Campaign launched against proposed Community Bill of Rights
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Campaign launched against proposed Community Bill of Rights

October 16, 2019

Voters in Youngstown will get to decide on the “Community Bill of Rights” for the 6th time this November. That’s the charter amendment from the group opposed to fracking and injection wells. 27 First News Reporter Amanda Smith talked to people on both sides of the issue today. The Mahoning County coalition for Job Growth and Investment launched their campaign against the Community bill of rights today at the teamsters union hall. VOTERS HAVE REJECTED THE COMMUNITY BILL OF RIGHTS FIVE TIMES AND THIS IS THE SIXTH TIME, AND I EXPECT THEY’RE GOING TO REJECT IT THS FALL. The charter amendment would ban most oil and gas activity, along with fracking in the city limits. Opponents have said they don’t think that’s consitutional. BUT TO GET TO THAT ARGUMENT, YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ISSUE THAT GETS APPROVED BY THE VOTERS, AND I DON’T THINK THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN OVER THE NEXT MONTH, MONTH AND A HALF. Plus – the city doesn’t have the right to regulate the oil and gas business. That job falls with the state. THIS IS AN UNENFORCEABLE AMENDMENT TO A CHARTER THAT OVERSEES THE OPERATIONS OF THE CITY. At the same time, Bill of Rights supporters gathered outside the union hall to protest. They say the idea has grown on voters- last time it lost by less than 300 votes. IT TAKES TIME FOR PEOPLE TO REALIZE THAT OUR SYSTEM ISN’T BROKEN. IT’S FIXED. AND IT’S FIXED AGAINST US. Beiersdorfer says they see the amendment as the first step in a long process. WE ARE UNDER NO ILLUSION THAT WINNING THIS BILL OF RIGHTS ON THE BALLOT WILL ALL OF A SUDDEN MAKE EVERYTHING GREAT. While she expects some of the charter amendment to be struck down by the courts Beiersdorfer is confident some of it to survive legal challenges. In Youngstown, Amanda Smith, WKBN 27 First News “Heartbreaking” and

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