Can Progressive Democrats Resurrect FDR’s Second Bill of Rights? (w/ Harvey Kaye)
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Can Progressive Democrats Resurrect FDR’s Second Bill of Rights? (w/ Harvey Kaye)

August 25, 2019

On the line with us, we’re gonna get back
to your calls in just a moment on anything goes friday, but on the line
well this is Harvey Kaye, Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies at the
University of Wisconsin-green Bay. The author of numerous books, his latesttthe
Fight for the Four Freedoms- What made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly
Great. Today is the 75th anniversary of FDR’s Second Bill of Rights. His Twitter
handle is @HarveyJKaye and his website well that’s his Twitter handle.
Harvey welcome back to the program it’s nice to have you on. So I don’t think
most Americans even know that a sitting president of the United States 75 years
ago today called for free college education for everybody, free healthcare
for everybody, and an absolute guarantee that your job will pay you enough that
you can have a standard a reasonable standard of living, along with two other
things its that shows you how effective the suppression of memory has been by
conservatives and how much the the left or liberals at best have turned their
backs on a tremendous legacy the legacy we ought to be reviving today yeah oh
man so tell us about it and when I ran for president originally 1932 he first
called for an economic Declaration of Rights and I don’t know how many people
actually took him seriously when he said that but I think he was sincere even at
that time and then in 1941 when the United States had yet to enter World War
two he delivered the same Union message which called for at least the pursuit of
a world characterized by four essential freedoms freedom of speech and
expression freedom of worship freedom from want and freedom from fear and it
did become the sort of I think sort of philosophy of the war effort but I still
don’t think people were quite ready to take him as seriously as he probably
intended it and then in 1944 in the State of the Union message with the
intention of running again for president that year he put even more emphasis on
those four freedoms by elaborating and stating in his in that message Jesus
means this Bill of Rights second Bill of Rights or an economic Bill of Rights and
really it became not a sort of you know handy device in the
State of the Union message but the CIO the Cong you know the Congress
Industrial Organizations they actually lost a major a major campaign that year
in 1944 making that eye vision of a second Bill of Rights the heart of the
campaign they went out they were going to organize people to vote they issued
pamphlets I mean it was a tremendous project on their part and of course
FDR won once again the fourth time for president now I can tell you that that
kind of speech was not welcomed by Republicans and and was not necessarily
welcomed by Southern Democrats and FDR was under no illusion that he would be
able to see the enactment of that second Bill of Rights he was calling for
however he did envision the possibility that after the war those kinds of
freedoms those kinds of right would become part of American public discourse
and possibly enacted in various forms and I’ll just add though it did not
happen in that way of course the GI Bill of Rights which was enacted in 44 or 45
became very much the basis upon which the United States took off after World
War two and literally created the middle class right it was with with with all
these things so go through the five the the the five elements of the second Bill
of Rights actually calls I’ll just read a few of the lines the right to earn
enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation and notice and
recreation right you can take a vacation every year yeah exactly exactly that was
essential for not only economic security but for it for well-being he actually
mentions the right of every farmer to raise the sellers produce better give
him and his family a decent living every family to a decent home how’s that for a
concept right guaranteed housing that’s right right right to adequate medical
care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health which I think goes
back also to that idea of recreation right similarly he talks about the right
to adequate protection from the economic spheres
of old age sickness accident and unemployment and by no means the least
of them the right to a good education and let’s not forget let’s not forget
that FDR himself in this in that GI Bill of Rights envisioned the education and
the training of an entire generation of young Americans who had enlisted and
fought or been drafted and fought in some fashion in World War two and that
that involved up to 16 million young Americans and he accomplished that by
the way I mean and you bet twelve million of the veterans which included
men and women actually took advantage of those things and as I said it really did
lead to the development of not only a phenomenal higher education system the
United States because college is necessarily expanded but also generation
literally improve themselves radically transform themselves and the nation at
the very same time and I would also add that that dition of the second Bill of
Rights also comes up as part of a Great Society initiatives of the nineteen
sixties of LBJ yeah oh man right so hopefully as more and more Democratic
candidates are stepping forward to talk about yes I would like to be president
we already have yeah we’ve got several so far Elizabeth Warren was first to
announce it looks like Pamela Harris is gonna be next sherrod Brown is making
some noises these are all good solid progressives who I would I would think
would be 100% behind the second Bill of Rights and and in my opinion it’s time
for the Democratic Party to return to its FDR roots and just start overtly
saying these kinds of things remind people that in November of 2015
Bernie actually gave a scheme to Georgetown University which was
nationally streamed in which he reminded Americans of FDR’s second bill of rights
our economic Bill of Rights I can readily imagine aoc you know because
you’re Cortes resurrecting these things I mean I thought it’s worth you know
tweeting this as much as I can to get the word out I noticed there’s an
article in the nation today I mean there is discussion mmm
a smart a smart set of Democrats we need a vision and this would be the
that kind of vision yeah man Harvey Kaye professor of democracy and justice
studies at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay the author of the fight for
the Four Freedoms among other numerous and brilliant books my favorite of all
the things you’ve written is your book on Thomas Paine what was the title of
that again Thomas Paine and the promise of America still alive as well so they
can find it in various places there you go Harvey and you can tweet ahem at
Harvey jkka ye Harvey thanks so much for being with us thank you come anytime
thank you my pleasure good great talking with you it’s it’s a marvelous day

