Caller:  Please Explain the Trans Pacific Partnership
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Caller: Please Explain the Trans Pacific Partnership

August 25, 2019

Norma in Montgomery Alabama a normal
what’s up Norma you are on the air out I Tom thanks for taking my call Chur when I was watching now are big
picture last night you were talking about this trans-pacific partnership yes could you
talk more about that I want to different elements other were well
here’s one of the problems we don’t know ob we we’ve had I’ve had
two members of congress on this program actually several Bernie Sanders has
talked about the shirt bronze talked about this Peter DeFazio is talked about
this now in Grace’s talked about this all on this on this program to senators two members
the house represents none of them can get a draft copy the transpacific
partnership the White House is holding it in secret
is being negotiated between a buncha in on a room with with
the about a little over 100 organizations
represented other than the countries themselves and it’s only
the executive branch is the country’s and its countries like you know the
Philippines and China and Japan and who knows I don’t know its punch countries you know along the Pacific Rim and us
other than them it’s mostly transnational corporations
and it’s been debated in complete privacy
and quiet and secrecy and Obama has already said that he
intends to seek track fast-track authority fast track was a I
love a rule or a way of passing legislation
but i think is unconstitutional that was put into place in 1974 at the
request of richard nixon where the president could present
legislation to congress and say take it or leave it and if you take it only takes a majority
vote but there’s limited debate and there’s no ability to amend it
either passes or it doesn’t and this was done for trade agreements
and trade agreements according to the constitution trade agreements ok where is michael
Constitution nice I lost it someplace Curtis occur in the
constitution its you know it it is congress that has the
right to regulate trade between the United States and
other countries I mean here it is article 1 section 8 number 3 Congress
shall have the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several states in with the
Indian tribes so and and in fact it goes on and i’d have to
dig a little bit to find where but it says that um if congress is negotiating treaties see trees are in here artwork for anyway that treaties require
a super majority they require two-thirds and a which yeah a there that they require
two-thirds a a at but so they’re calling this thing a trade
agreement rather than a treaty even the treaty is an agreement between us in
another country they’re calling it a trade agreement so
it can be passed by a majority vote rather than two-thirds and this is what they do is Nikki
legislation that they don’t want people to know about that I wanted to be a
debate on and this is where I think this
administration is gonna get you know kicked in the teeth on this
thing I ordered the shins are you know whatever the matter for you want to use apparently what it’s going to do is
going to lower our standards for food safety it’s gonna lower our standards
pharmaceutical safety it’s going to I make patent protections
more favorable to jiang corporations it’s going to it may it may mess with the Internet I a
lottery has nothing to do with international trade it has to do with
business standards this is not a good thing and we need to
be mobilizing against it and getting ready because when the Obama
administration roles this thing out there frankly I think that a lot of tea
partiers are gonna be objecting to a two on their constitutional grounds because
this is a violation constitution so normal that’s pretty much all I know
about it everything I do know about it I don’t like and keg public citizen .org and has a a a spinoff called I think
global trade watch Lori Wallick is that president ever and they have quite a bit of information
from their website so of I appreciate this so are trying to
read what you had on the screen last minute set something up and buy america Thomas E yes it would make it illegal
for any nation to have nationalistic a purchasing policies were sent south
american affairs with free speech also makers on conflict on people to find
something made in America yeah my america fuck is this is the only though to the consumer hats it doesn’t
matter who we elect we don’t really have a so what we elect because they don’t work
for us do no evil thanks have reported trying
to use our money to buy an american product to force them
to bring the company’s back yeah because so far as I’m concerned the
company medicine based overseas is no longer an American company and they don’t deserve in China
consideration for tax breaks yeah I i agree. know it well said thank
you very much for the call

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  1. Damn right. We should not shop at chain stores that employ foreign workers like Walmart and Target. Look for made in America, it does exist!

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