British Parliament votes to postpone Brexit deal
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British Parliament votes to postpone Brexit deal

November 26, 2019

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  1. Ask any citizen of the UK and they will tell you they are under a dictatorship. The same reason democrats want to disarm us.

  2. There isn't going to be a brexit. No deal is better than a bad deal so if nothing is passed this time we will just leave without a deal. 3 years later. Well the last deal was a bad one so we need to delay brexit a bit longer until we get a better deal….. Just leave or quit the brexit movement.

  3. The leftist politicians in Britain will try to delay Brexit for as long as they possibly can. This will not go on forever!

  4. Watch and learn America!! This is why you do not give up your right to bare arms… The people have already spoken but the globalist and their lackeys are usurping the will of the people

  5. I'm changing my impression about Farage. He touched a nerve about this "treaty" deal that Boris got with Juncker. I believe you, Farage.

  6. So this makes me think just over half of parliament could now be called traitors. They are attempting to hand the governance of Britain/UK to the EU. The EU isn't even a government they are unelected, and uncorrinated, and un-firable. Brexit, while there is still a Britain.

  7. The British Public voted to leave Europe, and yet these toady, corrupt politicians want to keep stalling for years. Dump Europe now without any conditions, as France, Portugal, Greece and others are going broke, and now even Germany is having debt problems. Has anybody investigated if anyone has been paying politicians to stay in the union ?

  8. the big problem is that they will not allow a general election until 2022 when the law requires it. this is becasue of the fixed term parliament act passed under the cameron government for this very purpose of delaying brexit by withdrawing the right for the people to vote/ by removing the government's right to call a general election anytime it likes.

  9. Would it be better to wake-up on 31 October to find out that they're still in big mess but free? Meanwhile EU will be dismantled, UK will not agonize for long.

  10. Europe is weak…they allow their nations to be invaded by the illegal-immigrant hordes by the left…and don't even have much of the second amendment. I wonder how angry the Germans are at this point.


  12. mass immigration is the very foundation of zero hour contracts and sky high rental and property prices creating record profits for the rich,,, THATS WHY THEY WANT TO STAY IN THE EU… SELFISH GLOBALISTS THAT DESPISE THE POOR

  13. There are two thing's.
    Brexit is as a Nation coming out of EU.
    Brexit is a government coming out of European states with limited operation's.
    Brexit has to begin and as scheduled. Then what's for giving date's? Theresa May failed 3 time's. And this failure must not be repeated.

    Must work with two hand's and two leg's.
    One for Nation the real England who longed to get out.
    One for Nation government which builts the Nation and this includes it's elected members cabinet roles and executive department's for economy, trade, commerce.

    Why it's very hard for elected representatives to do their HOME WORK for Brexit?

    Known many factors taken into account there must be initiation of Brexit on 30October2019 and with a chartered plan and FULL detail's of yes/no, do's/don'ts, deal/no-deal.

  14. ENGLAND breaking away from Europe!!!!! Is there a fox requirement that you have to not know anything about geography. I wish to god it was only England breaking away and the other THREE countries in the U.K could stay in the EU instead of being dragged down with them!!!!!!
    And for the people on here that don't do their own bloody research no the UK is not leaving the continent of Europe Brexit is about leaving the E.U which was created in the 1950s you have Google for god's sake use it and don't be so misinformed it makes you look idiotic.

  15. Nigel just want to leave EU in theory but in reality he just to collect his EU salary.. total shame that everybody is blindsided…

  16. Farage is an impossible behaving man. He wants to "come to America".. (you know what "America" currently means : A dumb president. A dumb – blind for globalization – way of doing economy and politics. Populism. Tradewars with almost everyone on this planet. Happy negotiating. Being literally trapped by the president's willfare.) No sir. rather not. He and the british "leavers" are obviously incapable to see what already has happened to their economy. Because they want to "leave". SInce then (and visible from the first day after the referendum has been done) their British pound dumped downstairs into the cellar. The brexit already had its costs. Nationalism is out. SImply an outfashioned model of view onto a world economy where globalism rules. And those who are not agreeing or want to stand independent in every way, will have to pay for this. WIth tariffs and burocracy. Such is going to render the british economy lame for decades.