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  1. YES, THANK YOU >>> F. D. R. 's SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS !! Pushed by FDR while he knew he was dying; after we elected him continuously as long as he lived.
    WE DESPERATELY NEED A NEW Franklin Roosevelt TODAY IN 2018.
    Remember, GOP Dwight Eisenhower said " “Should any political party attempt to abolish social security unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group of course that believes you can do these things. Among them are a few other Texas oil millionaires and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.”

  2. It would be a very relevant adjustment to how different the world is now, as the world was the last time rights were defined for the governed.

  3. Today we have a Democracy for billionaires Millionaires Socialism Society Class Pricks, Socialism for only the Rich, Tax scams fraud Cut's for billionaires Millionaires
    Bigger loot hole's deductions
    Bigger subsidy payments to billionaires Millionaires, Death tax
    Gone for their many millions dollars Mansions an their kid's doesn't have to pay a dime to inherit, Welfare Warren buffet earns $6,756 dollars per minute
    Gets $ 2 billions a year in subsidy payments an pay's less taxes than his secretary, Welfare billionaires Millionaires Queens of Socialism Greed, An cutting programs for the Poor, Take from the Poor an give more to the Rich Socialism Society Class Pricks, Tax haven's for the billionaires Millionaires Pricks With trillions hidden in offshore accounts, The Paradise papers over 140,000 Corporation's an Companies an with names of people who are hiding trillions in Tax haven's, Barclays Bank was hiding $ 1 billions of dollars a year from Tax an got caught an had to pay a small fine from the S,E,C commission, Fraudsters banker's Criminals robbing their own banks
    From scheme's an fraud and letting Tax payers Bail them out
    With the Wall Street Crooks who is ran by ex fraudsters banker's group's, Under Prick Chump they have cut food stamps, an with Prick Dr, Carlson who is running the Government housing section
    For the handicap an elderly and Poor he raised the rent on them
    An gave rich GMO farmers driving Cadillacs an millions dollars Farm's a bailout of $867 billions of dollars, an Gave the billionaires Millionaires Socialism Society Class Pricks a cut on taxes for their next new Jets, While the fraudsters freeloaders moochers billionaires Millionaires are getting federal reserve Bank loans at the cheapest rate in history, people who earns less than a $100,000 a year did not see their few dollars tax cuts, Taxes are going up under Prick Chump tax scam with the child credit going away also, they have cut the deductions for the middle class, most crooked bastards in history, skyrocketed inflation prices, skyrocketed insurance premiums an deductibles, Medication cost up
    6.4% while the billionaires Millionaires are making more profits from the Pig Tariffs taxes
    While the consumers are paying the tariffs taxes hidden in the sale price, Passing the Buck ! While they go to Mexico and over seas for Oppression of Wages for profits An still rebuilding China
    Chump miracle economy hoax Tax Scam, same Oppression of min fed wage for decades an same stagnated Wages from the Seventies.

