British parliament fails to find majority for Brexit options
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British parliament fails to find majority for Brexit options

November 26, 2019

Order. Order. I can now announce the result
of today’s recorded votes on motions relating to the
United Kingdom’s withdrawal from, and future relationship
with, the European Union. So the Noe’s have it. Order. Order. Order! It is, of course, a very
great disappointment that the House has
not chosen to find a majority for any proposition. However, those of us who
put this proposal forward as a way of proceeding
predicted that we would not, this evening, reach a majority. And… and indeed, for
that very reason, put forward a business
to the House motion designed to allow the
House to reconsider these matters on Monday.

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  1. God has predicted this situation 1000's of years ago in the Bible (see Daniel 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & Revelation 12-18). 1st, that after the fall of the pagan Roman Empire that European nations will intermarry through royalty, second, that European nations will never fully cleave together because Europe is a mixture of Churchcraft and Statecraft, thirdly, that it is the Roman Catholic Church through politics that is regaining control of Europe through the corporate state. This is not a fantasy conspiracy, it is a real agenda. Most English people will find out too late, as God has also predicted. Brexit will not happen, for the Papacy are conquering the UK through intrigue, politics, and psychological warfare, as it failed to conquer the UK through the first and second world wars. England used to be Protestant (who is the Queen? the head of a state only? No, she is the head of the church of England. Why?). By coming under European law the constitutional monarchy of the UK, based upon Protestant Christian values, is almost now totally set at nought. English people would now rather do yoga and yoke up with their guru's than pray to Christ who is the One who made the UK great because the good British people in the past on the whole set up the nation's laws, education system, and infrastructure on Protestant Christian values. This is why the UK in the past was so prosperous, because of God's blessing attending it, and we still have a measure of His blessing today. The main curse is over the UK now because British people have forgotten the God who was the true Source and Strength of their success and British people have turned to secularism and spiritualism and become selfish. Be warned. When this matter over the UK's role in Europe settles down, watch how the Papacy will support bringing in Sunday worship and Roman Catholic socialist values as the only remedy to bring stability back into the UK. The Papacy has the government of Britain on both sides now. Conservatives have sold out and are controlled by corporatists, and the Labour party is turning more and more communist and returning back to its original purpose – a tool for the papacy to bring working class people under Roman Catholic Social Teaching. Both corporatism and communism are ideologies that originated from the Papacy. Wake up people. The only safety for any person at this time is to live not by the laws of men, but by the laws of the Bible as given by God through Jesus Christ. Study your Protestant history British people. This is our only hope.

  2. What is clear is that the group supporting the Meaningful Vote and the ground supporting a 2nd Referendum are two different groups of MP. Were both options combined it would pass with a stonking majority and May wouldn't need to court the support of the DUP or ERG, and she would have been able to get her deal through Parliament without offering up her own job.

    As things stand, it looks like she's lost her job whatever happens, and the meaningful vote is still not passing. She was dealt a very weak hand but she has played it absolutley terribly.

  3. 0.7% away from staying in the customs union. Fucks sake MP's, who decided they liked chlorinated chicken at the last minute?

  4. Don't bk mays deal. She is not in right mind set. You have to listen to MI5. MI6. We will loose are. 5 eyes. Are Forces will be under Brussels rule. The. Country ,s security will be gone. What the hell is may doing. Dose she know this for god sake. MP ,s. We know it's a bad deal. But do they know howe bad.

  5. Let's face it, we all knew that the politicians would betray Brexit, they hate us and oppose everything we want. These failures don't represent anyone any more.

  6. It's all big farce to try and subvert the will of the people,

    They really have no clue.

    Shouldn't we be planning for no deal Brexit and getting on with it

    Instead of cowering and quaking at no deal.

  7. To Reconsider on Monday: I think not we are out on Friday and its your Duty to see to it. Failure to Follow the Public Vote…….Is Treason….Instant Dismissal. Your Salary Comes out of Public Funds. Failure to Honour the Public Vote in Favour of Corporate E.U control Will Destroy Democracy. ……Friday is Deadline to Exit…. Beyond that is Invalid.

  8. I really feel sorry for Theresa in the position she's in. and they want her to resign and said she will yet next person will just be thrown into the exact same position as her it won't be any better

  9. Useless alarmist video title that demonstrates the FT doesn't understand the complex nature of these votes. Yes the votes showed no clear winner but not because parliament can't agree on anything but simply that they strategically voted to give their own aims for brexit more precident. Which is not a "failure" but the direct outcome of representative democracy. Reasonable agreement is still a possibility on monday.

