Can You Fit 29″ Wheels Into A 27.5+ Frame? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking
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Can You Fit 29″ Wheels Into A 27.5+ Frame? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

October 18, 2019

– Welcome to this week’s “Ask GMBN” and we’re going to be
diving into questions we found in the comment
sections down below and using the hashtag #AskGMBN. – Down below the desk, – Down below this desk,
there are questions Neal. Let’s get into it and see what we’ve got. (loudly bangs) First question is from
Andi Bridge and he saying, ‘Hey guys I am from Austria.’ – Doesn’t sound very Austrian. – ‘And I would like to
know what you would suggest as essential winter and mud riding gear, pants jacket, for enduro riding? Do I need a special
waterproof jacket or pants or only normal short long pants in combination with leg warmers?” Okay so I see what you mean, like kinda short, knee length stuff. – Yep. – ‘Most of the time I’m
riding at low temperatures, minus five, plus 10 is the highest and I’d like to hear your opinion on how you would deal with it.’ – My opinion is, I did it for years as well
with just a waterproof coat and a normal low, as we say. It’s alright for a couple
hours if you keep going but you’ll get cold and get wet. I’ve recently got a really
set of waterproof shorts and waterproof jacket, and I love it. – Yeah. – It makes a massive difference. Marino socks, potentially you
got some winter shoes as well they’ll stop you from getting wet, if not, Marino socks just do
the job pretty well anyway, but just get wet. – And that’s just to
do with the materials. – I love it. I’ve got Marino everything,
just the best stuff. – Marino. – Even if they’re soaking wet,
you’ll probably stay warm. – Yeah. – I did and you wouldn’t get wet. – Yeah, and one thing to
think about: layering. Make sure you do a bit of layering. Cause then you got options. – [Both] Yes. – There you go. Right, next question is
from Duarte Baptista. – Baptista. – Baptista. – I was wondering if I can
change my 27.5 wheels and tires 2.8 tires, for a set of 29er wheels with a 2.2 or 2.3 width? – Right, okay. – I would say yes, probably. The question continues. What internal width on the
rim would be recommended? For 2.2, 23, that’s a very good question. I would say probably 25, 30 wheel. It’s all width so it’d
be alright for that. – Yeah I think you can swap out to a 29 on quite a lot of bikes. – Yeah, he’s saying his
bikes’ a Merida Big Trail 800. Well what happens with geometry, it will stay very similar. – Yeah. – If not, identical. So he’s more interested in cross-country. Now that’s gonna be a good move. You’ll end up getting
thinner, faster tires, best suits cross-country, the wheels. – Yeah, absolutely. I guess geometry wise, it’s gonna get slightly high above bracket, but. – I think the overall diameter is so close you’re not gonna mess
around with it too much. – Let’s just look at this video of Neal trying to do that actually. Putting a 29 front in your, Scott. What is it, Scott Genius? – Yeah. It jacked the front up a little bit. – Let’s have a look. – The Scott Genius has
always been designed for your very first tar bike and this is the latest edition. It’s on a four frame redesign. One of the really cool
features about this bike is you can swap out a
two different wheel sizes really easy. So in this video I’m
gonna try the 27.5 wheels. Swap them out for 29. I’ll let you know how
it feels on the trail. How it actually changes the
right characters sits the bike. How it stacks up against the clock, and ultimately try and solve
which ones I prefer the best, but also give you guys,
hopefully a bit of an insight as to how it affects
characteristics of this bike. (heavy rock music) Red fire! Hello! Are there some hidden GPS
trackers for mountain bikes on the market? Good greetings from Germany. – Well, you know, I haven’t
actually heard of many. There is, what is it, the Sherlock GPS. There’s a couple. – I think they’re also road specific, but that’s why it makes a difference be. – Spike bike is fits and head too. – It has those tile things in the stacker. – Yeah. – I guess that’d work. – That would work on a bike, of course it would. Yeah, yeah. So there are some options out there. But yes, good thing to think
about though, actually. Isn’t it? Clever, clever. I might do that myself. Next question. What you got Neal? – XD says, ‘hi I’m having
problems with manuals when I go fast. I’m scared of looping