  4. So who is this Harvey Kaye and why is he presenting Hartmann’s audience with obfuscations and exaggerations? Roosevelt wasn’t the socialist he was portrayed to be. He had to be coerced into pushing through the New Deal by the Communist, Socialist, and Union movements of the day. Roosevelt would have easily sat and watched Wall Street ride roughshod over Main Street except he saw the writing on the wall. In a letter to his brother, he wrote how he had saved capitalism when he appeased the masses gathering and threatening rebellion. Remember Roosevelt’s grandfather made his money in the Chinese Opium Trade and returned to New York a wealthy man. Roosevelt himself was a creature of Wall Street, but he kept his socialist narrative alive until he died. One only saw glimpses of Roosevelt’s real intent through a fog of deception; one example is where he shafted the real man of the people (Henry Wallace) with the help of traitorous associates at yet another corrupt DNC convention.

    Sadly, people always remember Roosevelt and forget about the efforts of the real Left and this will be why any future plans to take back control of the peoples’ democracy is just a delusion. So why the significant difference this time around to recover from the attack of Wall Street on Main Street? Because there are no Communist or Socialist movements the people can use to push their interests. This time around the society has been dissected and people have been isolated and as Thatcher said in her plan for the oligarchs’ future, “There is no such thing as society”. The oligarchs have been working in a cabal to remove any voice of the people since at least the introduction of the New deal. They have used every trick in the book to deceive the people and they even convinced the people to shoot themselves in the foot when they convinced them to reject any socialist movement. This led to the disassembly of the Unions and will eventually lead to the peoples’ loss of the remnants of freedom that still remain.

    And there are many other contradictions in the fabricated Roosevelt history that show the real intent of this administration. Roosevelt used to rant against imperialism and criticize Britain for its imperial and bloody history. All the same time Roosevelt knew of Wall Streets’ bloody history of Empire in such places as the Philippines where tens of thousands were slaughtered. This was the start of US foreign Imperialism and Roosevelt was well aware of the bloody future it held for many and for the lies he was telling to the American people. And don’t forget the attempted coup by the oligarchs just after the New Deal where they planned to use the US military to overthrow the US government and take control in a coup. Sadly the truth of this treachery has been avoided by history professors ever since and now all that exists is a few newspaper clippings and an old Newsreel showing General Butler exposing the attempt. Much of this can be found in Major General Smedley Butler’s book, “War is a Racket” if you are interested.

    So be careful listening to those who spew the state history narrative as most are just puppets of that same deceptive regime. Just because they teach at a university; it does not reflect their integrity or intellectual honesty. Most academics who wish to keep their job understand the limits to free speech during “tenure”. Also be careful running into the arms of the first candidate with a progressive label. Many of these candidates just exist as options on a list for the oligarchs upon which that can fall back should their preferred choice falter in the polls or the primary. You should look at voting records in which you will see potential candidates such as Elizabeth Warren voted for increasing the military budget. The same military budget use to fleece the taxpayer on the false premise of threats; their wealth is processed through the Congressional Military Industrial Complex machine and winds up in the pockets of the oligarchs.

  5. Is this all your party has? None of your female candidates stand a chance. Your party has hung your most loyal voters out to dry in favor of illegals and that is damage that can never be repaired. What is the democratic Marshall Plan for DAS/Native Black Americans? I don't want to hear about the "people of color" hustle.

  6. The DNC must tack hard left or be left on the dustbin of history! No more candidates for president who are in line for coronation!

    No corporatists!
    No corporate poodles!
    No capitalists!
    No Quislings!

    Only authentic progressives accept no substitutes!

  7. A few points here Thom;

    Excellent reminder of where we should be in FDR's second part of the New Deal.

    AOC is always at the forefront of progression…

    Kamila Harris is a long ways from being a progressive.

    Harris is the Neoliberal establishment choice being pushed by the media, and she participates in taking dark money from the elites.

    Sanders is still the people's choice for 2020

  8. A U.S. Economic Bill of Rights is just what this country needs to guarantee the 5 Pillars of Life to all Americans, where they are actual "rights" and not subject to taxation. Food, Clothing, Housing, Healthcare, and Education. By creating a separate sphere of the economy that is constitutionally free from the dictations of traditional economic powers (i.e. Big Business), as well as tying them to a decentralized public banking system, the people control these areas of American life instead of private, for-profit corporations. Here's how I see the basic Economic Rights being laid out: 1. The Right to Healthcare, 2. The Right to an Education, 3. The Right to Housing, 4. The Right to Essential Sustenance (Food), 5. The Right to Clothing. Food, shelter and clothing can be taken care of with a 6th Economic Right: The Right to a Basic Living Income. After all, jobs change as automation moves society in a direction that requires less and less physical exertion and new jobs are created by the same token.

