Britain’s Real Monarch (British History Documentary) | Timeline
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Britain’s Real Monarch (British History Documentary) | Timeline

September 15, 2019

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  1. England would have gone protestant sooner or later, regardless of Henry VIII …. his predicament was just a suitable launching pad.

  2. These comments are made to please Rothschild NWO's ….Search 1969 Dr. Dunegan Social Engineering New World Order

  3. The so called royal family are child killing rapists , that happens to be true and the so called royalty have many skeletons in their closet.

  4. Tony Robinson went to Australia to find the man he believed to be the true king, the man didn't care, he is happy the way he is now!

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  6. The illigitimacy of the royal family. The happiness indifference of the true heirs. Wow. This was no clickbait. Money cant buy happiness.

  7. go to the parliament in London, declare your heritage; demand your inheritance or a piece of what they give to German House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha not windsor queen Elizabeth ii. if you so desire dismiss the house of lords and hold election for senators.

  8. Yes they have millionair pedo friends go to their parties and enjoy the activities then get out and say i never knew what was going on !

  9. We don't really know anything for sure once we go back beyond about 200 years as all we have to go by is words written on paper by people and people have their own motives and agendas. By that time, memory via passed down knowledge is long gone and even that isn't reliable. This doesn't surprise me at all. What did surprise me a little was Tony. He didn't just seem neutral on the Royals, you could tell that he isn't keen on them and I suspect that was one motive behind making this documentary.

  10. Hi is there anyway that i could get in touch with Tony privately ….email address maybe, with regard to some questions reguarding this documentary Many Thanks

  11. lol you should check my wifes blood line it goes back to william the conqueror and the other half goes back to the original family of the last known princess of Senegal, and im a desendant of the royal family of Luy Mac Con, the so called kings of albion and gaulians and early european kings tried to kill of my bloodline cause we ruled all of europe.

  12. This doesn't matter because you can't prove it, Edward the 6th been dead how can you test this?
    Beyond that, the most important claim to any throne is can you take it, always has been-
    If they took it it's theirs now

  13. its scum nowz the time .murrdderrzzzz action fcc news any ppl dEad they get killed patriots ikes honest laugh funny but the techno bit obvious

  14. they are royal but iz your family perfect one move and pic watched wow turn to harrys sweetheart she didnt march love and newspapers steering wARRRR

  15. Looks like Baldrick’s cunning plan was to make interesting documentaries. Edmund should’ve listened to him.

  16. There's an old saying, which is: (Truth will out). So what will happen once everyone fully understands?
    Very interesting, no wonder things are so screwed up in England, not to mention why crime has got out of hand! Whats good for the guise, could end up being good for the so called gander. If you are a christion, Jesus said: The truth will set you free!

  17. To be "slighted" in the sense that cromwell used it, is render a person or place "slight" or insignificant- in other words, weak. It's the opposite of "Grand" or powerful and significant. To slight a place usually means destroying it, sometime totally to the degree of salting the ground so nothing will grow there. making it a wasteland and its former occupants erased from consciousness.

  18. The status quo exists precisely because of the purity of the windsors reptilian genetics..that's the whole deal really.

  19. I think the researcher knew that you couldn't get DNA from any old hair. Then, take a look at whose in charge of the big "official" DNA labs. No chance of getting any kind of real resolution from those people.

  20. Too many war of the roses, Elizabeth executing Mary and revolutions putting oranges to think the β€œreal bloodline” from half a millenium ago wold have remained on the throne anyway …
    Then again considering the total absurdity of having executive powers transmitted from father to son/daughter (even if only symbolically) it s not that much more absurd to have the wrong royals, what is their claim anyway? Having a Viking ancestor, duke of Normandy, that conquered the land … should be enough of an absurd claim to get your head removed by a good old guillotine …

  21. I have a feeling many ancient nobles may not actually be the offspring of their fathers. Between all the arranged marriages, battle absences and secret homosexuals…


    Test that DNA!

  23. Never mind the blood line and who is legit or not, there is a third most important factor, who has the largest , most powerful and winning military. Chairman Mao of China said power came out of the barrel of a gun.This is a time tested formulae through out history everywhere.If you count the first 2 factors, then Herald was king in 1066, not William. Another quote from General Abram, when you have someone by the balls, their heart and minds will soon follow.It is not history you have to learn, but the ways of the world.

  24. So in summary, if the truth had prevailed, England would be a Catholic country, the Anglican church wouldn't exist and thus neither would Methodists or Episcopalians (they would all be Catholic). Scotland would be a separate country and England would have more kinship with Ireland than Scotland which means there never would've been wars between Ireland and Northern Ireland? Oh and England would have a very benevolent king? Wow, that's a lot to take in.

  25. Praise be to God and by decrees by God's Grace the British Royalty of Succession is a devine anointment throughout the 'ages' the Royal Nexus of Nobality is necessary for Humane facilitation encumbant to represent the voice of the people
    – The Heir to the Legitamacy of the Sovereignty is via a Male blood line. An accepted dominion of plausible Titles of Morality.