out while going fast.’ Chipping, that hurt. ‘I also have no one-finger brakes. Any tips?’ So you mean your brakes
aren’t good enough for, – Yeah, maybe the brakes
aren’t good enough for one finger brakes, or he’s hoping there’s some kind of special
leave for a one finger brake, in which there isn’t. So that might be it. But either way, one thing. One finger braking is not necessary. You can do two finger brakes. – But definitely cover them cause any time you see people loopholes but they’re not covering the brakes. – Yeah, yeah. I’d definitely be worried
about manuals going fast. Cause it can go horribly
wrong, and does often. – Get really good hitting your brake. It takes a bit of practice. You just know how much when to hit it and it will save your ass. – Literally. Next question from Kristian Schoeler says, ‘can you do a comparison of
different internal wheel widths with pros and cons? Also, when does tires become
too wide for a wheel?’ That’s interesting. Well no, I mean, I think
there is a point where a rim becomes too narrow for a tire. – True. – Because you suddenly have
got this horrible sensation where there’s this big
balloon of tire at the bottom and just kinda keeps folding
over to one side or the other. – So, I could do it. So that, if actual rim, would brake, why a thin rid of brim,
your tire’s balloon out like a x-shape. A wider rim’s gonna make it more round. – Yeah, basically you get
a square of tread actually, so you don’t get the same
use out of the tread. So there is an optimum, but
it really depends on the tire. – Tire manufacturers will
probably say it on their websites or the rim manufacturers, but I recommend a tire width. The size I want for Dottie’s grass, but more for the, not to say, 30 mil rims almost becoming the norm now. They recommend that
for 2.3ish tires or 2.5 – Yeah. I mean there’s rims going right
up to like, 45 and beyond. – But what the question was, when does a tire become
too wide for wheel. Well, we don’t know. You’d have to check manufacturers, but it’ll make sense. They’ll correspond,
wider rims, wider tires. – Yeah, okay. Next question Neal, this one’s for you. Sam Gooding Matthews,
‘Hi GMBN love the videos. I’m new to the MTB scene. I want to spray sticker
my helmet so it looks pro, but not Redbull’ You know, cause you know
that would be weird, ‘Is this okay or is just
not the done thing?’ – I definitely did this as a youth. – Me too. – You used got to buy those kits. I think Troy Lee did like,
these helmet sticky kits. He’d slap them all over
and look really cool. – There’s nothing better than very cool stickered up or painted helmet. I always get my helmet painted up, still. I still do it. – I don’t. I have had a couple. I used to make my own
stickers out of paper and then get the little,
like, almost cello tape, or clear sticky tape, put it on there, and they stick on your helmets. You make custom stickers. – Yeah, I did the exact same thing. (laughing) I loved doing it. It’s really cool. But yeah, you’re right. Don’t do a Redbull one. That is not a done thing because only a Redbull athlete
would have a Redbull lid. Cal says, ‘is there a
reason to not set the fork on a very low pressure and ride downhill with it almost locked out, so it would feel like a normal setup and then be able to
unlock it on the climbs and have a really steep head angle?’ Does that make sense. I feel, are you talking about
actually riding the fork flat? That wouldn’t work. That wouldn’t work. – Well on the climbs if you’ve, I think it’s not gonna work really. You’re turning in the low
speed compression damping up. – Yeah. – What we’re talking about, locking out, so it’s not gonna work very well, if you’ve got max low speed, you’re just gonna have this horrible fork. So you could do it, it’s
just not gonna work good. – What you could do is totally
let all of the oil and air out of your front shock. You can then ride it up a
hill, completely bottom down, and the hill would feel flat because you’d be riding into it. (laughing) – I’ve seen people. – Wait! Then, when you get to
the downhill, lean back, and the shock will magically come up and you’ll just, manual with
the front wheel kinda floating, and it’ll all look fine. – It don’t if front puncture. You’re just hanging on the back (beeps) – Steer it. (laughing) Coming in a corner and going,
aw I’ve got a front puncture. (beep) It’s getting worse. – I’ve seen people with toe
strap, strapped the fork down, like a motocross starting
