe have a real severed relationship with their dad. Whether their dad’s a godly person, or their
dad is really struggling, or has told a lot of lies to them—maybe even well-intended
things that never came about. It just gives you hope that it doesn’t have
to stay there, that God can restore people. That moment where you hadn’t talked to her
for about a month, and then you finally call, and she just breaks into tears, and there’s
just such a prodigal coming home—. It’s just a beautiful story of redemption,
and so there’s a lot of hope in that. Man, thanks for being so vulnerable and honest
about sharing those things. And thank your daughter for us as well, for
being—for being honest that way. It lets people know you don’t have it all
together just because you’re a Christian, but that God holds it all together. And so we’re grateful for that.>>WELCH: So true. I mean, this generation, they can smell—. You guys can smell a phony like a mile away,
man. And we all deserve the truth. And let’s get real; you know what I mean? It’s not like, praise Jesus. God bless! I’m blessed, brother! No, I’m hurting, you know? And actually, in this season, I’m floating. I’m doing good right now; I’m not going to
lie, but it’s great to talk about these things that we go through, because it’s real life,
you know? Look at all the reality shows, you know? People want real, so get out there and be
real to this world, you guys.>>NASSER: Yeah, that’s powerful! Man. Let’s do this, let’s do this, bro, if we could. I would love to be able to minister through
something that you began to be a little noticed for. Brian recently took Psalm 139, where—from
the psalmist, you know, David, is saying, God, I know You’ve searched me. You know me. You pursue me from afar. You took that, and as a musician you flipped
it where it’s coming, instead of the psalmist saying it to God, God saying those very truths
in Psalm 139 to us. And I know we have students here who maybe
are honest enough to say I’m hurting right now. I don’t have it all together. And so, I’d love for you to read that. Minister by reading that over somebody who
maybe really needs to hear that. And so let’s just do this. If you’re in that place in your life where
you’re just saying, man, I’m going through a really tough spell, or maybe even today
some of those daddy-wounds were just kind of exposed, or maybe at this moment I’m going
through just a real lonely season, or a tough spell. If that’s where you are, I’d love for you
to just stand so we can see so we can all be praying for you. But also I’d love for Brian to pastor by just
reading that Psalm over you. Anybody, that’s where you are? This is a safe place for you to just stand
up. Just rise up wherever you are. Hold on; don’t—. Hold on. I know you mean well, but don’t clap for just
a second. Just stand up. I think sometimes we celebrate what God’s
doing just so that we can kind of ward off what God wants to say in us. If you see somebody around you standing—we’re
fully packed in here. Look around. If you see somebody standing will you just,
right now, if they’re near you just begin to pray for them. Just begin to just pray for them. And if you’re standing up, will you just open
the eyes of you heart? Open the ears of your heart, okay? And just receive this from Brian as he just
pastors through this Psalm 139 from God’s angle, all right, God’s voice over you. Just receive this from him.>>WELCH: Yeah, everybody that’s standing
or sitting down, if you could just close your eyes and just look into the Spirit, you know? It says in Colossians to look to the invisible,
because all the visible’s passing away one day. So just by faith just look into the invisible. In Psalm 139, David was talking about how
God knows him, but we can paraphrase. I paraphrased it, because this is true for
every single soul sitting in here. So I’m going to read it from God’s perspective,
the paraphrased version. I have looked deep into your heart, and I
know all about you. I know when you are resting and when you are
working, and from Heaven I discover your thoughts. I notice everything you do and everywhere
you go. Before you even speak a word, I know what
you will say. And with my powerful arm I protect you from
every side. I know you can’t even understand all of this,
such wonderful knowledge far above you. There’s nowhere where you can escape from
my spirit or from my sight. If you were to climb up to the highest heavens
I would be there. If you were to dig down to the world of the
dead I would also be there. Suppose you had wings like the dawning of
the day and flew across the ocean, even then my powerful arm would guide and protect you. Or suppose you said I’ll hide in the dark
until night comes to cover me, but I see in the dark because daylight and dark are all
the same to me. I am the one who put you together inside your