  26. Yo did not trace the real royal family, its always been the FritzGearlds, This is all lies, Gods design was for the FritzGearlds, the Winsdor name came from Fritzgearld, The name Winsdor was a first name, It was Winsdor De Gearld. Gog designed proof in the dna of the ruleing bloodline, There is designed proof of the real King is supposed to be and its not the Hastings or the Hanovers nor queen eLIESabeth -Saxe-Gotha

  27. Why does the host keep trying to imply this is "his" theory? This theory has been around long before this cuck thought of it. We've known this for years.

  28. You have to remember, if the alternative happened, he wouldnt have gone to Aussie. He could have had the same scam znd shameblex we have now.

    The Throne seat should be like Jury service with all the public having a day on the Throne,

    Its 2019 now, and a change of the House is becoming, Brexit ripping and the Queem now retiring at age on 95 (2021). Another revolution is becoming with PM Boris. Another Cromwell is arriving and the House of Common'ers is remaned House of the City, a bunch of Elite Bankers running UK.

  29. What a brilliant story. Young man goes off to one of the colonies and makes a happy life for himself. He's way better off with the life he has had instead of being a royal. Seems like such a great guy, too. –and he has a lovely family.

  30. Look for the decedents of Iestyn ap Gwrgan in wales in Glamorgan and Gwent who was deposed by the Normans in 1091 they were the real ancient British kings going back to Brutus 500 bc the English state don’t want you to know this they have tried to keep it secret,

  31. Henry IV doesn't matter, as the Royal Family's descent is from Henry VII, who was After Henry IV, and that his wife was daughter of Henry does not matter, as Henry became King of Himself, although it was not a wedding of the two families. It was not essential that she were of Royal blood, as neither was Anne Boleyn, etc. And James I (VI of Scotland) etc. "Disfunctonal Windsors"? is a putdown that affects Princess Anne, the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of CAmbridge, the very Queen ? Ridiculous and Unfair as well as Pretentious. What an unjust and unwarranted mention of 'the Divine Right of Kings", a propostion which No one is proposing ! Seems like a prissy republican distracction.

  32. In 1666, soon after the great fire of London, there were reports of various sightings of giant ants which had mutated due to chemicals being released in a storage depot near London Bridge..
    In November 1667, giant ants stormed Buckingham Palace and killed all the residents and took over the palace but the authorities covered it all up and the ants took on human form and they are the ancestors of the current royal family… πŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸ‘‘πŸ‘ΈπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸœπŸœπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ‘ͺπŸ‘ͺ🌎🏫🏀πŸ₯🏦🏨🏩🏬🏬

  33. Surprised that no-one has pointed out the man obviously wouldn't even exist, if the error hadn't occurred. Great fun though.

  34. Can't they exume the body of Edward IV and test his DNA? And then what if it proves he was NOT the legitimate heir? What an interesting scenario. What makes a king anyway? One bunch of buffoons would just replace another bunch of buffoons. Of course, the DNA of all the descendents of the rightful heir will need to be tested as well to make sure there was not a break in succession with illegitimate births in the line.

  35. I think the whole concept of inherited power is BS…I fully believe the individuals need to proof their ability to lead…not saying royal families do not have the ability (they are still in power)…but the judgement of their performance should be the people decision not some mumbo jumbo of devine rights etc….Revolutions have occured throughout history from this whole inherited power structure…one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Hopefully we as Americans stay free and do not get persuaded by these silver tongued devils selling the Monarchy Idea! The drama of it all is enticing with the murder, intrigue and Shakesperien theatrics.

  36. It doesn't matter whom sits on phony thrones.
    All are tyrants, liars, thieves and murderers.
    How do you think they got there in the first place?

  37. Who Put Jews in camps England working with Iran s most wanted in NewYork Iran been Betrayed by these Iran's nuclear program the NY project they stole the money from Iran work with Iran to kill American s that's the contract s there agenda 21 kill jews and Egyptian first Jamaica Iran Syria all betrayed AMERICA and there country s all Confession were recorded the ones who were captured please turn yourselves in before American FBI and the other countries come for there own wanted

  38. HIs theory is bogus. The last Plantagenet king, Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor (Henry VII) his wife's lineage was immaterial. After the last Stewart monarch died, Queen Anne, the Act of Settlement required a Protestant monarch. Fifty Catholic heirs were skipped over to reach George, the elector of Hanover, George I. This is how Elizabeth II eventually became queen.

  39. If Pommies and Aussies are so keen to bow to royalty, then it should at least be to the real heir of the throne.
    It's a stupid archaic institution and what really grinded my gears was when I learnt a few years ago that there was a secret law noone in the public was supposed to be aware of that allows the queen to veto laws.
    Naeh, time to get rid of the luciferian pedo crowd and until we can shut down the institution, welcome the son of now late Aussie Mike on the throne.

  40. You are right and wrong, sir. My line is legitimate, but not predominate. Brunswick(Windsor) will hold through the Tribulation if my understanding is correct. Philip is the center of this legacy and it's benefactor, next is Fergie.

  41. Actually, the Throne of England does not belong to the House of Wordsor or anyone else now. IT IS THE BIBLICAL THRONE OF DAVID THAT BELONGS TO CHRIST AT HIS SOON SECOND COMING.

  42. The true monarch of England and by default Britain should be the descendents of King Harold the second who was killed at Hastings in 1066.

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