Brief History of the Spanish Royal Family

September 16, 2019

1469: The start of the Spanish royal
family. Well there were many kings on the
Iberian Peninsula before and during this time… …but 1469 marked the union of the two
major dynasties, with the marriage of Ferdinand the second of Aragon and
Isabella the first of Castile. Famous for helping columbus sailed the ocean blue
in 1492 and the Spanish Inquisition during their reign the centralized power conquered Grenada, the last Muslim stronghold
in Spain and the word España began to be used as a name for the united
kingdoms. When Queen Isabella died in 1504, King Ferdinand ruled her side of
Spain with their eldest surviving child Joanna of Castile the people called
joining the mad because reasons and so she ruled in name only confined to a
convent for the rest of her life as her father dealt with the day-to-day
administration of the kingdom’s when he died she was of course the heir to his
throne as well but lucky for Spain she had a son a foreign born and raised
Charles who as things would have it was the heir to three dynasties and so
became not only King Charles the first of Spain but also Charles the fifth holy roman emperor king of Germany king
of Italy and after 40 years of reigning over all of these kingdoms he abdicated. Side note since he was the first King to rule the whole of spain in his own right many regard him as the first king of
Spain but anyway he stepped down and the Spanish crown passed to his only
surviving son Philip the second of Spain who after a
succession crisis in Portugal also became Philip the first portugal then
it passed to his son Philip the third and his son after that Philip the fourth
will rain during very tough times for Spain he saw the country being ripped
apart from revolts in Portugal and Catalonia are while fighting the French
in the thirty years war he managed to save most of catalonia although Spain
might not have it for much longer and Portugal was lost forever the crown then passed to Philip son
charles the second was remembered by historians as short lame epileptic
senile always on the verge of death because he had extensive disabilities
caused by inbreeding you see his great-great grandfather made his own
cousin his great grandfather made his niece who
was also a product of cousins his grandfather made his first cousin
once removed his father married his niece resulting
in Charles who is possibly impotent because of all of this and so when he died childless in 1700
his will named his grandnephew Phillip the fifth as his successor if he were to refuse the crown would
then be offered to Phillips younger brother and then finally to Archduke
Charles of Austria the Archduke just couldn’t wait to be king and so claim
the Spanish throne for himself saying that Phillips grandmother had renounced
all claims to the Spanish throne for her and her descendants when she married the King of France and
so the War of the Spanish Succession broke out after 11 years of no I’m the
king no I’m the king no I’m the king they
finally agreed that Phillip the fifth was in fact the king just like Charles will set all along so
Philip world for a bit then abdicated in favour of his son Louie only to return
to the throne seven months later when he died Philip
did have another son Ferdinand but he was only ten at the time so Philip state
on the throne until he died then Ferdinand take over but died child lists
so the crown passed to his younger brother Charles the third then to his
son Charles the fourth who’s an attitude made him so unpopular
that the people revolted against him and support of his son the Crown Prince Ferdinand the seventh
Charles turned to his friend Napoleon who now ruled France for some help in
resolving this mess unfortunately Napoleon had other plans
he held them captive in France forced both of them to abdicate and then
install his brother joseph bonaparte as king of Spain the Spanish people hated
this in an opposition government formed which recognized the captive King
Ferdinand as the legitimate King in his absence they created spain’s first
constitution with many liberal reforms so when ferdinand finally returned he
was greeted with a constitutional monarchy after entertaining the idea for
a bit he was like now I’m good and tore up the constitution in prison liberals
and rain for the next 20 years and he only had daughters which would be fine
in the old house of trust tomorrow and even the house of Austria but once the
French House of Bourbon got control of the Spanish crown they’ve had a no girls allowed to policy
but on his deathbed friend’s wife maria cristina convince them to do away with
prohibition so that their three-year-old daughter
Isabelle the second to become queen ordinance brother challenge this saying he was the rightful king and
so another succession crisis ensued where Christina as regent for her infant
daughter issued a decree of amnesty for the Liberals in the hopes that they
would support her and it worked she managed to keep the throne for a
daughter but not without war the card last war . the conservatives and
liberals against each other for control of the future of Spain and finally ended
ironically with the Liberals overthrowing is about the second and
selecting an Italian Prince amedeo who had more liberal ideals this was not enough anti-monarchy
sentiments crew surprising sprung up across Spain and before things got worse amedeo abdicated declaring that the
Spanish people were uncomfortable and a republic was formed which lasted less
than two years after much disagreement about what kind of Republic it would be
so the monarchy was restored to Isabel son Alfonso the seventh who ruled a much
different spain at the absolute monarchy of his ancestors with the new title
constitutional king of Spain this constitutional kingship was then passed
down to his son Alfonso who became king in the womb since his father died before he was born
decades later he abdicated when local elections were won by anti-monarchist
candidates and the second spanish republic was established this to didn’t
last after a quick civil war that was won by
the fascist Francisco Franco their leader world spain as dictator until
1975 when his hand-picked successor juan carlos of bourbon became king the
grandson of Alfonso Franco had intentionally skip don’t whine of
barcelona the true heir to the throne because he thought him too liberal and
hope that has chosen one Carlos would continue his authoritarian regime he didn’t democracy was restored through
a constitutional monarchy and juan carlos rain into his application in 2014 so that his son Philip the sixth would
not grow old waiting to become king electrons Charles from Philippa the six
the crown continues until Leonore princess of our Studios then to her
sister Sofia both of which could be displaced of the King has a son and that
is a brief history of the Spanish royal family yeah

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