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Canada. History of Canada in a Nutshell.

November 13, 2019

Canadians some think, hockey Beavers and
snow but do we see the whole picture? Hear the story of Canada… The first Europeans who reach the coast of present-day Canada are the Vikings. In 1001 a viking named Leif Eriksson sails off the Iceland, discovers
the Greenland and decides to explore further to reach a new land which he calls
Vineland but sails away… Some time later the
Vikings return and fund small settlements in present-day Canada, however somehow
they are forced to leave… different natives are inhabiting these lands already
mostly Algonquian language group speakers. They establish the Council of
three fires a defensive alliance created to defend against the Iroquois people. In
future the Europeans will use animosities among the natives against
them. The lands of present-day Canada become forgotten until the end of the
15th century Henry the seventh patrons the mission across the Atlantic which,
John Cabot leads… Cabot discovers present-day Newfoundland and
names it a Newfoundland. A bit later Jacques Cartier a Frenchman initiates
two expeditions and on the day of Sant Lawrence sails into a river its name
then, becomes Saint Lawrence River the interesting part is since his journey
the territories being colonized by the French start to be called Canada during
the expedition a local native guiding the French is pointing villages with his finger
saying… Canada which in the huron iroquois language meant a settlement the name
canada developed from the word “Kanata” until the beginning of the 17th century
no European settlement survived… Samuel de Champlain founds the first settlement up North from Florida… then decides to sail up the Saint Lawrence River to establish
Port Royal and later on creates a settlement named after the local
language meaning… narrow River Quebec Acadia a French
colony in America is formed. Meanwhile the English find North
America appealing. Henry Hudson sailing along the coast
discovers bay and gives it a name the Hudson Bay the year is 1629 one of the
bloodiest conflicts in the history of Europe continues… It is the 30 Years War
which also resounds across the ocean English corsairs take Quebec without a
fight but in 1632nd the French retake it and in 1642nd establish
another settlement Montreal… The first trade undertakings in Canada are led by the Franch. They are establishing trading companies and dominate the coast the
English want to profit and must seek routes up north in the year of 1670 they
form a Hudson Bay Company they focus on the fur trade and competition between
the English and the French continues the French developed settlements until the
1685th the population of New France reaches 10,000 people by 1740 it will
expand fivefold European colonization brings ineffective Christianisation of
the natives but Canada becomes a profitable fur and skin business center… With the
arrival of the 18th century the French control of Canada starts to weaken. After
the war of the Spanish Succession France is forced to acknowledge the British
control over the Hudson Bay and the Newfoundland. The UK expands its
possessions… Up until the middle of the 18th century the tensions between the
two powers will rise, to be finally decided during the Seven Years War the British takeover the French territories
and face the possibility of rebellion… Therefore expel the
french-speaking population south. France loses the war and in the Treaty of Paris
is forced to give up all their territories in Canada to the British. Canada becomes
British… However the French population remains a formidable power the British
decide to treat the french carefully… the American Revolution breaks out and the
colonists from the south hope that Canadians will join them in a joint
fight against the crown. Their hopes are futile Canadians are tired of wars… unlike the south there are prosperity depends on
exports to Britain… it is dependent on good relations with London Canadians do not
want to fight. The Americans attack but… defeated near Quebec… retreat.
The wars in North America come to an end. the United States gains independence and the British settlers from the thirteen colonies being against the revolution
move to Canada… British Parliament splits the old French territories in half… George Vancouver sailing along the west
coast of Canada gives a discovered Island his name Vancouver. Travelers
undertake inland explorations… In 1812 the USA declares war on the British
and invades Canada for second time in history in Canadian memory Laura Secord
