British Parliament Suspended After Trump-Backed PM Defeated Again | The Last Word | MSNBC
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British Parliament Suspended After Trump-Backed PM Defeated Again | The Last Word | MSNBC

November 27, 2019

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  1. What Boris will find out, is that our Met Police is VERY different from the American DoJ. If Boris commits a crime whilst in number 10, he will be arrested for it for sure.

  2. Brits engorged themselves on Cummings Cowpie without checking the ingredients. Now they see the error. Let them amend their votes, then deal with Dominic in court.

  3. The police can put Johnson in handcuffs if he breaks the law? Wow.Wow Wow. I wish that would happen here. I wish we could do that.

  4. Two thumbs up, Lawrence O'Donnell… You are that rare gem – an American who correctly pronounces the word "Brexit". Most say "Breggsit" and it drives me crazy! Lol

  5. The UK is in a pickle and hope all works out, but hey…could be worse…they could have the actual 100% moronic 👶🍊💩 to deal with instead of that melted wax replica Johnson…

  6. There are two times an American president has shared a surname with a British prime minister:
    1) Wilson – Woodrow and Harold
    2) Trump – Donald and Boris

  7. Boris Johnson is a lazy f*** who always delegates his work so no wonder Dominic has so much power, which is ironic really as he is not even a member of the Conservative party.

  8. Hate filled people never brought anything good to any country… therefore it will not last but it is hard to live for the moment.

  9. MSNBC why are you interviewing this attention seeker MP

    We voted 🗳 leave and won and all this corrupt corporate MPs trying to over turn people voted

    David L your a fake sell out mp

  10. From Scotland.

    The break up of the UK is a genuine possibility. Recent polling here shows a marked shift in favour of Scottish independence since the referendum in 2014 (which in contrast to the debacle of Brexit, was a shining example of popular democracy in action btw).

    More people who originally voted No to independence (myself included) are sickened by the extreme nationalist and ultra-conservative swing of Westminster, angered by a betrayal of promises for increased devolved powers, and totally against Brexit (Scotland voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU), that they have switched to (somewhat regertfully) favouring independence. As well as that, most of those who voted "Don't Know" – who were dismissed from the count in the 2014 referendum – are also chosing Yes to leaving the UK.

    Personally, I would vote Leave. But not with any celebration. Scotland is largely (to translate to American politics) a liberal country. We celebrate inclusivness and being part of a wider world community. Despite its problems, membership to the EU has been great for our country, and most here are against the xenophobic anti-EU rhetoric in Downing Street. We want nothing to do with this.

    Boris Johnson may go down ignominiously in history as the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  11. Wow, been following events there, mirror image here…proof positive somebody's pulling the strings on us puppets. They'll live to regret however.👅

  12. British prime minister buddies up with Lord Fraudulence of Orange in USA . absolute chaos. 2019. Is hindsight 2020? Vote blue no matter who in the USA and CALL CONGRESS for impeachment 202-224-3121. Good Luck to UK.

  13. haha seriously, David Lammy, you got David Lammy as a guest? for real… have you actually listened to this guy hes is a certified liar and virtue signaller he is so full of crap its unreal, also public opinion of this dude should have told you something about what the british think of this clown.

  14. I hate David Lammy and I am black. He does nothing for the people he represents, his area is much worse since he has become the MP, I wish we could get rid of him but the people in the area have historically voted Labour so his seat is pretty much guaranteed. I was previously a Labour supporter as well but I neither support Lammy or Corbyn. Lammy speaks a lot but is ineffective. Recently I was told of a business owner who approached him for help to set up training for young people in his area and he told them that he could not help them with that but if they needed help to do with anything involving welfare he could. Shame Shame Shame on you David Lammy

  15. Bercow has been accused on many occasions of being abusive to women, he loves the sound of his own voice and he is partisan and this is plain to see in the decisions he has taken since Brexit. Don't research his wife, you won't be impressed.

  16. When there was the recent Windrush scandal which affected people from the Caribbean who had been invited to live in and work in the UK to help to rebuild it after WWII it was Boris who suggested that the government should have a visa amnestry for those who had not formalised their status in the UK. Boris is not Trump, he is not racist although his comments are at times close to the bone, he is not cruel.

  17. In Canada we had a conservative government that was in the same sickening mess as the brits. Except we had a gutless buffoon as speaker who sucked up to the government in power. We are still paying for Scheer's disaster as speaker!!!

  18. 7:00 – Did anybody else hear that, and suddenly wonder if perhaps they had accidentally clicked on a scene from "V for Vendetta"…. ?

  19. John Bercow is a world treasure. I'm sorry to see him retire but if there was ever a politician who could legitimately say he wanted to spend more time with his family it's MP Bercow.

  20. Labour and Lammy would get destroyed in a general election which is why they are blocking it. He claims to defend democracy whilst blocking and obstructing it at every turn.

