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  1. Blanchet is the father of these Little fucked except Bernier loll the same for Québec to Canada …..shut Up and listen

  2. Bernier wants Canada to be great again !! The Libs And Cons support giving away our sovereignty by open border policies and increased welfare costs beyond what we can afford. Illegals go immediately on welfare and get a free ride on the taxpayers back. Vote PPC for responsible gov't.

  3. First question and right off the bat Trudeau can’t give a proper answer. I know who I’m definitely not voting for

  4. Mr bernier..ur role on the stage tonight seems to be to say publicly what mr. Scheer thinks privately. Mr trudeau is absolutely right on this.. We canadians are not against immigration..we need more people..i hope Mr scheer really does what he said he will if he wins..but my support is still for Mr. Trudeau.

  5. Hey guys did the PM molest a 17 year old male student w/ a female student witness when he was a teacher on a school trip in whistler? Just wondering…

  6. Poor job done by the moderators. BTW why wasn't there a male moderator? Not enough time…….seems that just when the answer/response started they were shut out due to time restrictions. FAIL.

  7. WOW NDP leader is legit… Andrew on the other hand is so full of hate! Please do not vote that clown into office

  8. There's been a lot of comments on repeating the same scripted answer. As someone from the UK, I was totally shocked when Bardish Chagger was answering all of the questions for Trudeau in parliament, with the same scripted answer over and over again when Trudeau was sitting RIGHT NEXT to her!

    Then in another video, Trudeau was seen giving the same answer 20+ times to a very serious question.

    I honestly couldn’t believe it, it actually made me so disappointed and angry (and I’m not even Canadian) because how then can you get your politicians accountable if they can get away with this? I know the UK Parliament isn’t much better with the Yeeaaaaaa Yeaaa YEAHHHHHH, ORDER! ORDER! ORRRRDDEEEEEEERR, but at least we don’t get 20 times scripted answers like this. How on Earth is this allowed in the Canadian Parliament?

  9. Canada: You can't have a different opinion than me cause it's hate speech.

    Iran, Saudi, North Korea: I agree!

  10. how come no moderator asked Trudeau why he "resigned" his teaching post and what the 2 17 year old girls had to do with it if they did

  11. This entire things seems to just be a battle between liberal and conservatives and the rest are trying to get in the conversation but it isn't working. (Also apparently Quebec is a state now?)

  12. Stop rushing leaders when the speak
    french 3 min english 58s. It feals like climate change is the subject not much else enough already what about closing the border the money Trudeau spends so on so on

  13. With the amount of PPC comments on here I’m thinking the Conservatives will lose votes. Lots of disguised hate. The PPC and Max are exactly what Canada does not need. If you deny climate change you deny reality, you deny science, you deny fact. You are free to have a different opinion about climate change, but you cannot have different facts. Climate change is happening regardless of your agreement. Like gravity. Like a round earth.
    Sadly, you then must accept the consequences of denying accepted facts which is usually ridicule and dismissal. Like an adult. Unfortunately, many PPC folks and especially Max don’t seem to be able to distinguish fact from opinion (ignorant or cynical) and then cry victim saying it’s just a difference of opinion. They have a tantrum. Cynicism is not an argument, it’s the lack of one. On top of all this he tweets nasty things about everyone else just like Trump… That’s not leadership its angry, ignorant garbage pretending to be “honest.” Vote PPC if you must, but don’t cry if you get called out on it and lose.

  14. Bernier is a LIAR! DO NOT BE FOOLED. You Canadians CANNOT afford to vote for this latecomer who is like Trudeau, promises everything – delivers nothing whilst changing masks. Trudeau WANTS you to look at the shiny thing, which is Bernier, a distraction away from the only one who can defeat him – Scheer. Trudeau knows Bernier isn't a threat. A vote for Bernier is a vote for Trudeau. Indirectly you will be handing Trudeau the election via vote leverage if you waste your vote on Bernier and don't vote Scheer, who is the only one that stands a chance of getting rid of Trudeau and his corrupt party. What you have to ask yourselves is would you seriously rather have Trudeau take back power over Canada?

  15. As a conservative I have to admit Scheer is very fake and I would hate to see what he would do to this country he is for the wealthy that's always the case. After seen family members affected by Doug Ford in Ontario i will be voting for Liberals the less of the two evils.