becomes a national hero. At her house the American forces established on HQ she
overhears their plans of attack and walks 32 kilometres on foot to warn the
Canadians… the US army retreats again. At the beginning of the nineteenth century
population is growing fast… timber industry becomes more important than
fur trade. Canals are created to move resources thanks to sufficient building
materials shipyards are growing… Canada inspired with the US Liberty starts to
voice out demands for democratic reforms in Upper and Lower Canada two rebellions
break out the rebels want to overthrow the British and create a republic they
are pacifie, but give a clear message the British who remember the American
Revolution agree to concessions… reforms begin and in the end lead to Canadian
autonomy. The Act of Union joins Upper and Lower Canada “responsible government”
concept forms and the French and the British Canadians are forced to work
together to achieve a mutual goal the United Kingdom and the U.S. sign the
Oregon Treaty which ends the border disputes. British Columbia and the Vancouver Island become British. Canada finally
gains democratic self-government and all its provinces join in one dominium by
the name of Canada… Queen Victoria chooses Ottawa for the capital. However the economic growth is weak based on future estimates until the
beginning of the 20th century it will grow only 1% percent per year. Period is close to stagnation many Canadians emigrate to the US the formal rule… stays in the
hands of the British monarchy. Canadian government sends expeditions up north and creates the northern territories… That leads to “Red River rebellion” in the
areas inhabited by Metis population the rebellion ends in a deal and the
government creates Manitoba. In the year of 1871 the British Columbia becomes
a province with the expansion of the railways the end of the 19th century
sees economic revival and rapid growth of the population. Immigrants from the UK
and Eastern Europe arrive vast prairies opened for settlement. Canada developes…
in 1896 in Klondike a Gold Rush breaks out Yukon territory*[Mistake] is established to
control the situation in 1905 Alberta and Saskatchewan join the Confederacy.
The beginning of the century marks an economic boom in Canada the country
becomes the fastest developing country in the world up until the first world
war… Being part of the British Empire as a dominium english-speaking Canadians
see no contradiction in being Canadian and a British… at the same time. Canadians
are expected to give their lives in the name of the Empire. London is not
disappointed over 60,000 Canadian soldiers die at Ipres, Somme
and Vimy Ridge. Over 400,000 canadians fight and about 200,000 is injured.
Traumatic experience changes Canada some historians call the first world war
a bloody tribute for independence and some a birth of the nation. The
casualties make the public opinion see the senselessness of dying for British
interests. Trauma starts to make them see themselves as separate from the British.
The early interwar period is the time of prosperity and evolving consumerism.
Canada transmitts the first hockey radio audition in history and in nineteen
twenty third signs the “Halibut treaty” the first deal with the U.S. excluding
British involvement. However, along the recession and coming of the 30s Canada
faces significant losses in exports weakend Great Britain acknowledges the
autonomy of its dominions, with the “Statute of Westminster” however it keeps
its right to change their constitution and establishes an office of the
Governor General. Unemployment rate reaches 23%.
The price of gas is so high that cars pulled by horses start to appear on the Canadian roads.
Around 1939 recession reaches its peak… Second world war erupts and takes around 45,000 of Canadian lives. Canadians take massive losses and after
many years they will accuse the British of treating their men as a cannon fodder.
During the d-day Canadians reach the farthest inland positions and back home
the first socialist government in North America in history comes to power.
In 1949 Newfoundland decides to join Canada as the 10th province. After the
war Canada experiences another economic boom new waves of immigrants come to
Canada and diversify its society. In 1960 in Quebec a quiet revolution takes place
the Liberals bring secularization to education. In 1980 the province of Quebec decides not to become independent but a year later bans the English language on
the road signs. In the year of 1982 Great Britain legislates Canada acts and
enables it to make amendments to its constitution the same year Canada
legislates a new constitution. you

