California Homeowner Bill of Rights Signed into Law (San Francisco)
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California Homeowner Bill of Rights Signed into Law (San Francisco)

August 24, 2019

this afternoon I’m here to sign the
homeowners Bill of Rights a bill championed by our Attorney General and
something that’s been fought for over the last number of years and what’s
important about it is that people who have been victimized and who might be
victimized in the future are getting some legal protections to make sure that
the abuses that have been rampant in many parts of the country including
California will be stopped we are still suffering from the effects of the
mortgage meltdown those who for the sake of money or profit or their own
blindness put this country in a tailspin cost millions of people their jobs
millions of people their homes and people today right here in California is
still suffering so this homeowners Bill of Rights is one step in trying to make
things a little better and it’s my pleasure to do that
and to be in a position to make sure that there is a remedy when people are
trying to modify a mortgage that they don’t all of a sudden get blindsided and
get kicked out of their house that’s what it’s all about
here’s our Attorney General who led the fight thank you to the great governor of
the state of California and for all of your leadership and support and
friendship through the process today I think marks a great day in California
for a number of reasons it’s about a statement and the statement is pretty
much to say we’re done we’re done we’re done with robo-signing we’re done with
false promises we’re done with the runaround we’re done with duplicate of
processes that have not supported responsible homeowners in California who
simply want to pay to stay in their home the California homeowner Bill of Rights
is a function of a number of issues that deal with the reality of the fact that
we were the hardest hit state we currently have about 12 of the top 20
hardest hit cities in the country here in California we know that which is why
we were able to bring back in excess of 12 billion dollars to
California because we knew that we were hardest hit and we deserted deserve to
receive compensation for the harm that was done here and there had to be
consequence and accountability by those who committed that harm the homeowner
Bill of Rights is a function of leadership from our legislature I want
to thank in this absence right now a speaker Perez and Senate Pro Tem Darrell
Steinberg they with the members of the conference committee and then the entire
floor of each house were responsible for passing this historic bill that our
great governor will sign today it is also about recognizing the stories that
we heard up and down the state and they are stories of folks that I’ve met with
in Stockton and Los Banos in places that have been hard hit where families who
are hard-working would talk about the fact that they were in the process of
losing a job in some cases losing a spouse raising their children by
themselves in the process of foreclosure trying to keep the home and therefore
trying to go and play by the rules and pay a modified loan payment and without
notice they’d be foreclosed upon it’s an unfair process it’s an unfair system the
California homeowner Bill of Rights will change and stop that it’s about the
stories that we heard countless times those homeowners who during the process
of foreclosure would call up the bank and if they spoke to a human being that
person was unfamiliar with their case and would claim they didn’t have the
paperwork so that responsible homeowner within facts 50 60 pages of documents to
the bank only to call the next time and if they got a real person be told that
that person was unfamiliar with their case and didn’t have their paperwork
simply unfair the California homeowner Bill of Rights will end that process it
will require a single point of contact this is about bringing transparency and
fairness to a system that should guarantee due process to hard-working
folks who are responsible homeowners who are simply in pursuit of the American
dream so I want to thank the governor and I know we’re
gonna answer questions afterward but let’s get to the signing of the bill and
and would you all like to speak come on up please these are two of our great
leaders who have been friends in the legislature and and and also have been
leaders in terms of getting this bill passed and she’s gonna hi Assemblymember
nancy skinner from the east bay and i want to thank our attorney general who’s
incredible leadership has brought us these important bills which are going to
provide great relief for Californians we have a number of other bills that are
part of her package that are going through the legislature now and we
expect those to be successful including protections for renters who might be
affected by foreclosure and also the ability for our nonprofit housing
developers and local governments to be able to put some of these houses back on
the market for affordability so I just applaud today and thank you it’s only a
very special person I appointed her mother as the first woman prison warden
in the history of America I think certainly the history of California and
my mother appreciates that mr. governor something with Assemblywoman Holly
Mitchell representing the 47th Assembly District proud proud to be a principal
co-author of the bills being signed today as a member of the Democratic
caucus and the California legislative Black Caucus recognizing what this really black eye on the state of
California has done for working families all across this great state very proud
to be a part of creating the solution thank you for the opportunity now with my signature it’s called the

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