  16. Alberta and Newfoundland Proudly working for Country of Quebec since 1960's

    Equalization payments Churchill Falls Hydro
    Quebec 221 BILLION Alberta 92 million Quebec 28 BILLION Newfoundland 2 billion

    Newfoundlanders will work Proudly for Quebec until 2041
    Albertans will work Proudly for Quebec until unknown

  17. I didn't like Singh at all or his party but I really think health care needs to get more attention than the other topics. He was the one that brought it up the most other than May. I think he did quite well in this debate. Scheer already has my vote but i really wish he would address health care more. Ms May wants to add an additional branch of government when the current one barely works? WTF. Blanchet 's idea about equalization is BS. Trudeau keeps attacking Doug ford. Seriously attacking a provincial party? Kathleen Wynn's policies nearly bankrupted Ontario.

  18. Sheer may not be liked but hes the only one who's gonna turn things around. We as canadians have allowed importing and allowed other cultures yet ours have been taken away your not allowed to celebrate Halloween or Christmas at school no merry Christmas because uts offends them. You know what affends me the ndp promising to continue to import more just to get votes. He took our child taxes he brought carbon tax he fuckdd the oilfield. Took sports screwed our vets he cut canadians down he cares about himself. This is ridiculous this debate was just arguments basically but still. Weve had so many buisness close our doors once oil went down and he screwed and still buisness are closing there doors.

  19. Trudeau never shuts up. Result, we can't hear him and we can't hear the debate. Total F*&K UP by the moderators.

  20. All I heard from each leader was……
    NDP= We need socialism.
    Green= We need socialism and a cleaner environment.
    Bloc = We need to leave Canada.
    Liberal= We need mostly socialism with a bit of capitalism mixed in.
    Conservative= We need Capitalism but we wont actually implement it.
    People's Party= We need A Strong Capitalist Canada that will be debt free so that we can actually afford to pay for social programs instead of forcing future generations to pay for it all.

    I'm 23 years old and Canada's Peoples Party gets my vote because they stand for personal responsibility. I will not be paying off the reckless spending of the other governments. About half of Canada's money goes toward paying off its debt. Just imagine what we could do for Canadians if we paid off the debt? Forget the fake climate crisis we have a real crisis and its a debt crisis.

  21. If you oppose immigration and multiculturalism in Canada, then you must also agree that 95% of the population should pack up and leave. Mr. Bernier, you first.

  22. Madmax and Jackie are the only ones that made sence in this zoo. Sheer is braindead and May / Trudeau must be smoking dank stuff.

  23. Not a one acknowledged the concerns of the opposing sides. Not one offered to listen and take different points of view into account. Not one attempted to show unity and understanding. Canadian values? Not one of these politicians showed any such thing.

  24. Can someone tell Blochead Blanchet that this is a debate for the leader of Canada and not Quebec? I mean I'm all for them separating, but we're looking for a Prime Minister to represent CANADA, not just Quebec.

  25. Liberal: center-left, moderate climate policy, unstructured oil and gas plan, moderate social programs

    NDP: left, strong climate policy, rejects oil and gas industry, socialist policies,

    Conservative: center right, weak climate policy, accept expansion of oil and gas industry, responsible economic plan

    PPC right: Limit immigration, balance the books (budget+federal deficit) at all costs, economics comes first at the detriment of social aspects of government.

    Green: environment left, very strong climate policy, rejects oil and gas industry, environment is foundation of existence, at the detriment to economy

    Bloc: separatist center, strong climate policy, Quebec first at all times, language is foundation of existence, at the detriment to a united strong Canada.

    Note: the provinces are responsible for education and health. Universal dental care (to what extent is unknown), universal pharma-care (medication), universal $15 minimum wage across all provinces and territories, taxing the (1%?) is an old socialist concept which would raise taxes across the board for everyone; While limiting economic strength (punishing oil and gas sectors), one of Canada's largest industries, is a recipe for disaster.

    There are holes and a lot of room for improvement, the ability to take the best of each other to create a strong united Canada is the ultimate goal. Respectful dialogue and an open-door policy on all matters from sea to sea is concept all Canadians can appreciate.

    Just my quick thoughts.

    -23 year-old university student from Montreal

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