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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT FOR CANADIANS: This video shows a political history of Canada from the European perspective. I am making a dedicated video focusing exclusively on the First Nations. I want to show their views on history, their part in Canadian history from their perspective. If you would like me to include any facts that you think are important and I should make sure not to miss them, feel free to help me by writing it in a comment, please. Thank you.

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  3. English and Irish fisherman started small fishing villages in NEWFOUNDLAND in 1500s. There descendents still live there

  4. The criminal coward trump shit his pants when confronted by vladimir in Syria then got the Canadian sodomite trudeau to kidnap a small Chinese woman

  5. I'm moving to Canada when I'm older. I'm Brazilian, moved to the US, but moving to Canada. Free healthcare, gun laws, meese, maple syrup, and most importantly the Kinder Eggs.
    I'm tired of the Violence of the US and Brazil. Im watching this hoping to know basic history of Canada. If any war happens in Brazil I will join. NP

  6. You left out torture in mental hospitals and residential schools u for got mass murder and rape u for got genocide of a race. U for got child murdering sacrifice and human. U for got the royal people who eat baby blood for babies you forgot ignorance for a people who are and always will be people of those lands who died because they were not white.

  7. 3:48 Beautiful graphics and extensive set of into, Actually history of "Canada" is quite complex and to be accurate some adjustments would be needed. Many comments mentioned a bunch, but one more is Rupert's Land, I would not illustrate Rupert's Land as British Colonies, as there were no settlements/towns or colonies there (at most some very rare forts and trading posts), it was just immensely vast land that was a source of wealth in furs to be sold in England and Europe, "governed" for and by Prince Rupert and his creation the Hudson Bay Company. You could do an entire show just on Prince Rupert, and the connection between the French explorers and attitudes and events happening with the Kings of France and England.

  8. Port Royal (1605), Acadia was the first French settlement/colony in what is now Canada but it is not on the St. Lawrence River. It is on the Annapolis Basin, an extension of the Bay of Fundy. Also it was not Champlain who founded the settlement of Port Royal. That honor goes to Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons. Champlain was de Mons cartographer.

  9. After learning its history, Canada does not even seem like a real country. So weak minded and no backbone. Canada is really just a disjointed colony, first of France, then Britain, and now the U.S. No wonder you have a weak soy boy like Trudeau as your leader. The US should just invade your country and take the good parts like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver and the Tar Sands.

  10. The two rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada weren't outright attempts overthrow British rule akin to the American revolution. They were driven by a desire for greater self-rule and anger over the injustices of the early colonial administrations. Given that the Brit governors treated the French speakers poorly compared to English speakers, the Lower Canada rebellion was also driven by built-up grievances from decades of bigotry and it got uglier (and was pretty brutally suppressed). In the end, the rebellions served as a warning to the Brits that they could either listen to the grievances and address them or Canada might end up rebelling like the US did. In the end, the rebels got their main demand. Canada had limited self-rule within a few years, dominion status within three decades and was de facto (and for the most part de jure) a completely sovereign nation within a century (Statute of Westminster).

  11. Dear People in the Comments Section,
    Quit giving this guy a hard time. The video's not perfect, so what? Maybe try giving constructive criticism instead of simply hating.
    Besides, if you people know everything about Canada, I don't think you should even be watching this video and spreading negativity.
    ~ A Person Who'd Rather Spread Positivity ~

  12. The one thing i dont like about living in canada is the history its all trading posts and animal fur and stuff its boring i prefer european history tbh

  13. This was great up until the last 3 minutes or so. At this point you not only began to demonstrate a lack of understanding of how Canada's independence came about and the significance it had, but you explained it in a condescending way. If your goal was to resolve 'misconceptions about this country', which according to the description I believe it was, you have failed miserably.

  14. One very glaring error is the statement at the end of the video – "89% of Canadian territories 8,886,356 sq km belongs to the British monarchy. According to the "Letters Patent 1947", the governor general, appointed by the will of the monarch, governs these areas." is a complete misunderstanding of what Canada is as an independent governing state. Clearly these lands are not the personal property of the Queen. These lands (89%!) do not belong to the British Monarchy nor is it governed by them via the governor general. What the video maker has failed to realize is that Canada is a Monarchy and that then the lands of Canada are governed by the crown in the form of the Canadian (elected) government. Queen Elizabeth, as the Monarch of Canada, does appoint the Governor General but only upon advice from the Government of Canada.

  15. The crown of England has too much power over Canada. Canada should declare independence, and form a government structure similar to the one in the United States. What is the UK going to do? Go to war with Canada? I think not. Shit to the FALSE crown of England. It is a ceremonial scam and it should have no powers.

  16. Brilliant storytelling and excellent template for future storytellers. I will never look at chocolate the same.

  17. This is total bullshit Canada was not forgotten by the Europeans after Norsemen (a viking is a occupation not a people) left Canada. French and English fishermen fished on the coasts of Labrador and New Foundlsnd for centuries before Columbus discovered a tiny island in the Carribean.

  18. The whole Canadian use of Right? was so confusing to my southern ears at first. I went to the store, right… I don't know, I wasn't there!

  19. Honestly not a bad video , it can be confusing at times and the sentences are mostly not finished. for example the french and british neede to make up to achieve a Mutual goal…what goal? the goal to be a responsible Goverment or to gain Canada or to break the borders?.
    for me it is very unclear, in the middle of the sentence you start a new sentence. you should work on that but orther then that your video was very profound and had a lot of informations.

