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Caller Argues Constitution

October 10, 2019

dot in on more california a dot lights
up characterize brought up by about eight
people appear later by but there are unashamed fattening wells said sit by and large a sure interactive brokers printable run
the day bipartisan you willing to pick up republican phil
gramm band in the republican dot but this one printable socialistic printable dot i’ll get you in your body obama when
obama could if i can look at this term in you can’t prove it here the aided by walking america is a
problem at all and i whether he is the problem with iran uh… in the you use a republican principles now i remember went white hides in
howard the republican wrote a letter to his brother david saying you know there
are a few uh… to ever republicans who think that
we can abandon organized labor and uh… we can abandon social security
and privatize it uh… the i realize there are few or ill
texas a texas coil millionaires who believe this the hunt brothers you called up by name he said their number is small and
they’re stupid the the republican principles that
you’re referring to are something that in the last few years they’re both in a
large chunk of the republican party has been hijacked by the hunt brothers
exited by the coat brothers and all of their their various front groups but now we see has eleven million
dollars ticket that was funneled into california out of an arizona
money-laundering operation you go with three steps back and there it is it’s
thicker brothers uh… eat you’ve got all these
billionaires who are pushing these desire and principles that only benefit
billionaires but the old-fashioned republicans who
actually were concerned about stability in society about a about a society that was about
the middle class that you know the the the republicans of my dad’s era the
republicans unit there richard nixon republicans richard nixon in nineteen
seventy two proposed a national health insurance
program that would have been short pretty much everybody in this country it
was almost identical to what iran he did in massachusetts if you’re talking about those kinda
republican principles uh… yeah i don’t see a problem but
what i’m seeing is a republican party that has gone insane doug don’t you talk about filibustering then you just filibuster
your heart out are part of a competent unpredictable are limited government
with the numerator part that at you what percent of dot are you talking about the
article skills confederation of the constitution up talking about dot com but please don’t print where is
the word enumerated in the constitution limited government numerator power drug where is that we’re
in the constitution does this is the government is limited or that the powers
of the government gives us all for a new murdered i think the constitution is well placed sources tell me what you can
at least summit was saying you estimate quite capable of handling and where is
it that competent in adobe i have my constitution my hand you tell me where
to look at all realty tell me where does that unit to limit that back in the area unlimited would it gallup the government what they
can do electric activist limit on the part of congress is not unlimited okay well you know i don’t agree his there’s
nowhere in the constitution where it says that the powers are limited and
there’s no place the constitution where it says that we are going to enumerate
them organising there created a unlimited document with the
power of the federal government happen unlimited power by and large g_s_ study in fact if you
go back to you read the debates between the the federalists in the entire
federal s in the in this uh… in the been the
late seventeen either the early seventeen eighty seventeen eighty six
seventeen eighty seven that led to the constitutional
convention the problem was that under the articles
of confederation which we operate and we had three
presidents under the articles a confederation before george washington and this is you know as as we were
wrapping up this is the revolutionary war in after the revolutionary war under the articles a confederation if federal government did not have the
power to impose taxes it did not have a power to regulate commerce between the
states it do it which is fairly draconian power it did not have the
power to basically you know shob laws down the down the state’s throats things
like the anti-drug laws stuff like that it did not have the power to uh… to
spend money in a federal level committed on the money to power to to to to tax
things it didn’t have the power to provide for the general welfare and what
we what we figured out with these thirteen states each row
running on a very limited government basis within him a rated powers was that didn’t work the entire federalists failed they lost
the federalists won and they passed the constitution and here’s if you could and
i just you know doug just to help you out here good article one which is about the
house representatives in the and the the senate that’s where the congress is
defined article one as congress article two is the presidency article threes the judiciary their article one section eight it’s
titled powers granted to congress okay these are the enumerated powers that
you’re talking about and has a list of them some of the
record specific to calling money regulate the value thereof for example provide for the punishment of
counterfeiting to establish post offices although the republicans i want to
privatize that to promote the progress of science and
useful arts o_j_ were supposed to be paying for research uh… but at the very first one here’s
the very first one let me read the first sentence to you the congress shall have the power to lay
and collect taxes duties imposed spent excise is to pay the deaths and provide for the jet the common
defense and the general welfare of the united states galvanic apart with the below no it
doesn’t say that has not said that happen you want to go
on it is not so did not get doug ireland ceo carolina about the
cockpit recent progress them propaganda paper propaganda either
property well offices dogs a state that this is progressive com propaganda it’s
do you know it was george washington who said i shall i’ll hope that i show ever
lived to see america be a more progressive nation the again article one section i section
eight sentence one the congress or the borrowing collect taxes duties imposed
accesses to pay the debt some provide for the common offense in general
welfare the united states but all duties imposed an excise is
shelby uniform throughout the united states and of sentence one sentenced to knows everybody has to pay
taxes everybody in the country it’s not just to get your state can’t just say
that were not going to do it number which is which is the uh…
what’s with that word re rescission their uh… did where these guys you say
no we don’t have to be we don’t have to go along with the rules it’s very
popular in the nullification yet in those is this this
makes altercation possible because altercation was possible under the articles a
confederation knives section to pat descends to to
borrow money and a credit in our states number three to regulate commerce with a
foreign nations among the several states payment right you go through this long list until it
gets to the very and at the very end number eighteen says to make all other
laws we shall be necessary and proper for carrying the executing in execution
the foregoing power and all other powers vested by this constitutional government
states burn any department officer they’re out dark that sounds to me pretty damn unloaded

