Buying Guns Without Background Check Not Constitutional Right! Cliff Schecter
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Buying Guns Without Background Check Not Constitutional Right! Cliff Schecter

August 25, 2019

nationally syndicated columnist cliff
sector is with us he’s president of progressive p_r_ firm advertise alfie as
well as the founder and co-owner of we act radio in washington d_c_ one of our
newest affiliates and we’re really glad to be on a great to see a club thanks so much david of course for we’re
pleased that you want to washington i’ll be glad to show yes so what how did this
project come about and what kind of uh… owner will you be what would you
be sending the email saying i’m not saying the time in temperature and on
for a little can we expect as you know the tires and snow uh… i i i say those emails probably
for about two forty five in the morning your time bobby fungal now i mean but he came about because uh… i can’t
say although mostly credit you know i’m i’m one of three hundred
alex lawson who is the second rector social security
work to do a progressive causes for a decade now command freeman it was a lot of working
at a cost ya you know on dealing with with um… you know are all sorts of progressive
issues and based on this opportunity making any
essentially persona radio station it was selling the
station today im station but obviously uh… it’s it’s countrywide region we
can do is to say no and and we’ve been doing that and you know we were just shocked a bit
dcs a top ten market and obviously in terms of politics is
the most important market is the most regressive mark in the country and there
is no progressive talk there’s really nothing you know i mean most adversely all talk
is just on the far right and so we saw an opportunity here we
thought you know this is something that needs to be done we needed to be a part of the conversation
washington when the conversation just takes place between the center uh… and the right widened three-quarters of the country
you see things the way we do in poll after poll is yes i was how is the state’s unfunded uh… we’ve raised money from are a
couple big uh… funders uh… you know fun progress because the base money on a smaller level uh… grassroots way
from some folks online uh… and uh… and uh… the crazy
partners like us i’ve noted in my wife will divorce the pre lose the money but delivering money in there too so we you
know we we got a great place to start so that is the reason we got a good uh…
uh… solemn out of capital you know and and now that we start to get the
advertising going hopefully that will lead extended
holiday and just a talent mean you’re getting your message
indicates jobs these huge david uh… why haven’t you don’t have to play
up to me i mean you’ve got thom hartmann and you have a lot of bringing a big
names that are on the hours every single day with her huge gets for you guys do or were you very exciting i mean
artificial stood you know stephanie miller dmiller
nighttime wanna provides people that have been nationally syndicated before a
meeting online shows our regional people evers hurting people like shannon miller
nichols salmon since your human genes white was hysterical and our weekend look a lot of stations you
know on the weekends ten digits rebroadcast and yet we’ve got
some fantastic on your show is on our eyes on the weekends we got
the issues to do a three hour show one of these days when was winston i get
our act together and have been so busy training should the stations working at
a time tarnished start to show with the latest individual we’re going
to do is show but weekly show uh… and a month patting myself on the back of leslie
says the real get there as you know come founder co-creator of the daily show and a lot of other people that we clear
who produced a rock al franken shell as an issue on and i go
i will be people out and had we i will also uh… but were really really happy with
the talent that we have now you guys are off to a great start it’ll be
fascinating to see sia grow advancing continue let’s talk a little bit about the gun
expose that you did because a lot of people i think um… i’ll couple people
that have mentioned this to me on twitter but by and large there’s a whole lot of
people who are aware of what’s going on give us that this story there well we did i i i think this is a digit
full disclosure i do work with mayors against illegal guns which is a
bipartisan coalition of over five hundred meters
around the country who come together to say look you know
that i did not abridging one second women rights are coming into his house
romance you seek on n_r_a_ out forums and other ridiculous conspiracy theories this is a lesson force and strengthen the laws and stop
criminals of the mentally ill uh… and terrorists from having access
to guns most people don’t know uh… that you can’t get an airplane if
you’re a terrace wa says but you can get it done when people don’t know the you
know that uh… you can go to a gun show and there’s a someone as a federally
licensed dealer who has to do a background check and only seventeen
states a close that loophole so that in the other thirty three states
in the right next door to a private seller and by the same ban assault weapon or
anything of that nature uh… and and you have to submit to any credit
