Caller: Nevada Constitution says Feds Own Land
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Caller: Nevada Constitution says Feds Own Land

October 28, 2019

Vicky in Tucson Arizona list and serious
a bikie what’s up free Tom arm I with all due respect sheriff mack: I i think I’m can refute
his claim and the claim over the rancher that Nevada father and the
government should know nor does not on on 92
percent ourselves in a bottle and I I the nevada state constitution which was a adopted in 1864 ironically the people inhabiting said territory do
agree and declare that they forever disclaim alright entitle to the unappropriated
public lands lying within said territory and that the same shall be and remain at
the whole entire disposition as the United States wow you’re we’re quoting
from the Nevada Constitution that’s what I’m reading all I wish I’d had that twenty minutes ago
that so listening yeah well I don’t know if he is or not
but thats the that’s pretty pretty extraordinary and and then you
know the if you read article 4 of the Constitution um you know at the Congress shall have the right to
dispose other make all needful rules regulations respecting the territory are the
property belonging to the United States and nothing in this constitution should
be so construed as to prejudice and ink blames at the United States or love any
particular state so basically the same once you become a
state if you’re he the nothing in the Constitution prejudices that your claims the reason
that we’re basically taking authority over that arm Bracke at that’s just another point
to that is on a I I i believe that they they they’re always talking about the invisible hand of the market and and how
how you should be self sufficient and if he cannot be self sufficient with the land that he home and then arm then why should we pick up other
flak that for his business or how is it how is his wanting to graze his cattle
on federal land different from AP a poor person in an
inner-city wanting to get food stamps from the federal government arming your sphere your you are depending on
the federal government I to subsidize whatever it is that you
need right to put it in to put it in a frame that would cause a
a tea partier freak out Vicky excellent point thank you for the
call and thank you for sharing that with us we’re gonna the day got the Arizona

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  1. Well with all this myopic Legalism Thom you should be ok with Citizens United-Now that the Supreme Court says Corporations can buy the Goverment, that democracy is just an illusion that the law is the law you know and yeah the Govement and Corporations are using the Law to corruptly put the jackboot of Fascism on the necks of the people-Remember all the stuff the Nazi did was the law too.

  2. Thom Hartman I thought you were smarter then to allow yourself to be manipulated by the Feds to actually be on the side of a Fascist Corrupt Goverment using it's power over the people. No I am not Right Wing, I'm not even Libertarian, I'm a Vegan in fact so I'm against cows being slaughtered but there is a bigger issue here and that is the Govement Tyranny and whether it is tyranny on a Cattle rancher in Nevada or a Student with a lifetime of student loan debt and then taxed in their Walmart Minium wage job to support this beast of a Federal Government who btw works for the 1% not us.
    We are just cattle to the Federal Govement and if you can't see that Thom Hartman then don't cry when the Feds come and put their jackboot on your neck.

  3. BUNDY is a RIGHT-WING DOMESTIC TERRORIST secessionist whose cattle are on COW FOODSTAMPS. This bum and his ilk are more dangerous to the country than Al-QUEDA. The feds need to stop fucking around with these Right-Wing Extremists, and treat them like the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS that they are.

  4. Let that welfare king have land . Have y'all seen what those foodstamp warriors look like . They're deformed . What that movie called oh yeah Wrong Turn . Lmao !!! I wouldn't live behind ugly people . They probably got heads in refrigerator. Bodys in there freezer SHIT man I say let'em keep it .

  5.  It maybe that bundy does not have legal right to graze on federal land anymore, just like it's the law that we must pay $300.00 dollar parking tickets to our municipalities, or stop-and frisk.. Strictly holding your argument to the law doesn't make it right .. especially in theses days.  When justice isn't occurring in the country, it sends a horrible message to our young peeps, and the citizenry. If peeps at top are breaking law then why shouldn't i? iw ould say bundy has lived enough years to know and is fed up with what he has seen.

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