Camtasia 9 How to Extend Frame or Freeze Frame Using Camtasia Feature
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Camtasia 9 How to Extend Frame or Freeze Frame Using Camtasia Feature

September 14, 2019

With Camtasia 9, the original way you could
extend a frame was by pressing Shift plus E, then entering the number of seconds you
wanted to extend the clip. There were some frustrating issues in extending
a frame this way and I am happy to say, with TechSmith’s recently released minor update
for Camtasia 9, life is much simpler. So, let’s take a look. I’m Naomi Skarzinski with the Top Shelf
VA channel, your place for creativity and inspiration for business and life. If you’re new to the channel, please take
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for Top Shelf VA. Part of the problem with using extend frame,
by entering the number of seconds, is that it is pretty much a guessing game as to how
many seconds are needed to extend the frame. Also, in most cases, your timeline does not
have only one clip on it. You will usually have more than one clip and
assets on several tracks when you discover you need to extend a frame. In Camtasia 9, Shift plus E will not work
if there are clips on the same track because it cannot extend out. The Extend Frame feature has now been updated
with the minor update of Camtasia 9.1. What you can now do, let’s go ahead and
lock our audio track here, is a split ripple to the right. Make sure the clip you want to split is highlighted,
then hold down your shift key as you move the playhead to the right. You will see that it splits your clip and
moves all tracks to the right. You can then go back to where you originally
split the clip and while holding your Alt key down, put your cursor over the end of
the clip. You will see it change into a rectangle with
an arrow at the end. While holding the Alt key down, drag out the
clip as far as you want. Once you have dragged it out, you no longer
have to hold the Alt key down, and can adjust the extended frame to your liking. However, there is an even more efficient way
to utilize the extend frame feature using your Camtasia markers. Let’s go ahead and undo what we just did. With our audio track unlocked, let’s say
this is where I want to split the frame. What I will do is click on the marker section
of the audio track and place a marker in the marker bar. Then I will listen to the audio up to the
point where I want to extend the frame and place a marker in that location. Usually, I’ll place the marker where there’s
a silent space, like right here. I’ll then lock the audio track and highlight
the clip that needs to be split. I’ll move the playhead to the first marker,
press Shift and ripple split the tracks to the right to the next marker. I’ll go back to the original start of the
split clip, hold my Alt key down, place my cursor over the edge of the clip until it
turns into the rectangle with an arrow and move it to the next marker. I’ll then stitch the clip back together
by highlighting both clips, right clicking between the clips, and selecting Stitch Selected
Media. You can also do the shortcut keystrokes of
Control plus Alt plus “I” to stitch the two clips together. You can unlock the audio track, remove the
markers if you would like, and relock the audio track. By using the Extend Frame feature with the
Split Ripple technique, you will find this is a far more efficient use of your time when
editing in Camtasia. If you liked this video, you may like watching
one of my other training videos. Remember to subscribe and leave a comment
below. I’m constantly taking requests and learning
from your feedback on what you would like to learn. Until we meet again, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Have you tried the new Extend Frame feature in Camtasia 9.1? This video will cover one of the most efficient ways to use it.

  2. Hi there. Iā€™m doing some videobooks for kids that are learning to read spanish. But in the process some time i need tracks thinner , can you explain how can i do that? Thanks in advance.

  3. Awesome feature! Thank you, Naomi. I have one problem though: I don't know how to place an audio marker – I don't have this blue point ;( (I'm using Camtasia 9).

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