Bru Covers: Composition

October 20, 2019

Hi, I’m Bru and today we’re gonna cover shots of composition that you’ll need for a short film or a movie I’m gonna be real with you There’s only two ways you can get me either with my hair done or with my makeup done and I feel like right now I’ve failed at both, but it doesn’t matter We’re gonna try and do this anyway To anyone living underneath a rock all the way to people who watch and make movies Movies are a form of art. Even if they’re bad. Here’s looking at you “The Room” “Oh, Hi Mark” Or even if they’re *really* bad. Shyamalan. I’m never gonna forgive you “Leave him alone!” They take work, dedication, creativity and imagination. The last two Are not the same and I refuse to explain myself “I won’t hear it and I won’t respond to it” Think of a Scooby-Doo Sandwhich the skyscraper ones filled with cheese and… lettuce and… Tomatoes — maybe a little bit of barbecue sauce add little bit of chicken breast …oh my god I’m so hungry… The point is that with all the things that you learn about filmmaking composition is the bread Perhaps..Pan de Agua Oh my god, I gotta go eat! Let’s break down. What composition is in words. Yeah, that hit the spot This can be used to let art imitate life Think about any movie that you like now think about what you love most about it dialogue is important in any film sure But it’s even more important to focus on the things that the viewer cannot hear. As human beings, what connects us to movies is language And the placement of the camera could be the seasoning the Sazón that you need to complete the whole film. I know what you’re probably thinking… Bru, you’re so smart and amazing and talented and I want to do this right but can you teach me Can you teach me all that I need to know? First of all, I know and thank you And second of all, I don’t know That’s why we’re doing this together! Before I show you what I’ve done, we need to ask important questions Philosophers before our time have also asked these questions Something along the lines of “why do it do what it do?” *Applause* In non tumblr form that question is “why is composition so important?” Well where the camera is it kind of talks to us. We can’t be inside of the characters heads 24/7 that’s what the camera is there for! When the camera moves it shows us what it’s feeling and that’s how we get the emotion Surrounding the character when it’s not words that are being said Yeah? Yeah. The last video I did didn’t really have a theme outside of the rock-paper-scissors thing That’s all that I had and I wanted to revolve this video around something important something magnificent And I couldn’t get it together. This time I wanted to do something different, but I also wanted to do something that didn’t involve me being on the camera. So I tackled something as old as time *Whisper* LOVE Actors are very hard to come by Especially when you broke, you don’t know what to do and You don’t know how to direct anyone or what I’d be looking for so I ask myself How can I get around this? Find people who are already in love! *Applause* Thank you, I’d like to thank the acada- That’s where my friends came in: Phil and Tayla Rule of Thirds Rule thirds is an image divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced Horizontal and vertical lines your subject should be placed at the intersections Lord of the Rings did that shit for like seven hours each movie and I still stayed there like Now Playing: A mf bop hunty If they can do it why can’t we? Blade runner, Drive, Zoolander Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie), Sleepless in Seattle Whatever kink you’re into it was there You’re welcome. So, did it work for me? Well…. Yes and no? the world of moviemaking is all about learning to trust yourself How do you go without failing or disappointing the people you look up to while also not failing and disappointing the people who look up to you? my canon has the grid when you film, but once you press record it goes away So if there was any misstep I wasn’t comfortable letting them know “stay here… “…Don’t go here” and because they can’t see it either Well, what good am I if I don’t really know that camera? but even then I did it anyway you and did I like it? It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either! I think that’s all that has to do with practice. Lead room is hella important This can ease your audience. Maybe show off some cool graffiti or murals in the background Murls, Murals — Murals in the background Depending on what mood you’re trying to convey. You may not even need a lead room Mr. Robot had a way of messing with your feelings by doing the exact opposite You can use lead room and rule of thirds in tandem, but don’t ever think that you need one with the other or one without the other leading lines It’s a slight psychological way where you guide the viewers eye to where they need to be a Good video by Criswell That I will also tag in the description below is something that I love a lot because it talks about composition and how it’s all About the space around your subject That in itself can also be a form of framing one thing that I love to death is negative space Punch Drunk love get out the King’s Speech Interstellar Even Star Wars did this It’s the key of isolation that really draws me in it, but it could also be used differently It can symbolize that there’s only two people in the world that matter and they should matter because they’re your subjects Last but not least is symmetry Symmetry is the sauce or drip why do people love symmetry so much? like it’s been said a thousand times before this video and it will be said a thousand times after this video Art imitates life in all forms Most people who exist on this world are symmetric and symmetry is connected to order when we have it we feel at peace So naturally when we see it It’s a common and calming aesthetic symmetry can be used for so many things maybe two people who shouldn’t get along To people who shit maybe it’s a metaphor that someone has everything that they’ve ever needed at the palm of their hands Or maybe it’s a place that looks beautiful. I don’t know man, at the end of the day These are just common composition that you can use to make your film pop your movie is your canvas You work with what you got and don’t be afraid to try something different. You never know what’s gonna stick Well, that’s all I have for you if you like what I have drop a subscribe also Let me know what kind of movie does composition justice drop it in the comments below So maybe I can use it in a later video and don’t forget to see amazing. Okay. Bye

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