  17. I just dont understand one part in this. What has England alone to give as a trade partner. A lone Island with no rreal natual ressouces. Their Banks are strong, but what else? There power was in colonosation, not making product for trade. It is so twisted and wrong. How cant people see that^^. Sorry for my english. German here. Just had to say something:)

  18. Clown show. UK is lost. A total mess. So ruined. Just like the USA. The whole West is crumbling and falling apart these days. The future is grim.

  19. Bring on the general election! 
    Right-wing anti-EU thug parties got a thorough drumming and kick in the backside in elections this year at various levels from local to President in Portugal, Slovakia, Eastern German states, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Sweden etc…..

  20. Oh what a circus oh what show this brexit is. And the funniest part is it's not the Evil ™ unelected ™ European Union officials who do it, but their own British politicians. Brexiters always looked a bit stupid but now – more than ever.

  21. A look into the future: June 23. 2036 Breaking News: 20th Anniversary of Brexit referendum… Tim Barrow (75): new request for a three-month delay to Brexit…
    OMG The never-ending story cames true… A Brexit with no exit…. 🤣

  22. I find it stunning that some People believe that 1 single Country can make """ BETTER DEALS """ then a Union of 27 Countries and the UPS and DOWNS of the Politicians in Brussels comes with a Union as such , thats a given . Deal with it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. This was planned before hand together with Jonkers and the others. This is the. same CHARADE planned for Boris
    How is possible that the QUEEN hasn't given HER CONFIDENCE VOTE. Is she against her subdicts or she doesn't give as penny about therm.. How is it possible that she allows you those. CLOWNS in Brussels to mock her PM and herself. OUTRAGEOUS.

  24. Cavuto is so obviously liberal he can't be unbiased. So sick of his interview style. Don't watch his show anymore. The poor Brits have deep staters too.

  25. This is very bad. The deadline was October 31st. How are we Americans to close a trade deal with Britain under these circumstances? The Deep State forces in Britain are working hard to sabotage Brexit there just like the Deep State here is trying to sabotage Trump! Both Deep States should be warned Their peoples will simply no longer stand for their perpetual interference. There IS going to be a breaking point and then they will really wish they hadn't tried to thwart the will of their peoples!

  26. the aim of that super saturday of oct 19, was merely to force Bojo to send xtension letter.
    Bojo sent the letter but unsigned.
    Bojo is right to not sign the letter: anything signed under duress is VOID.

  27. Once you're in the EU… you aren't allowed to leave.
    Because the EU has shown its true colors.
    It's not a democracy, it's a dictatorship.

  28. The Brits have the same problem with corrupt politicians that are against the will of the people as we do ! GOD help them !

  29. What a clown show….you Brits have been saying you will leave since 2016 and so far nothing has happened…all talk and no action…….I understand why the original 13 American colonies revolted against "great" Britain…..corrupt back then and still corrupt now

  30. So, Boris is a traitor after all. A delay of Brexit is a deal to remain enslaved to the authoritarian EU. Brits better enforce their will politically while they still can (if they still can). If they wait much longer, only violent revolution will enable them to keep their country.

  31. Well if they extend the deadline again or sell us out I hope the people finish what Guy Fawkes started on November the 5th 😂😂 Civil war brewing?

  32. As a U.S. veteran and a patriot I highly encourage all Britains and all in UK to seek out firearms, rearm yourselves by seeking black market, 3D print and gunsmiths locally to create new arsenals to fight globalist, break away from the EU and Brexit, be damned the law, Australians as well.

  33. Why Fox is always having this radical Farage speaking when content is Brexit. Fox is giving false view of the issue

  34. The UK version of Imbecile Trump is just as Incompetent as The US version….Stooges aren't qualified to lead any country let alone a bar

  35. I just noticed DW shut off public comments. Just goes to show the far left are the ‘Real Fascists’ . The UK needs to save itself and leave the EU . To hell with the globalists , they are TRAITORS to the people. Britain First , Britons First . !! If the dissenters don’t like it. , Emigrate to your nearest socialist/communist paradise. !!.

  36. October 2082, today Peter Farage made his plea in parliament to take just a few months to consider how to make a deal with the EU to avoid a bad trade situation with them upon the exit of Britain. He echoes his grandfather's sentiments from sixty odd years ago…

  37. The people's vote for Brexit was not very strong and we now know that people where deceived with wrong promises. BREXIT is an idea that people and business got over, it will never happen, but if it does it will be the downturn of the UK, already many companies have left and will not return, in particular the financial sector.

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