thing going right uphill. – Then you can just
ride up hills like this. (humming) Sorry, I totally (beep) that all up. I just got excited. – Jake Braun, ‘does riding
in rainy or wet conditions wear down brake pads faster?’ – Yep! – It does. If you specially is one
place in UK, First Dean. – Yeah. – It’s like grinding pace. (talking fast) – It does. It really does make a huge difference. You can get pads that
work better in the wet. – Yeah, that’s center
pads back from whatever. – Yeah, but at 10 speed
when the mud gets in there. Not necessarily just the rain, but when the mud gets in
there, that really does wear them down fast. – I remember right back
in the day, probably 1996, testing out one of the very first pairs of carbon disk brakes. – Oh yeah? – That carbon coated disk
brakes, they were actually. And they were amazing. We were riding on these rocks, they were Charles brakes, thinking ‘this is the future’. There was a slight downpour of rain and the coating came off in minutes, and they actually didn’t work anymore. – Wow. – And it was like, wow it doesn’t work. – That’s cool. (laughing) Did you ever wear through a rim, you had it that long, you know, the old rim brakes. – Yeah. – And a bunch of edges go through. (laughing) Disintegrate. – You wore the mileage out. – Oh the good ole days. – They were, they were. Right, Chris Hanson says, oh this one’s pessimistic. ‘Is a carbon frame really
worth the extra dollars?’ Is it really worth it? ‘Does the weight savings
make that big of difference? What’s your favorite bike material?’ So, is carbon really worth it Neal? – You’re asking a man who
hasn’t bought a carbon man bike. It’s gotten free mountain. We’re lucky in that situation about often this won’t survive in years. – Yeah. – So I would always choose
the carbon option of course, but it’s lighter. Often it’s stronger. So it’s not like he’s used a
recommended for a heavier ride as above certain weights. He was like 10 12 stone in
UK terms, so what’s that, a couple hundred kilos. Yeah, a bunch of pounds. – I think, I mean, there’s more dirt road, of course stiffer more precise. Some people say it would look nicer. I would disagree with that. I don’t think they look
definitely look nicer and I would argue right,
I’ve got canyon sender in carbon. I love it. It’s one of the most. I love that bike. But the aluminum sender – Cool. – Looks rad. – Yeah. – So, you know, I mean I
don’t think they necessarily look better, but there’s a weight saving. There’s a slightly different ride and there’s someone standing on our roof. – Who is that? – But anyway, I don’t
know if you heard that. (laughing) Seven, this video done,
seven things you don’t know, maybe didn’t know, about carbon fiber. – Let’s have a look at that then. – Carbon fiber has been used
to produce mountain bike frames since the late 80s and since then, its’ use
has broadened significantly. Producing these old frames is a very labor intensive process. As you can see here in this Scott footage from their carbon fiber
production facility. Firstly, it can be used to
make very lightweight frames. Certainly, with a higher
strength to weight ratio, they’re using aluminum. Secondly, it can be used
to form very complex shapes and these shapes can
be very light and neat. Certainly more so than
these other materials. Finally, it can be used to actually tune the ride attributes of the road, so you can have a bike that’s very stiff, yet also dampens trail shock. But still, there’s a lot of mystery about this amazing material. So there are seven
things you might not know about carbon fiber. – Sami Asghar asked us, ‘why don’t you get a GMBN train dog? (laughs) – What? – Good question. I mean, it seems unlikely we
can keep one here in the shed. I mean, it’s too dirty
for a dog to live in here. – Hey, you know if we
had a well trained dog, do you remember the blue PETA dog? – Yeah. – That was always, it wasn’t Tint, was it? It was Goldie, wasn’t it? – Maybe. – That was two. Maybe there was more than two. Basically there’s a share in the UK. (talking over each other) I’ve been on it three times. What color badge you got? – Yeah I got one noir. – I’ve got a silver one. – I know, you’ve told me this already. – Well don’t ask about blue Peter then there’ some kinda
comparative instance. – I love dogs. I lost my two dogs last couple of years. (talking over each other) It’s my dog bite karma. I mean I’ve tried that. Mine were too big and fat to run. – My dog, George, he would be
