California Homeowner Bill of Rights Signed into Law (Los Angeles)
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California Homeowner Bill of Rights Signed into Law (Los Angeles)

October 24, 2019

good morning well this is very active
anyway this is a very important day to sign a very important bill to clean up
at least part of the mess that has been created by all sorts of people in the
mortgage the banking and the servicing business that it’s caused untold
suffering to millions of people across this country and even millions in
California people have lost their homes they’ve lost their jobs families have
broken down because of the insensitivity that greed and the blindness of very
powerful people who made millions of dollars personally and billions of
dollars for their respective entities so today while we can’t solve that entire
problem which will be with us in the form of unemployment in continuing
foreclosures for a long time we can take an important step to protect those who
are conscientiously trying to deal with their mortgages to get them modified to
stay in their home to keep their families together and to do the right
thing that’s what this bill is it all about helping people to the right thing
and making sure that those dealing with home mortgages play straight with their
customers and playing straight means plain straight means that when you’re
modifying alone you don’t bind their back start for closing to kick them out
of the house too much of that so saying next to me is the one we’ve got this
done and I know what it takes cuz i used to have her job so come will Harris your
attorney general Thank You mr. governor for your
incredible leadership and constant support and I know that you know as you
have so passionately said that this means a lot to all California there’s
probably no public servant who has been more dedicated to the people of
California than you so thank you for your leadership and I know that your
Senate program is going to mention the members of our legislature who were so
incredibly significant and important in their leadership and in their strength
and in their courage so I will leave that to him but I do want to recognize
we have a couple of local officials who have been equally important in terms of
the advocacy of support we have mark ridley-thomas here who has been doing
this work for years and years and years and of course Maria llena de rosa would
just been an extraordinary friend and and leaving so thank you all and so
folks today we are here to say we’re done we’re done
we’re done with dual track we’re done with the runaround we’re done with the
okey-doke we are done with robo-signing we are done with abusive tactics and
empty promises more done we’re done and so what will happen today when this bill
is signed is that California and California homeowners will take back a
system in a way that gives them due process gives them transparency gives
them dignity through a fair process this is about saying that we have had a
series of unnecessary foreclosures in a state full of responsible homeowners who
have a right to know that when they engage in for the pursuit of the
American dream it will not turn into a nightmare what this bill does is it
speaks truth to power about a system that has been proven to be defective we
have been going through this as Californians for at least the last five
years we didn’t come about this just because we wanted to engage in poetry we
came about this because we have shown and I know through the investigations of
my own office that up and down this state we have had responsible homeowners
who have been in a system that has been the dual track system where they have
received conflicting information we know that we have had folks in the state of
California who threw the robo-signing process were foreclosed upon when they
should have been we know that in this state we have had folks like the folks I
have met with personally sat down with in Stockton in los bonos here in Boyle
Heights people who are hardworking folks people like the young man I met who a
couple of years ago lost his wife then lost his
job and raising his two sons by himself that same young man who was trying to
keep his home and pay a modified payment and the next thing you know someone’s
knocking on his door and saying his house is about to be sold on the front
steps of City Hall it’s just not fair and today we will end that unfairness
and it is and it is in that way a step in the right direction and it is the
thing that governor’s you’ve said many times to meet with great pride that that
we do which is California so it goes California cos rest of the country and
what we’ve done is the right thing here so I want to thank everybody and with
great pride introduced a dear friend and an incredible leader I walk the halls of
Sacramento and have a lot recently in connection with our bill and he along
with speaker Perez has been an extraordinary leader in making this day
possible and at his Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg thank you very much madam Attorney
General’s you’re a hard act to follow here passion intellect and fortitude
your fortitude led us to this day I want to thank you for all you did to
establish the template for this legislation through the National
settlement but also your partnership in your leadership in working with the
legislative and executive branches of government to ensure that the work you
did is embedded permanently in the California law this is a great day for
California and a great day for you thank you thank you I want to thank the
governor is well of course for not only signing this important bill today but
for the hard work of yourself and your staff members to work with the
legislative branch in the Attorney General to ensure that we earned your
signature on these dis important legislation and I’m here representing
today the legislative branch of government a branch I’m very proud of
and I know how these issues sometimes go in the legislature members with
different points of view and different perspectives on on issues of civil
justice and how to enforce rights and this measure came about not only as the