  9. Another great segment. It would greatly benefit the majority of U.S. citizens were these policies implemented. One small push back on your mention of "progressive" candidates Kamala Harris and Sherrod Brown (laughable, historically not the least bit progressive in actual policy voting and support or the donors they serve). Warren is hit and miss. For the second bill of rights to have any chance of being written in to law, we need to be more aware of the candidates we are backing.

  10. Sorry Tom, Kamala Harris is not progressive you should look at his record closely, she didn’t process mulvany while she was AG in California after he donate to her and she also got reunited with Hillary Clinton donors after 2016 cycle. Only those 2 things are enough to make her look suspicious.

  11. Until you continue to have progressives like the spineless Mark Pocan, you can forget the rise of an FDR like politician. AOC and Ro Khanna can only do so much by themselves. Anyone who supports paygo can go to hell

  12. Thank you Thom for this interview and very important discussion. However, you know perfectly well that the Democratic Party has actively worked to distance itself from FDR's economic policies for decades! Thomas Frank has talked about how much they HATE progressives! Just as we saw in 2008 with Obama, when we desperately needed another FDR, there will be candidates who give some lip service to these issues, like Beto O'Rourke (who joined the New Democrat Coalition, but NOT the Congressional Progressive Caucus). People need to do their homework and not simply trust what a candidate SAYS. Watch what they do.

  13. All this was before the civil rights movement!!!!!
    Jim crow was at its best!!!!
    As long the whites had FULL controls of the blacks, then we are open to social programs!!!!!
    Your not fooling anyone WS !!!!

  14. Funny the countries we beat during the war and others got this but it was blocked within ours. Who blocked it? This will tell you !!!! The Rich are evil till proven otherwise. The enemy is not at our borders they are our leaders and those who pay them.

  15. To answer the question, only if we get rid of corporate Democrats and vote in true progressives. I’m sick of Corporate Democrats saying they are progressive, they can say that lie all they want but it won’t make it true.

  16. When they rose to power in the early 90's they turned their back on the working class and got in bed with the professional business moderate Republican class which pushed Republicans farther and farther right from the Center. Our current DNC are where Republicans were in the 80's. We have two factions of a Right Wing Party. Real Progressive Liberals are done and rising up!

  17. Inequality appears as surplus-value of the top 1% of society.
    The progress made by the FDR's New Deal- enriched the 1%.
    All progress in every industry but one derived from this surplus-value in this society – benefited the 1%.
    The only parts of the total surplus-value distributed to the 99% were in housing and education, military, during the New Deal. 
    The rest of the parts of the surplus-value i.e., communications, science, technology, the world market, the internet, machinery, inventions, divisions and combinations of labor, in short, the whole productive power of labor itself, from 1940 to now benefits the 1%. 
    If you can see your way clear beneath the appearance of things being fake the absurdity of the proposition of a New Deal stands out as wishful thinking for the days of FDR.
    To me 'Inequality' appears as our own labor used by a 1% that relentlessly moves to exploit the 99% of all objective reality for itself.
    Objective reality being the surplus-value, surplus-value being past and present labor in all forms, labor being living human beings past and present,
    is the heart of the matter and nothing else is more important than how surplus-value is used to treat human beings.
    Where 99% of the working class is suppressed by 99% of objective reality, or the surplus-value is used to suppress a population into being no more than a working class and no less than a working class constitutes the battle of the century, do individuals wish to surrender their creative capacity to a capitalist or to a society for themselves? To this question another New Deal is on the side of not breaking the class existence of individuals, but keeping the class structure alive and well, once a working class always a working class, in a world where your own creative talents are turned against you as more inequality, the final outcome of the New Deal made with the 1%.

  18. Harris is not a progressive. I don't know why your blurring the lines Thom. I don't know why you have AOC on the thumbnail then say Harris is a progressive

  19. Tom Hartman you are promoting propaganda, Kamala Harris is not progressive Tom do the research.? Do not spread false information. Tom for your information Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a genius and will be a super politicain. She is progressive, not Kamala.