mother’s body, and you are wonderfully made the way I created you. Everything I do is marvelous. Of this you should have no doubt. Nothing about you is hidden from me. You were secretly woven together deep in the
earth below, but own eyes—but with my own eyes I saw your body being formed. Even before you were born I had written in
my book everything you would do. My thoughts are far beyond your understanding,
much more than you can ever imagine. If you try to count my thoughts they would
outnumber the grains of sand on the beach, and when you awake you will find me nearby. And Lord, I just pray for everybody here:
the ones standing up, the ones sitting down, Lord. I pray right now that you would give them
the Spirit, the gift of faith to believe and to see that we, Lord, like the fish in the
ocean are surrounded by your spirit. We can’t breathe without you. We can’t live without you. We are in you. In you we live, and move, and have are being. There’s nowhere that we can go to escape your
love. You are right there, and Jesus your blood
covers every mistake, every wrong choice that we make, Lord. But convict us of the wrong choices that we
make, and forgive us, and let the guilt go. Lord, help us let the guilt go, because we
do screw up. So Lord, I pray for every single person here. I ask you that you would take this generation
and rock this earth, Lord, and make the reality of Jesus—your life, and your character,
and your nature be evident through these people, Lord. Change the face of Christianity with these
youngsters, Lord, and just blow this world up with your great glory and your love, Lord. Thank you so much that you’re not religious,
and you’re not the mean old man in the sky—that you’re a loving God, and that you forgive,
and that we’re included in you, because you did everything for us, Lord, by your grace. Now Lord, yeah, I ask that you would release
unique gifts, and heal, Lord, the broken and the wounded right now. The ones standing up, Lord, the ones that
are going through stuff, just heal those deep parts, Lord, and give them new wings to fly,
Lord. Go deep inside of them, and we thank you for
today. We thank you for this school. We thank you for just—. Everything you’re doing here is mind blowing,
Lord. Thank you that I got to come here. In Jesus’ name, Amen.>>NASSER: Amen. Brian, man, you’ve ministered to us today,
brother. Let’s pray for Brian. Can we do that? Brian, anything specific we can be praying
for you about just in this season?>>WELCH: Um, I need a new Rolls-Royce.>>NASSER: A Rolls-Royce?>>WELCH: I’m just joking. Honestly, that- My book is called With My
Eyes Wide Open—like, He increases. You talk about the eyes of the heart. He opens our eyes the more that we are sincere
and want to know Him more, so if you could pray for my eyes, spiritual eyes, to be open
more, and for a strong anointing for this next— We’re going out with Breaking Benjamin
and Motionless and White. So yeah, we’re starting that in like five
days, so if you could pray for a strong anointing to touch these kids, these fans after the
show. I’d like to increase anointing.>>NASSER: Amen brother. We want to pray for you. This is always our last question, because
we think it’s the one that hopefully reminds you as well, man, past this moment we’re going
to continue to pray for you. You’ve got an army of people that are standing
with you, man.>>WELCH: Thank you so much, you guys, thank
you.>>NASSER: Let me eh— Let’s pray for him. Come on. Father, thank you for this brother. Thank you, Father, for saving him. Thank you that you’re using him in this particular
season, God, as a missionary. I pray that you’d give him great favor, that
God he would see the fruit of his labor, that it would encourage Him to just go deeper and
deeper. Lord, I pray that as you give him a louder
voice, that you’d continue to deepen his faith. Lord, thank you that he desires intimacy with
you. I pray that as he’s on the road that he would
find quiet moments to hear from you, God, that he would find the discipline to always
stay grounded in your word and spiritual disciplines. Lord, thank you for just the fact that he’s
not alone out there. Thank you for a brother in arms, God, in this
band who knows you as well, and they can be accountability partners. And Lord, I pray that he would continue to
see as you see. God, give Him not just the ability to have
his eyes, spiritual eyes, open, but to see everyone as you would see them, God. And that Lord, you would also allow his eyes
to guard him from what is evil, and to know when to walk towards someone and know when
to quickly walk away. Give him discernment and wisdom. Thank you, Lord, for the ministry that he’s
come today to give and the way that it was received by our people. Amen. Hey can we thank our brother one more time? We love you! Thank you! Great job!

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