Calls for Maori Party to split over SOE Treaty clause
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Calls for Maori Party to split over SOE Treaty clause

January 19, 2020

A Maori leader says the Maori Party must abandon their
agreement with National if the Government doesn’t
listen to Maori concerns over the removal of
the Treaty from the SOE Act. It’s as yet unknown whether the tribes feedback
will fall on stone ears. But Kahungunu is calling to
their man Pita Sharples. We are saying to him if the Government does not include
Section 9 in the new legislation then the Maori Party must break its
agreement with the National Party. Deputy Prime Minister Bill
English has told media that there’s general consensus
around the selling of assets, but not so says the Kahungunu chair. Many of the tribal claims have
not yet been settled that directly impact on our
natural resources. We are saying to the Crown
they mustn’t sell the assets regardless of what resource it is. Ngati Kahungunu also says the
Government must reinforce both of the current Treaty clauses
in any new SOE legislation. According to Moana Jackson, it’s the tribes that have ownership
over waters in any given area. Ngahiwi Tomoana says Maori
around the country marched to Parliament
over the foreshore and should march right away from it
if the Government don’t take heed. What will I say when my grandchild
askes what I done about it? This way I can show and tell
them of our efforts. Submissions close tomorrow, and then Government will draft new
legislation over the next two weeks. Jasmyn Pearson, Te Karere.

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