  21. Polder system .. not perfect but reasonable. More than 2 party's and a shared interest in keeping the country afloat.
    If your country is always under attack from the sea you have a different view on global politics.

  22. Insightful summary of our current, terryfying situation. So proud of the people and politicians fighting for our democracy in recent 👏

  23. It's no coincidence that Putin can easily corrupt & manipulate the right wing party of any country because the right wing is obviously comprised of the most corrupt and dangerously stupid, greed-driven sub-humans.

  24. Gwon David Lammy !! Keep fighting the Eton educated professional political operators ruining our country. American oligarchs are behind these libertarian policies.

  25. Great News, the Scottish Appeal court found the silencing of Parliament unlawful We still need to await the British Supreme Court's decision though.

  26. As a Swede, I hope the UK doesn't leave the EU at all, because that would mean a much weaker EU (and as MP Lammy said, a much weaker UK as well). The arguments for Brexit were stupid to begin with and reeked with xenophobia and racism. They should never have voted for a Brexit in the first place. I wonder how much influence Russia had in that referendum.

  27. What is this madness the world is descending to?Who has the answers?Only the word of God can make any sense of the utter chaos.Man's answers/plans/outcomes to this madness would lack any wisdom throwing the world further into a point of no return.

  28. Cummings is a lunatic. He claims that he wants to undermine UKIP … by giving UKIP what it wants. No one is that stupid. He is UKIP without admitting it, plain and simple.

  29. Everyone remember when you hear NO DEAL BREXIT
    GOOD FRIDAY AGREEMENT has been broken…
    The Republicans and the Loyalists Paramilitaries really want an excuse to fight again, Its just that the mainstream media refuse to make us aware…. The BBC is a state organisation ow just like FOX NEWS and TRUMP

  30. One good thing of all this is that the undemocratic and criminal actions which always happened behind the screens are now so visible.
    This will help to deal with those idiots who think they can rule the world.

  31. "AW-duh. Au-duh! AU-DUH!" I thought Mr. Bercow was insulting BoJo's intelligence. "DUH!!!"
    Can we call him BloJo?
    Because he is blonde, of course. I don't know where you came up with that other thought.

  32. What a disastrous climate has been created that has enabled the Lunatics to take over almost all of the once major countries of the world. The insanity must stop & let the Sane & articulate people to get the world back on track.

  33. Trump's name has to beed infused into a uk news that has nothing to do with Trump somehow before it can become news on american soil…. Am beginning to believe this Trump derangement syndrome is real.

  34. Tell me Dominic Cummings doesn't resemble Steven Miller a bit. Could it be that they are connected in a scheme to destroy democracies — Miller in the US, Cummings in the UK? Divide and conquer? Hm. The boys from Brazil? Probably not really, but a bit creepy.

  35. we need to put conservatives on terrorist watch . both in Britain in America . most evilest people in the world. bunch of Nazis in government. .

  36. Brexit is to England and the Tories, as Trump is to America and the
    Republicans. Consider: Both started out as alt-right fever dream
    populist bluffs; both bluffs got called by conservative voters;
    both are fracturing the Conservative parties that sponsor them; both
    make no economic sense for most people; both are backed by the
    ultra-rich looking for tax breaks; both benefited from Russian help (if
    not much more); both are creating a bumper crop of young Progressives
    in counter-reaction; both are raising the average political IQ levels
    of the citizenry by making government more interesting … and, both
    call for a big beautiful southern border wall.

    (North Ireland – Build the wall … build the wall … (re)build the
    wall! LOL! Either the Tories have to rebuild 250 miles of border wall
    like villains … or give N Ireland back to Ireland to some degree … or
    … the easiest option, set a bad precident and call for a
    new referendum against the wishes of still half the United Kingdom.

    Politically and historically, its a lose- lose- lose situation for England,

    but especially for the Tories. The only way the English political Right can
    somewhat stem the tide of losing is by NOT winning the next election and let
    Corbyn sweat under the spotlight with the Brexit mess on his lap. They can

    heckle undemocratic inaction on Brexit far more effectively than coerce a No

    Deal from Parliament while in charge.

  37. Another person with bad hair day, How much time does he spend on getting this mess. Probably as much time and trump. the hair colour looks about the same.

  38. Who is still confused by Brexit?
    Seriously, it's pretty straightforward: they screwed themselves into a corner, hit "Go" on a wall of spikes and now they're panicking for a way out. (Or in the case of some people, saying "let it come, there's more space than spikes– most of us will survive.")

  39. I've heard that the UK "conservative" is actually closer to our "liberal."
    But they do seem quite concerned with "burdensome regulations" and "controlling their borders." (And, in this case, committing to very expensive decision that won't actually do much to solve the stated problem– unless they intend to stop doing business with the EU.)

  40. David Lammy, the most stupid man to enter Parliament since Reform in 1838 when buying seats and rotten boroughs were abolished. On a celebrity TV quiz he got the lowest score and believed that Marie Antoinette discovered radium and that Henry VII's father was Henry VIII.

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