  20. The GI Bill of Rights? It was called the GI Bill. But that slip does allude to what's happening right now in America, that everything is being centered around our military, which is Charles Kochs/Exxon Mobile's biggest customer. This is why we've been stuck in the same oil business cycle since WWII, and why we never achieved FDR's economic bill of rights.

  21. The second bill of rights was actually a compromise between FDR and the AFL/CIO. IT was the middle between the Dems and a growing American Socialist movement. Really showing Dems are only good when we have socialist to push them

  22. Yes, I think Bernie would do well to reference Scandinavia a little less this time and brand himself as a 21st century New Dealer. A New Deal For All!

  23. Most liberals do not care about this because they already got there's as part of the managerial class constructed by the conservative rulers who place them in their very limited positions of power to make it seem like we have a fair and decent society..which of course we do NOT have!

  24. Warren is NOT a "progressive" in any political sense of the word and people in media need to stop calling her a progressive. She backed Hillary in '16, sounded like a juvenile fishwife when she engaged in a Twitter exchange with Trump, and played right into his "Pocahontas" goading by taking a DNA test…, minus documented genealogy research which would have been far more impressive. Native American DNA shows up as Asian or East Asian because the earliest of them arrived via the Bering Strait. Genealogists who also work with DNA testing know this. Genealogists also know that family stories are not necessarily factual; some are purely embellished or outright lies; in yet other families facts are covered up until a genealogist uncovers documents two generations later and realizes that if facts had been known during that person's lifetime they would have probably spent time in jail.

    Kamala Harris is an establishment corporatist Dem all the way. Did anyone check out the guest list of the exclusive fundraiser she attended in the Hamptons with the richest of the rich a while back? Harris has the same major fault the very gullible Obama had when he first ran: lack of experience, lack of being an elder statesman or stateswoman. She also erred in not pursuing a case against Mnuchin when she was AG in CA. That is some seriously flawed "leadership."

    Nationally, no one outside of the world of political junkies has heard of Sherrod Brown.

  25. Bernie Sanders wants to accomplish what FDR started in 1944, just a few month before he passed away — a Second Bill of Right, known as the "economic bill of rights." On January 11, 1944 (75 years ago today) FDR address the nation:

    "In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all—regardless of station, race, or creed. Among these are:

    1. The right to a useful and remunerative job, the right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation. (Federal Jobs Guarantee program and a Green New Deal through New Deal spending the way FDR and the federal government did during the Great Depression to get the economy growing and the working class functioning again).

    2. The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living.

    3. The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad. (No TPP and reinstate FDR's Glass-Steagall Act)

    4. The right of every family to a decent home. (Affordable Housing)

    5. The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health. (Medicare-for-All)

    6. The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment. (Expand Social Security. NEVER let Republicans or Corporate neo-liberals try to "privatize" it.

    7. The right to a good education. (Tuition Free College)

    All of these rights spell security. And after this war is won we must be prepared to move forward, in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well-being. America's own rightful place in the world depends in large part upon how fully these and similar rights have been carried into practice for all our citizens. For unless there is security here at home there cannot be lasting peace in the world."

    – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt January 11, 1944

    FDR's Second Bill of Rights:

    #RunBernieRun #BERNIE2020

  26. Ah, FDR, the hero of the left, who kept his paralyzed legs a secret from the American public for his entire public life. And the left calls Trump dishonest. Oh, by the way, FDR knew about the planned attack on Pearl Harbor weeks in advance but let it happen so he could declare war on the Axis forces and help out his pal Churchill. Yah, FDR was some role model!

  27. Don't be a fool, kicking out all the older leaders is not smart. These young people have not been tested. FDR was born rich and knew the government. Plus had poor white people behind him.

  28. It's always good for people to remember their history including FDR but it should include that African Americans were barred in practice from the education and housing that created the middle class of America

  29. Was FDR great? The man who authorised nuclear bombs, who's "New Deal" excluded black citizens, and interned Japanese Americans. Oh and he banged and married his cousin. 🤬 Him!

  30. FDR was taking the country down a road of depression. The war was the only thing that stopped it from bring this country down.

  31. "incompatible racial groups should not be permitted to live in the same communities." – Federal Housing Administration Underwriting Manual

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