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C1 Art Composition Course

October 21, 2019

Why did you put that line there, why did you draw it that size and why did you choose that location? You might not consciously ask these questions when you’re creating a piece of artwork perhaps you rely on your instincts to tell you where to make your mark a piece of artwork has different elements such as color line and structure those things can be combined to make a piece of artwork that is Amazing or a piece of artwork that never manages to reach its full potential There are tricks and tools about how to combine these elements to create something amazing I want to assist you in learning those tools and becoming the best artist that you can be My name is Jina Wallwork and I’m an artist this is some of my artwork I’ve Exhibited in the United States Canada Europe and Australia. I have a degree in fine art from Staffordshire University. I love to learn new things So I’ve also studied with other Universities and arts establishments such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I also have a degree in politics philosophy and economics from the Open University I’m a published author and my books include both my artwork and my writing I’ve been a featured artist on Google+ and I’ve exhibited with some of the biggest names in contemporary art such as John Baldessari Kiki Smith and Yoko Ono I love art and I want to share my passion with you This course will make you a better artist. I won’t be teaching you to make artwork that is similar to my own instead I’ll be providing you with the knowledge that you need to bring out your natural artistic instincts and your personal style You’re going to become a better artist and I want to assist you on that journey In this course, we are going to look at various composition tools these include the the rule of space leading lines invisible leading lines and the diamond guide in this course, you will master the process of how to balance your artwork and You will be able to analyze a painting by using different composition tools This course will assist you in taking your artwork to the next level

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