  20. Canada 🇨🇦 is still a part of The UK Great Britain 🇬🇧,/The United Kingdom 🇬🇧, because Canada 🇨🇦 is a Monarchy and Canada 🇨🇦 have The same queen as The UK 🇬🇧, The Queen Elizabeth II of The UK 🇬🇧 and Canada 🇨🇦. The Description Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is Queen and Head of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and 15 other Commonwealth countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Jamaica. 🙂😎✌️

  21. Nothing about the Natives and the treaties not honoured or culturwl genocide? Of course. Caucasian Canadian here. Why dont you tell the real truth. Shit like this makes me mad.

  22. Great Video! around 4:30 it says the wars in north america come to an end. but later there is the war of 1812, civil war, etc.

  23. Especially to Canada's war ✨heroes✨ past to present, big respects to my Canadian brothers and sisters north of me, long since ever helping other nations like USA. An impressed American out ✌🇨🇦 👏👏👏👏 👋🇺🇸

  24. Man this comment section… no wonder no one wants to talk about our history. Nothing but bitching and moaning about every little fucking thing.

  25. Why did you start the bio of Canada by talking about Vikings? Why not start by talking about indigenous peoples?

  26. Descendent of Pierre Gaudin dit Chatillion, that went to Quebec in the Great Remove of 1628. As a U.S. Citizen I appreciate this informative video. Thank you.

  27. So the crown has the same effect on Canada as America, or should I say the United States Corporation? Sounds like Canada and the American People have the same problem. Lets get together and invade a foreign dictator. Well, at least a dictator lets everyone know he is and demands power. This enemy doesn't even show his PUSSY FACE, mrs. rothschild. WERE COMING YOU BETTER RUN AND HIDE…

  28. The Acadiens were here 1604 and had nothing to do with Quebec … who wrote this stupid lies… you have your facts all wrong

  29. Canada is a beautiful country, to bad people like the Trudeau's come along an "screw" it up economically. Today the economy of the country is in the toilet because of incompetence in Ottawa. Regardless of what the liberals try to brain wash the people we are going to hell in a hand basket. AND THATS THE TRUTH. 👎

  30. In 2017, we “celebrated” 150 years of Confederation.
    1.) Where are the Articles of Confederation, if Canada had confederated in 1867 and is a sovereign nation?
    2.) Why was Canada known as the “Dominion of Canada” a British colony until 1931, if Canada had confederated in 1867 and is a sovereign nation?
    3.) Why in 1867 was the BNA act created to be Letters Patent for a Governor General to the Dominion of Canada if Canada had confederated and is a sovereign nation?
    4.) Why in 1893, would the British Parliament deem it necessary to repeal certain sections of the BNA act, with the “Statute Law Revisions act” if Canada confederated in 1867 and is a sovereign nation?
    5.) Why in 1931 would the British parliament create the “Statute of Westminster” to nullify the Dominion of Canada, if Canada confederated in 1867 and is a sovereign nation?
    6.) Why in 1946 did a foreign Monarch, King George VI appoint a representative for the UK, a Governor General and then command the Parliament of Canada to create Letters Patent in 1947 for his Governor General, if Canada confederated in 1867 and is a Sovereign Nation?
    7.) Why did PM Trudeau in 1982 have his liberal government create the “Canada act” and then take that act to a foreign Monarch and have her parliament pass that act as the “Constitution act, 1982” if Canada confederated 115 years earlier and is a sovereign nation?
    8.) Why do Prime Ministers and other officials when sworn into office here in Canada, swear their allegiance to a foreign monarch, Queen Elizabeth, and not the people of Canada if Canada confederated in 1867 and is a sovereign nation?
    9.) Why in 1947 did Canadian Citizenship come into existence if Canada confederated 80 years earlier and is a sovereign nation?
    10.) Why was it necessary in 1990 to sue a member of the federal parliament, J. Littlechild MP, to force him to do his duty to his constituents and have the courts rule against his constituents, if Canada had confederated in 1867 and is a sovereign Nation?
    “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” – Søren Kierkegaard Thanks to The Myth is Canada.

  31. Cabot never found Canada. This is all full of errors. Not surprising since the Jews write all the books. FULL FULL OF LIES!

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