burn a silk Screen Printing frame
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burn a silk Screen Printing frame

October 19, 2019

oh hello I’m cam owner of monument limited we print t shirts. Hey Boss check this out. Down a half inch! welcome to the first installment of our new video series titled how to screenprint on the cheap. in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a screen on a budget here’s our supply list a quarter of daughter in motion a quart of daz greaser one spray bottle a 20 x 24 17 mesh screen it 12 inch squeegee a scrub pad t-square a black garbage bag and a prey novel total cost for these supplies is $111 in 83 cents and last but not least is the film positive these require specialized tools and i will go over those different options in greater detail in another video first we need to degrease the screen whether with water spread the greaser use a scrub pad to clean both sides of the mesh now use those to thoroughly rinse the chemical from the mesh then set the screen aside to dry for an hour so now it’s time to go to screen just kidding you’re going to lay the screen on the table and then drip some emulsion on to the mish use your squeeze you spread the liquid earrings you’re going to flip the screen over and straight away drifting emotion from the inside of the screen that’s the frame in a dark room flat side down and let it dry for like two hours and make sure to thoroughly clean your squeegee blade now that is dry I’m going to use my film positive to burn the graphic into the hardened emulsion you’re going to let your film onto the flat side of the screen with the image reading backwards using your team square center the film to 10 inches now you’re going to grab some scotch tape and tape the four corners of the film to the mesh now it’s time to burn the image to protect the emulsion from UV light cover three the garbage bag and head outside remove the screen from the bag and send it on top of the bag and direct sunlight for 30 seconds after 30 seconds is up cover the screen back up with the bag and head to the garden over while the screen is still in the bag remove the film positive when you’re ready take the bag off it’s very both sides of the screen water continued to spread the flat side of the screen so you can get started a little more water and the unhardened emotional start to wash away the exposed ring in the Sun for two minutes when it’s dry you have a screen is ready to print with thanks for watching the first video and our how to screenprint on the cheap video tutorial series if you found this helpful plus the thumbs-up share with your friends and if you have a tutorial you’d like to make leave it in the comments I’m camp owner of monument limited we print t church in this screen printing tutorial I’m going to show it on there i try to help their i just talked about house you have you tried again start going like onto and in this screen bringing tutorial okay I’m gonna go 321 and start throwing on one

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  1. Seriously I love the dorky corny attitude you are throwing up here. It's great and keeps me Interested from beginning to end.

  2. fucking thanks you , you helped me out so much ive been trying to coat screens but it come out dirty or messed up and by watching this makes me wanna restart my notes and go off yours notes thanks you again

  3. Your a mess , I wouldn’t want to order anything from you…. Hahahahahahaha jk this shit was funny! Good edit and info for beginners . Still laughing lol

  4. HAHAHA I've gotta say I was cracking up watching this!! You make the process seem so much easier and more fun than what I was expecting.

  5. Hey I have got a question. I was trying to burn my mesh screen, I did everything as you said in this tutorial but then in the end when I was trying to reveal the final image the emulsion was just washing out 😭 I don't know what did I wrong? I used the diazo by speedball photo emulsions kit. Does this products not work for your steps? Thanks a lot for your respond

  6. I have been a vinyl hobbyist and bought a ‘kit’ to expand into screen printing. I am so frackin’ nervous. I screwed up my first screen up by using waaaay too much fucking emulsion. It dripped during the drying process. Spent like, 45 minutes cleaning it off. Tried again, screen looks good, about to actually burn the image. So paranoid. I’ve watched so many videos with different techniques. Going bonkers.

  7. For my very first exposure I tried my Neewer 160 led photography light on 7 minutes at 10 inches away and it worked mint! I have a amazingly crisp image that screen printed perfect. I'm shocked this little thing worked only having like 9.6 watts. It's almost as bright as truck light bars.

    My simple cheap exposure box:
    Big white plastic storage bin $10 at Walmart Canada
    Large shadow box. (used for the glass,frame and black backing) Glass and frame fit perfectly over the bin. $20 on sale at Walmart
    Neewer 160 led light $45 off Amazon.ca Cut a hole in the bin to operate power switch on light as it's battery operated. (light mounted on tiny tripod)
    After weeks of looking online I can't believe I never saw something as simple as this posted anywhere for homemade DIY projects. Only part I had to grab a tool for was to cut a hole in the box. You should do a video on this setup.

  8. for your next video could you show us how to create a thialand line table screen printer? using home depot supplies?

  9. Ive used polycol one coat its been 3 days since I coated it. Is there a time period too long after you coat a screen? Its been just chillin in my dark room been waiting to learn more before I mess up a 3rd screen.

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