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  1. Caller "Limited government with limited government" Thom :Reads constitution Caller "You are using progressive propaganda" Thom idk how you argue with these people with a straight face.

  2. Look up the word socialist in the dictionary it has nothing to do with government, and is 50% ownership of a business by labor, and 50% ownership by management nothing else.

  3. Right extremists are disgusting people. I'd like to know what this foaming at the mouth fool does for a living. Does he benefit from his insane loyalty to this corporate distortion or is he a Wall Mart greeter beholden to his corporate monarchs kissing their ring for the privilege to take a 5 minute bathroom break every 4 hours.

  4. "Limitations/limits" only shows up twice in the Constitution. The first detailing how there needs to be an agreement between the Senate and the House, and the second detailing what Thom pointed out when he mentioned to Promote the Sciences.

  5. 2:49-2:52. And either way your point is still void because the word "enumerated" is in not the constitution. But hey fuck facts right?

  6. A bit unfair to quote the actual US constitution when Doug was clearly talking about the libertarian mythical constitution.

  7. This is a typical modern day Democratic v. Republican debate. You have a Democrat ie Thom and a Republican Doug the caller. The democratic supporter states the facts before him and uses it in his debate, the republican supporter screams and uses catch phrases such as "socialists and limited govt.". Of course Thom won this debate, but think about it you have tons money behind the republicans so their voice dominates the media and confuses honest working people. The truth becomes lost.

  8. All cultures have their mythical evil spirits. They're very useful for keeping the children in line. Now, twenty years after the end of the cold war, they have somehow managed to resurrect the communist bogey man. It walks among us again!
    As someone who grew up during the cold war, it makes me quite nostalgic.

  9. Oh like you are such an expert suddenly on progressives after spending your stupid time for the past 30 years attacking liberals. Right wing private corporate government whores are the enemies of the fundamental principles of the American Revolution. Traitors who hide behind the flag, constitution and bible claiming patriotism and desecrating the nation.

  10. Article one section nine specifically mentions the things congress cannot do, i.e. impose export taxes on interstate items. No where does it say congress is limited to only "these" powers. Maybe you should watch the video again, you were schooled. Please come back to reality, America needs you.

