BricsCAD BIM Tutorials – Sections & composition plies
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BricsCAD BIM Tutorials – Sections & composition plies

October 23, 2019

First, we’ll locate the section towards the rear of the middle building A new feature is “define BIM section”, which when selected with the BIM section just placed highlighted provides the ability to draw a rectangle on that
section plane and then the BIM section detail is created. If we want to just work with the geometry in that detail section, we can double click on it. The geometry inside is now isolated. In this case we will work with the entire model. Now let’s introduce how to work with composition plys. on objects such as walls and floors. First, select the floors and walls and turn their compositions on. The composition plys are now activated, meaning that the different plys in that composition can be selected and manipulated. Let’s create a ceiling in the first room. First, the gypsum ply on the interior wall is selected and using BIM drag it is lowered by three feet, so that a ceiling can be placed on top. Select the boundary of the floor above and again use “BIM drag” to create a copy of the object of that boundary, which creates a copy of the floor above. It is placed so that it is on top of the gypsum ply. Since the object touched the gypsum ply, when the thickness updates to the ceiling composition, the gypsum ply moves with it. To relocate the ceiling, select a surface on the ceiling and use “BIM drag” to move it upward. Both the ceiling and gypsum ply moved together to the desired location. Looking at the floor above, the wall is sitting on the finish for layer. To quickly address this situation, we can select the lower surface for the structure ply of the interior wall and “BIM drag” it down to the concrete layer of the floor. Now it displays the correct detail.

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