background check and hostility uh… was asking for a three million
over two eight six three minutes do a background check but some of the justice scalia in a very
conservative you need to resend supreme court opinions said that this is
completely insisting on the second amendment he’s every conservative your
the second amendment so it issued a follow up to what we’ve done for this
things we’ve done or through internet sales entry sales uh… buying you know we’ve done shows
and they had some of the people by through the internet go online and set up meetings in parking lots in
shopping malls where you might take your case i mean ridiculous and thereby ncep guns they can pierce armor they’re
buying up fifty caliber rifle he can shoot five miles take that helicopter
potentially small airplane and minimal i mean i don’t know what to say about
anymore that the n_r_a_ name your offerings twenty percent of the
population that’s where it is we’ve done polls right the democratic pollsters republican
pollsters in freedom once did a poll thrust it showed that seventy percent of
the n_r_a_ members thought there should be background checks for every gun sale and each of the
eighty five percent of population at large somewhere in that regard yemi
what’s going on for not having this the basic background check is in at the
restriction of premium in some way i mean i think that what the argument
would be unlimited either of you know what they
say they say it’s a restriction of freedom and much of what three at wing three minutes for some to check
your background is doing that so that’s not really a lot of freedom lost to protect your family from criminals more than one of those examples where
it’s you know you think the the second amendment and you extended to to demean without
any kind of oversight background checks the reasonable logical that safety measures but then you can
skip other parts of the constitution that simply don’t uh… don’t fit with
your world view is one of those is one of the many ways the constitution is
constantly disney used in reused incorrectly by people writes about torture it was okay but not
doing a background check but the tobacco executive abridge the
practices i dress or yet attack avarice or how
that works i know that uh… again justice scalia and and and intend
getting the most conservative in the overturned what thought to be on the second
amendment was a there was a a right above of people together as a group as opposed to
individual right that’s what that’s what they overturned
in their recent decision about a year ago with both of them mcdonald heller
decisions and yet he still said it’s completely common with practice of the last two
centuries church you do background checks to stop criminals in the mentally
ill from getting guns are but all i wanna just you know disparagingly much
about but dangerous fuel a dangerous thing
that we don’t have to do so uh… and use it was completely
consistent personal apple laws that stops people from having concealed carry
licenses this is something that you know you can
watch old white or blue decency they took their guns before they came into
town is near the area was secretive whole
false construct look at history this country’s vanishes countries but
actually it had pretty good gun control laws
lease on the books for a hundred years now and and they’ve gotten stronger and
stronger they tried to weaken the concept of light you know and and what what the
second amendment is attracted to big is it that anybody who get anytime i mean there is a phrase in there at you probably read either
well-regulated militia they can get around that all they want
but it’s in there that means we have the right to regulate
i’m not sure what other media even come up with that’s absolutely right and i know we
wanted to get to of mit romney and the social security is that they’re just out
of time but will have you back and talk about that there will be plenty of time
to look at that one is the primaries continue uh… cliff schecter pleasure to have
you on and will definitely got talking against him pessimistic appreciate it

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  1. infringed look it up. you idiots are the biggest fools ive ever heard. if we loose the right to freely bear and keep arms. wyatt earp did so illegal. you dumb asses need to leave this country .you are not americans for sure . the second amendment means what it says stop trying to redefine all that you dont like you bunch of underhanded decietful ass holes . the right to bear arms is what keeps this country safe from invasion not the fucking army the police or any other group of people.

  2. Universal background checks and a national gun registry go together like a hand in a glove.
    A national gun registry – it’s one of the touchstones of success for the statists.

  3. If background checks are not an infringement, then perhaps we should run a background check when people register to vote…

  4. Progressive Socialist Demoncrats

    2nd Amendment shall not be infringed

    I will not Register

    I will not Disarm

    I will not Comply

    Molon Labe Progressives

    My Handgun is for fighting to my rifle

    EVERYONE Has the right to bear arms

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