result of the Attorney General and the governor’s leadership but the leadership
of individual members who decided that different past differences aside were
coming together and we’re going to provide relief for people who need
relief and so I want to thank Senator Noreen Evans who’s not here today
senator Ellen Corbett who’s been involved in these issues for a long long
time senator mark Leno who isn’t here as well was original author of the bill and
I want to do a special shout-out to Senator Ron called
to you had a tough tough role to play and did it with intelligence with
strength and with the best interest of the people in mind I Thank You Ronnie
very very much I want to thank Mike Feuer as well who brought the same
passion and intellect to this and and Mike and Mike Assemblymember my king the
co-chair of the conference committee as well who did the same and Speaker John
Tara’s who I know is not here today but who is an outstanding leader and made
sure that this was a top priority give speaker pair as a hand please I also
want to take them up just to thank the fabulous staff from all offices who put
in the countless hours to help and Steve Bradford excuse me assembly
member Steve Bradford who is here today as well thank you Steve sir so very
briefly the opposition to these measures over many years made it a challenge to
get to this day and yet these bills this bill these provisions their common sense
protections that will keep Californians in their home we all know somebody who’s
been affected by this plight and it not only harms people families but it harms
neighborhoods and as the Attorney General said a moment ago it’s time that
it ends these bills protect the homeowners that restores our
neighborhoods and communities and does it without impeding the progress in the
housing market you know up to all the people out there who I know have fought
long and hard for this this legislation is an example of the fact that justice
prevails justice doesn’t prevail on its own justice prevails when people of good
will work hard refused to take no for an answer and demand that people be treated
fairly and that’s what’s happening here today this state’s on a bit of a roll on time
budget historic foreclosure relief high-speed rail let’s keep going my
honor to introduce Maria Camille though the president of the east los angeles
community corporation to share a few words with us thank you thank you thank
you very much and I just heard someone the back say csat booval and CC said
poodle this is a really great day it’s a day California’s families have been
waiting for since 2007 that’s when he still a community corporation council at
its very first family facing foreclosure and over the last five years we have
provided foreclosure prevention education and council counseling to
thousands of Californians and it is truly tragic that so many thousands of
families had to lose their homes before we got to this day everyone involved in
this effort to rescue the American dream of homeownership knows that the
headwinds have been fierce we have met every roll out of each new government
program and announcements from financial institutions with enthusiasm and hope
only to be deeply disappointed in the lack of actual results for our families
instead of solutions we’ve had constant run around lost paperwork unexplained
denials and misinformation from servicers that led to wrongful
foreclosures it has been a really tough five years we have seen this crisis take
a toll on families and communities the Latino community has been especially
hard hit by the crisis latino households account for forty-eight percent of
foreclosures in california but today all of that is going to change the
homeowners Bill of Rights is a true victory for all Californians the
homeowners Bill of Rights puts an end to the insidious dual tracking system where
many homeowners or diligently to secure a loan modification
from their lender only to have another arm of the bank said a sale date for the
auction of their home across the country hundreds of thousands of families have
had their bank sorry many thousands of families that should have qualified for
modifications under programs created by the Obama administration lost their
homes because lenders focus more on their bottom line then the best interest
of families and communities starting today California homeowners will finally
have a fair and transparent process the legislation will stop the endless
runaround faced by families at risk of foreclosure and help them retain the
homes that they have sacrificed so much to keep California families facing
foreclosure should seek out a hud-approved counseling agency saving
their home should not have to cost a California family a single cent I want
to emphasize that foreclosure prevention counseling is critical and must be
financially supported by the state of California across the country other
states are investing their AG settlement to assist struggling families through
housing counseling I hope that California can lead the way on this as
well investment in housing counseling will go a long way to keep families in
their homes stabilize communities and more importantly for the efforts of scam
artists that prey on individuals in their moment of greatest need the
passage of this bill couldn’t have been couldn’t have happened without the hard
work of attorney general Harris and I thank you so much she came God with our
cutie I want to thank the members of the
California Legislature for everything they did I want especially recognized as
Senator Calderon because he’s in the area where I work on the east side his
leadership I want to thank the ncl our affiliates National Council of rasa
Center for Responsible Lending California Reinvestment coalition equal
and ace and the other allies that made today possible cuz it takes boots on the street to make
this happen and finally I want to thank and acknowledge all those people have
been on the front line of this foreclosure crisis the hard-working
housing counselors across the state that I put in long hours worked weekends and
made all manners heroic efforts to save people’s homes thank you so much

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