British MPs Jeer as ‘Black Rod’ Shuts Down Parliament
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British MPs Jeer as ‘Black Rod’ Shuts Down Parliament

October 9, 2019

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  1. I’m Latino but British culture is fascinating. Oh how you entertain us, you created the beautiful game that we’ve known today, you give us awesome bands, you give us creative writers, your accent is sophisticated and your government is fun as hell to watch 😂

  2. The speaker of the house should run for the Prime minister slot, he's a wee bit short, but he could shouth both Boris & trump out off office , what a gas and top bloke and also a 24 carat gentleman 👏🤝

  3. He wouldn't come. As the queen wouldn't come. For statemanship. Although he had a very entertaining way of being man in the chair, he was absolutely serious about it. I saw many livestreams from the HOP in the last 3 years, just to watch him, being the referee or the dompteur handeling parliament, making it work.

    He was a real Pirate-ship-captain, a teacher, a friendly man, a defender of democracy, some one to look up to. Some one who could transport "urge to be serious" as well als confidence and humor. He really changed the game like only few others did.

    Why dont you invite Dirk Nowitzki?

  4. Y'all be running back to the UK IF Trump wins another term as YOUR POTUS!

    Speaker Bercow can be a guest on the show, Parliament is not exactly busy with business. I'm sure he''ll come over for a visit.

  5. As much as I like Stephen, he should stick to things he knows about. There were many factual errors in his fanciful attempt a being satirical about the Brit. government.

  6. Yes … the costumes and archaic rituals in the UK are so silly.
    We just can’t take anything seriously that comes from a crazy wig!

  7. It’s a shit storm – that’s the only way to describe Brexit!

    Take a moment to feel for the Scots, Northern Ireland and London – who voted against Brexit :(.

    I think the Scottish Parliament is a hella better behaved too.

  8. I am Utterly knackered.

    But with this show, Bob’s your uncle.

    After watching this Cheeky clip, I am Gobsmacked, yet it’s all tickety-Boo and Now I'm chuffed to bits!

    Cheerio, But not goodbye Mate.

  9. Premier Cameron did the most stupid thing possible by let people decide to leave or stay in the EU. The World is a safer place with the UK in the EU the people don’t have a clue what the consequences will be and that also counts for the politicians nobody knows what is gonna happen a Brexit and trade war with China is a recipe for a world wide recession that will hit hard working people the hardest.

  10. This is terrible. As if the situation in my country (the US) weren't bad enough, the British are on the precipice of collapse. Perhaps I'm wrong about collapse, but they're in big trouble.

  11. Thats why liberals will lose this election. Evrybody who dont agrees with with them is racist. Just ask Boris Jonsons indian wife.

  12. Watching British videos and American videos on the same topic has made me realize how stupid American videos are. 4 min of absolute nonsense.

  13. I doubt Gordon Ramsay could to Boris Johnson’s eloquence in insults,…. great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies. All we need now is a video of Bercow in a shouting match with Johnson.

  14. WTF has YouTube gone and done now?? Push this button for "Video Mode" nope. that doen't do a thing on my PC in fact nothing works, none of the buttons work, they are all greyed out !… enlarge, smaller, Volume, can't change any settings because the settings button is greyed out …WTF YouTube ????

  15. If I watched these Parliament clips without context, I’d think I was watching an old British comedy sketch, not actual government proceedings.

  16. I wish you’d included the infamous “flying flamingo” comment. And the scuffle that broke out when opposition MPs held Bercow down (albeit very politely) so he couldn’t leave the chamber, echoing what happened when Charles I went all power-crazed and dissolved Parliament.

    And we all know what happened to him. 💀

  17. The Westminster Parliamentary System is a treat Americans have foolishly turned their back on. The Prime Minister describes the other party as the opposition but his own party as his enemy. This is because the opposition party has the decency of knifing him in the front and can only do so when an election is called, unlike his own party who sit behind him and can knife him in the back and get rid of him any time they wish, often when he is out of the country on a state visit. In Australia we have had six Prime Ministers in the last seven years!
    The best tradition in the UK Parliament is that when the Speaker is elected he is ceremonially dragged to the Speakers chair against his will. This is because in medieval times it was the Speakers job to report what happened in Parliament to the King. King Henry VIII in particular had a habit of beheading Parliamentary Speakers when what he heard displeased him.

  18. Parliament boos are jeers like that because that’s the way they’re allowed to express their opinions.
    They are also not allowed to clap. So the parliamentarians are encouraged to be extremely vocal.
    Archaic weird British laws

  19. THAT is not how the Speaker is supposed to behave, they're expected to be impartial! Bercow made a mortifying situation even worse by grandstanding and bellowing at someone to leave when they'd already LEFT. No wonder he tendered his resignation. His position is untenable and he acts like as big an idiot as Johnson!

  20. I wonder if this will air in the UK since they don’t allow parliamentary coverage to be shown on a comedy show

  21. British parliament may look odd but it at least has some standards. Boris is not going to last, he’s like Trump, but like all countries change is creating a bit of chaos.

  22. We have the Usher of the Black Rod here in Canada too. #parlimentary
    I love how they sit all stacked together in UK parliament; elbows locked and ready to smash outward.

  23. Our government IS NOT a shambles. No, no more like utter turmoil and bedlam. Imagine if Bane had that plane crashed into a school for bunnies…….

  24. I'm not even into men but Jon (John? I've only seen his name spelled once and my memory is terrible) is so damn cute when he smiles

  25. I googled "black rod" suspecting something else…. 😊😊😊 but found it is an official position in House of Lords in UK parliament…🤣

  26. The brits have a weird political system. And it's totally outdated! Like an exaggerated theatrical performance.
    But still better than this totally stupid political system in the USA, where there are only two parties and you can choose which constituency you would like to have – because you get more votes there.

  27. She is the Sejeant of Arms of the house of lords.
    She can use force and is responsible for the security in the house of lords. (partially).
    She can also arrest and remove Lords.

  28. Not gonna lie, i clicked on this video because i had no idea what the crap the title could possibly mean, or in what way it could make sense!… not dissappointed.

  29. @ 1:47 Stephen, please view BBC Parliament or the Parliament's website. You will see that Black Rod was escorting members of the House of Commons to the House of Lords to hear a proclamation that Parliament was to be Prorogued or suspended.

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