‘Build a buggy in your backyard’ part #2; frame & front suspension
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‘Build a buggy in your backyard’ part #2; frame & front suspension

October 18, 2019

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Welcome in my editing studio I’m editing the video you’re about to see Last time you’ve seen how we fit this engine It had this Audi 5 cylinder We took that out Put an Opel 1700 turbo diesel in there It wasn’t sure it would fit But it fits pretty good I’ve moved it a little Put pieces of wood underneath to adjust the height Time to fix it I bolt those plate to the engine So I can weld it the rest to it Time to get the chocks & blocks frome there, it’s fixed let’s see if it doesn’t fall out Let’s see how it’s fixed Overthere I made a support That one goes underneath the engine Here’s also a support I modified the original support and here a small support It needs a crossbeam, but for now it will do Many of you were asking if I draw everything.. Well.. this is how I do that I placed a seat overhere to check my position That wheel is where the front axle should come I was checking.. I think this is a nice distance Yeah.. like this the pedals will fit in between I think this is good Steer.. have to fix that too, is not there yet It’s almost finished.. that wheel is in the good place Now just put some pipes between it Fry it together, piece of cake Nice seats too In the meanwhile were a few hours further This costed me a lot of thinking.. I have determined where the passenger seat should be and the other front wheel That was damn difficult But I managed it, yes! Now I will weld it together Welcome in the buggy chassis bend factory Overhere we bend… one chassis per hour Yeah.. That looks like it Now I have a serious chance to get in the fail compilation.. I’m going to align the frame It’s on two supports, it’s welded overthere Overthere it has to go down I used to be a rope-dancer Well, that’s not bad at all Were going to make a new front supsension I’m going to use some parts of this The hubs, overhere That’s the part where the wheel is connected to And the first piece of the support arms and the rest I will construct by myself I want longer support arms, to get more clearance and the front suspension can adapt to the terrain So the rear axle will stay on the ground Well folks, here’s some advice; Everybody who has changed a steering joint or a hub joint on their car will recognize this I have removed the nut But.. That one won’t come out That’s because that pin in that eye is conical If you tighten it, it will get stuck very bad You have special tools for it those forks Very nice, I’ll bet it would work excellent.. I don’t have it And I don’t need it That’s my favourite tool You can hit the threaded rod if you’re going to replace it because it’s worn Then that’s okay because you’re going to replace it But I want to re-use that So the trick is; Not to hit the threaded rod But the eye The eye will deform a bit and it will fall out by itself, pay attention; It might need a firm stroke Hatsikidee! That’s how you do that Look; that’s nice Now I have two joints With a little bit of material to weld the rest onto This one will fit to the hub And overhere let’s go tinkering! Good One side is finished and now this side The same work.. only mirrored This is going to be a boring video.. I will teach you another trick.. Pay attention! Harry Potter could learn something from this Ctrl C Ctrl V Now.. that isn’t bad at all enough clearance! Overthere is a little beam which needs to be cut away I had some struts left from a Ford Ka of which I didn’t need the rear part The welding isn’t finished This strut-brace is also temporary But I want to see if it works like this It doesn’t break! That’s not too bad But I think those struts are too weak For now it will do Hey folks, thanks for watching and see you next time! and before I forget; I post pictures of projects on Instagram My Instagram is; Mastermilo82 Diesel saw a fly.. That’s why he’s whining like that I send him in his basket Otherwise he’s in the way all the time Diesel, come out Come out

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  1. Geweldig milo! Jij hebt mij geinspireerd om met mijn eigen buggy verder te gaan! Ben gelijk begonnen met het verbeteren van mijn achterwiel ophanging!

  2. Maak van een winkelcaretje een auto bij deze ben je uitgedacht mastermilo!! Veer succes


  3. Emiel ligt het aan mij of duurt het heel lang om die pijpen te buigen? Wij hebben thuis ook zon pijpenbuiger maar dan niet op hydroliek binnen 3 seconden een pijp in een hoek van 90 graden

  4. Hoe ga je de besturing doen ? Twee stuurstokken die schuin naar beneden gericht zijn werken niet, dan krijg je hetzelfde als met je Opel Mega 😀 Twee lange stuurstangen in de lengte van de buggy, aan een vlinderstuk, dat gaat wel werken.

  5. Your a smart man Milo
    I grew up doing this as well making something from nothing ,I'm still here so I must have done it right . LoL

  6. Ben je niet bang dat je motorsteun gaat breken, miss dat je beter de rubbere steun kunt gebruiken en die aan je frame maakt

  7. If you attach the shocks a bit more away from the wheels in a more vertical position, the suspension will be softer and work better for a light buggy

  8. Leuke en interessante video. Wel groot volume verschil tussen het praten in je studio en het slijpwerk buiten!

  9. Man you need a real video editing PC, with a Ryzen 16 Core 32 Thread CPU. That combined with a 1080Ti & 64GB DDR4 3200 would really streamline your upload flow. If I ever won the lottery I'd donate towards that :P.

  10. P.s. de bak van die Audi wil je die verkopen ? Heb nog n 2.5 TDI liggen die ervoor kan. Onze buggy 1.9TD (400kg en 140pk) kennen we nu wel, tijd om een met 2.5 tdi op 200pk te bouwen…

  11. Berry nice.
    could you tell me what Kind of tubes you use with the Bender ? thickness ect. wich size is the die of the Bender ?
    My tubes Start to wrikle in the inner diameter while bending.
    keep going.

  12. He mastermilo wat een leuke filpjes op jullie kanaal ik heb alle filmpjes al gezien en er super om gelachen. Ik heb nog een idee voor jullie dat is dat jullie van een kleine auto van 4 personen een auto maken dat het hele team een eigen stoel stoel krijg in of op dat kleine autotje. Suc6

  13. Gelukkig had je nog een Opeltje voor de dorst liggen….
    Maar, maar… [ Ctrl ] + [ C ], [ Ctrl ] + [ V ] doet het nog niet spiegelen hoor.
    Gelukkig is het nog niet afgelast, gaat het dus gewoon door. 🙂

  14. Goede morgen Milo!

    Ik moet bekennen, ik voel een groot verlangen om bij je te zijn, deel te nemen aan elk idee, en vooral, de voertuigen te demonteren en samen te stellen, in afwachting van het resultaat van elke ervaring. Als automonteur gedurende vele jaren voel ik me gefascineerd door je video's. Gefeliciteerd met het overwinnen van geluk!

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