a good dog for the channel. He’s big, very slight, doesn’t do much. He would fit in the corner alright. – We’ve got Blake though, already so. – Maybe we’ve sorta got a dog. We’ve got a pet and he’s Blake. (loud barking) – I always think he’s like, isn’t the size of a
Labrador, isn’t he, Blake? – Well literally, if you shout
fetch and throw something he does run off. (laughing) He does. (loud barking) Right. Time for correct me if I’m wrong. First one is from James. He’s on a orange clock grunge 120. ‘Here is my dad attempting a few jumps. What’s right and what’s wrong? Okay, let’s have a look. Let’s see what James’ dad is doing. First attempt, there we go. Go on, James’ dad. – Whoa! Wow. – It was alright. – It was going quick. – Yeah it was alright. You counted the speed through
there pretty good I think. We’ve got one more. He’s getting it more wrong than that. Here he comes, rolling into view. That’s the same set I think, isn’t it? – That’s a cool place. – There he is in the distance though. He’s just coming in to sight now. Come on James’ dad. Didn’t seem to have the same speed. (talking over each other) – Bit of a, the first
time was pretty good. – Yep. What I see there is
the seat go straight up so plant with your feet
to get a balance there, rather than using weight. You ride a space and
you can’t go any higher. And that’s why he came
up a little bit short. So James’ dad, try and
learn to use your hips to lift the back wheel. – Nice. You’re good when it comes
to your coaching stuff. Did you know that? – What’s the deal? – Alright, next up we have got Nelius on his custom Merida in South Africa. ‘I went to session our
school’s across country to check with her friend.’ – Why? – ‘And did my first nose bonk. Is there anything I can improve?’ Wow, looking forward to this. – I wish my school had a cross country when I was growing up. – Yeah, yeah. There are some schools in the
UK with cross country courses. – Is that right? – Oh yeah. Alright, here we go. Let’s see if Nelius’ nose bonk
is from the high standards of this. – Try to manual that a bit as well. – [Both] Whoa! – That was good. It’s a funny sort of seesaw where you onk onk cause it’s the nose bonk does send you straight to manual. – I’m going to be quite
particular about this right, okay? Cause I think to do a tree nose bonk you really need to get a
bit more distance, bonk. It’s not really in touch. It’s gotta be up, donk. And then that donk should
lift you up a little bit more. So we’re talking, you’re coming in, donk, then to manual. So he’s actually gotta
create some inertia itself. – Yeah. – So really, you kinda come in, you’re touching the front wheel and then you go into manuals. It’s more like stoppy to manual. Up, bonk, and down. He needs to practice much harder. Spend much more time on it. I’m being very hard on you
because I want you to succeed. – This is one of those
things I would have done 200 times when I was 18. – Yeah. You’re doing it alright and
you got perfect jump there. And you’re thinking outside the box. You’re trying new things, it’s fantastic. Congrats. – If you wanna see a
video on how to manual we’ve got a cracking one over at cracking. – Absolutely. – Kick it over there for that one. – Yeah, now see that globe that’s there? That means you can subscribe and become one of our
one million plus people or follow GMBN. We’re very grateful that you’re here, so make sure you hit that. Give us a thumbs up like and
we will see you next time. Bonk, bonk. (laughing)

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    I was wondering if you can swap out the steerer tube on a dh fork or on any other fork for that matter and if so whitch forks can do that.

  53. I just bought a cross traction sl5 with 27.5 tires and 27.5 rim and I wonder can I fit 29 tires on my bike, any info would be great

  54. #askgmbn I got a 26" hardtail xc bike and I am thinking about upgrading to 27,5" wheels. I tried my friend's wheels on. There's a lot of room between the tire and the frame, but on the front there's only 1-2 mm between the tire and the fork's crown. It looks a little unusual but it doesn't look bad. If I ride mostly in dry conditions, could be there any problem? What do you think? Should I do it?

  55. #askGMBN I have a 2 questions, i also ride se om duro which is a bmx with gears but its kind of like an mtb(27.5+), can i put 26” tyres on it or 29” tyres on the bike

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