  10. They probably get to meany personal benefits from us being in Europe. That’s why they don’t want us to leave.

  11. Whoever and whichever country is behind U.K. Leaving the EU aims to isolate U.K. From the rest of the world,,, and it may happen as a result.. still respect the people's vote got to get out

  12. IVE HAD ENOUGH! We need a second referendum! Let the people have one last say! Instead of relying upon the votes in 2016, when 13 million didn’t vote! Let the 13 million have a say!

  13. A no deal brexit is like going on deal or no deal, having every box but 1p or 10p ruled out and when the banker says 'I'll give you £100 now', saying no deal.

  14. We could have done this two years ago but well would you look at that I guess let’s just leave it last minute 👍

  15. The UK Government fails to find a Majority….. The UK Government could not find its arse with both hands . Voters had an option a few Years back , and could have voted in more UKIP MP's , and set the Cat among the Pigeons , but Slimy CaMoron bought you off with a Referendum Vote , a Vote that the UK Government is dead set against , and will not allow to happen .

  16. A bunch of clowns…they even seem to be drunk p… UK should’ve come out deal or no deal.Now they are at the hands of Europe and will be made a bad example for the countries that also wanted to leave. Some five year old would’ve done a better job.At least stop filming your ridicule as it’s like a slap on the face to each british citizen..

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  18. We voted to put the United Kingdom back into the hands of the British citizen, so why is parliament denying this action we so clearly made

  19. I'm okay with a second referendum provided it was between May's deal or no deal. We've already voted for leave, so now we just have to find what leave means to the people.

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  21. Queen signed article 50 in 2016 which made it law to leave 11pm on 29th of March . The Government is trying to provoke riots in order to bring in EU Army under article 222 of Lisbon treaty . 1101 pm on 29th we can lawfully rebel and stop paying taxes .




  22. There is no option and there is no choice the People of the UK have decided by majority to leave the EU and article 50 takes the UK to WTO. The way Parliament does its work is where all the wasted money goes down the sewer. Do 17 million People have to march to surround the Houses of Parliament for these politician wankers to stop clowning about.

  23. As a supporter of a 2nd referendum, giving the people a chance to change their minds now that every has been laid out on the table is no undemocratic. Many countries have overturned referendum results with second referendums. Denmark, Ireland, for example. Giving people the facts, and allowing them to make a informed decision is an ultimate democracy. A smart, and honest democracy. This is not the Brexit that anybody voted for. How anybody is happy to go through with this is beyond me. It's a disaster. So many people will be hurt by this. Not the politicians, or the upper-classes, with their offshore accounts and companies paying no UK tax…. but everyday people. Our farmers, small-business owners, the NHS, etc. And the incredible thing about it is that Brexit was sold to these people as a golden egg, a way to take back control. Ask any small-farm owner already struggling to get by how they feel about Brexit, and they will tell you how the loss of their EU subsidies will likely be the final nail in the coffin for them. Thousands of jobs have already arranged to move overseas, and more will follow, it's going to be a tough decade. An entire generation will struggle. People should be ashamed of how this has turned out.

  24. Democracy is dead.
    They don't give the power to the people for another vote.
    At the end of the day this is not about the poeple and never was.

  25. Thus proving they are too stupid to tie their own shoelaces, not fit for the purpose. They have no acceptable alternatives so are just being obstructive for the hell of it. May's deal does not fulfill the democratic mandate to leave the EU. If Parliament had such a problem with leaving under WTO terms, they should not have voted to pass the Withdrawal Act. We were denied a referendum to join the EU, but we need a never ending stream of them to leave. The Gina Miller judgement prevented Government from using the Royal Prerogative to bypass parliament to issue A50, because it changes Primary law. Instead it has to gain consent in both houses of parliament before the Queen can sign it into law. But no laws are needed at all to amend it in favour of never ending delays and moving the goal posts to remain in the EU. An absolutely Intolerable situation, and can only generate massive civil unrest to restore democracy.. Looks like the civil war will be starting tomorrow and Saturday in earnest. Let's start by burning the City of Westminster to the ground, see if that'll grab their attention we're not going to take no for an answer.

  26. Bercow the bully or No Neck as he is known in Parliament. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 600,785 MBGA MAGA

  27. Our Parliament might be the Mother of Parliament but it seems all it can give birth to is a bunch of self-serving useless bastards .

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