Camtasia for Mac – Freeze Video Frame
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Camtasia for Mac – Freeze Video Frame

October 15, 2019

What I’m going to do in this video is show
you how you can freeze the video and let the audio continue in Camtasia for Mac. Camtasia for PC is pretty easy. All you would
do down in the timeline is, when you have the playhead where you want it, right-click
here and there’s an option for extend. We don’t have that for Camtasia for Mac, so the
workaround is this. I have the audio and video on separate tracks,
if they aren’t already that way, you’ll want to do that. Then, when you’re at the portion of the video
that you want to freeze, (and I’m going to do that right here, since it’s pretty obvious,
partway through this fade transition), you will want to right-click, then Split at Playhead.
The reason for that is that you want to give some space between the two segments of video
for your frozen section. The next thing you’ll want to do is go to
File, Save Frame As. This is the frame I want to extend, so I’ll pick that option, and then
it’ll ask you to name the file. I’ll just call it frozen. It will export a .png image
file. After that exports, you’ll then want to import
it back into Camtasia like any other static image. So I’ll drag it from my finder window
into this Media Library. Now we’ve got that click there. Now, down in the timeline, drag
the video to the right a bit to give it some space. Then bring in the frozen segment of
video. Then move the video clip back so they are butted up next to each other. Now you can see, if I play, the video is paused, and now the video is continuing. And the whole time the audio continues. Hopefully that helps with some options for
syncing up the video and audio, or just stopping video in a place you want to highlight what’s
on screen.

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  1. Really smart work-around. Nice job!
    But seriously, what a pain in the ass – Techsmith – get with the program…. geez….

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