Build a simple wood mirror frame!
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Build a simple wood mirror frame!

September 17, 2019

I have a ton of extra mirrors lying
around my house and I don’t know what to do with so I decided that today I’m going to Try and frame out a couple of those mirrors using
some barn wood that’s been lying around my yard let’s get started! I’m working with scrap pieces of wood from around the yard I need to square it up so I’m ripping it at 2.5 inches wide I’ve already got the two sides done now its time to do the two top and bottom pieces I need to cut a notch or rabbet out of each of the boards so the mirror has something to sit in I’m going to cut the notch a quarter inch by a half inch I have all four sides cut to length next I’ll drill some quick pocket holes add some wood glue and this frame will be constructed Here’s the mirror [frame] all put together I’m really excited about this project…. lets go get it hung up on the wall We’ve come to the end of this project video, I hung it up in my bedroom, it really gives the room character it was super cheap to make literally from scraps from
out of my yard I put a lot into this video so if you guys enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up, I’d really appreciate your feedback also I am doing a video every week ones a project then the next video will be a quick tip so if you want to stay tuned to my channel please subscribe and i’ll see you next time. Thank you very much for watching. went this the

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  1. I found an old mirror in the garage today that will now have a second chance at life thanks to you! Enjoy all your videos. Be well. -Nick

  2. Best mirror I have seen made in YouTube I have been searching for ages thanks and well done you are a pro. Bravo well done.

  3. Cool project.
    Now I'm not one of those crazy safety people, but your table saw technique is really dangerous. Yes, it is definitely good to use push sticks, but pushing the offcut from the side in towards the blade is asking for kickback.

  4. I geve you a Tumb!!! Great and simple project!!! Please check my facebook page Treeciclo Habitat anf, if you will, give me a like!!! Cheers.

  5. Good job.

    Q: My bedroom set mirror has detached from the frame. My husband has tried a two-side tape but it is not holding so the mirror has been sitting on the garage for few years now. What type of glue do I need to use to attach the mirror? Can I use the same type of glue used for shoes?

  6. Good job. I'm going to have a go. I dont have the fancy tool that you do do for drilling the mitred corners so will have to jig something up.

  7. I like the way you avoided glueing the mirror to the backing, pretty clever, for a woman… jk!!

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