  11. easy troll, im no fan of both parties but ur republican party wants to start ww3 by invading syria and iran. shut up unless ur locking and loading and going into battle yourself. The modern day conservatives are called neocons and are literally insane. our grandparents republican party is dead, wake up

  12. From Article 1 Section 8:
    "To make ALL Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and ALL other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in ANY Department or Officer thereof."
    (The trick is to read it to the very end)

  13. "The Articles of Confederation weren't working because the central government was too weak so the likes of Washington and Madison scrapped the Articles and created a strong central government under the Constitution." Does Doug know why the Civil War was fought, who won and what it meant?

  14. Traitors are people who pay have the amount in taxes on their income and use 10 times the amount in the benefits civilization provides. If the typical ROTH IRA contributor is limited to 5-6 k a year it is blatant crookery that Mittens managed to stuff 100 million in his in a year. Obama didn't stand by and watch Americans die. People are wising up very rapidly to the cheating, lying sociopath spinsters who assume everyone else is just like their degenerate selves when it comes to greed.

  15. The national government is not limited to the enumerated powers. At the end of Article I, Section 8, the Constitution also grants Congress the power to do anything "necessary and proper" to carry out its duties.

  16. Something 'follows' the very end?! Even when you try to mask it with muddled legalese this is illogical.
    But if we're playing pretend lawyers please be advised:
    I the party of the second part herewith set aside the opinion of the party of the first part that words or substance pertaining to enumerate, enumeration or any matters related thereto can be found before, within or after the concluding sentence of Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution, insomuchas the above claim is without merit.

  17. It's his show. You don't want to go on any show with a blazing rant at the onset, because there's a pacing to these things. Organize your thoughts and your rebuttals, and remember there's an audience to consider. People must be convinced, not preached at. I only get on my high horse when I want to piss off the anti-Constitution totalitarians, but even then it's a calculated performance.

  18. Ha ha.Yes Timothy Geitner is definitly a representant for the hard working blue collar unionists in Washington.A hardboiled "Wobbly" indeed :)!!!

  19. No at least in Europe Obama is on the right of the Conservative Parties at least on social issues,as fare as i know.But all words got turned in to something total different meaning then it comes to USA. Libertarian in Europe stands for exampel for Anarcho Communism,fare out leftItst.It´s very difficult decode the american terminology

  20. +Dug FmJamul The Ninth Amendment enumerates the rights of citizens, not the powers of Government. That's what the caller was shouting about: governmental overreach, not civil liberties. The powers of the Government are not enumerated, the rights of the citizens are.

  21. People like this caller are always raving about some kind of socialist government overreach but they seemingly have no problem with a plutocratic takeover where the Koch bros are calling the shots! the republican party lost its soul a long time ago

  22. Doug has his own personal version of the Constitution. It wouldn't surprize me if some far right group's have even published re-written versions of the Constitution and pass it of as the original and idiot rubes like Doug have taken it in. Notice how angry and uptight the Doug's of this world are, they are biologically programmed to lack compassion and to have little empathy.

  23. Had to get the Constitution out my book case and clearly this caller is wrong on so many levels.sorry I'm late on this video.

  24. That caller got drunk while listening to Rush Limbaugh and thought he’d call and yell at a progressive host. Sadly he forgot he wasn’t very knowledgeable on even the basics of our government and how it’s supposed to function. Poor guy.

  25. Yes the republicans have abandoned their principles. The old right, of the 1940's up to earlier 50's, we're against foreign interventionism and foreign entanglements, entangling alliances, government subsidies, bailouts, etc. Remember Robert Taft, John Bricker, etc.

  26. Many Republicans are anti-intellectual and it has gotten worse since this show first aired.
    To them facts are malleable if not meaningless.
    One side is in the real world and the other is in oz.

  27. Reminds me of the Peanuts meme Lucy created when she shouted "If I can't be right, I'll be wrong at the top of my lungs!".

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