Canada Monarchy Or Republic ?
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Canada Monarchy Or Republic ?

October 12, 2019

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  1. Great topic Fred and one that should be brought to Canadians tables. We would better ourselves if we cut the Queen off. Check out for yourselves how much power they have over Canada and it's people.

  2. Just because she stole children from the residential schools doesn't mean she has a "relationship" with indigenous people.

  3. it is trudeau the turd, who needs to be taken out of there=path to re-enslavement to an imagined kingChip of theirs-pirates /fraudsters from day 1,,,true-dope, fake rope, fake blue bonnet on it

  4. We are a monarchy focus a lot for individual liberty and we are independent in our destiny and there is one last referendum in Canada to remove the Queen and royal descent. It 70% of the vote to the population. The Canadian constitution explains the rule of the provinces and explains the one chapter for the individual the rights for Canadian people. Take in something the UK try to make in Hong Kong and they try to make.. I know that because I spent reading the constitution and I am Canadian first and second as Quebecois.. Something who drag me nuts for years in here..

  5. I enjoyed the scene in BC two years ago with William and Kate, where Trudeau felt upstaged and got caught on the open mike with, "Let's get this over with." The Trudeau's think they're Canada's royalty.

  6. Great stuff. The Queens Privy Council for Canada or known as just Privy Council is something to look into too. Look at who are inducted into the Privy Council to this day. The PM swears allegiance to a foreign entity. Look for the JT swearing in ceremony on YT. The Westminster Act is another interesting piece of paper too.

  7. doesn't look like anyone's been near that site since 2010 …much more effective to show citizens how much those freeloaders cost the taxpayers [people who actually work for their money]…richest people in the world and don't pay their own hotel bills but stay in the poshest hotels..they stole all that money from people and nations all around the planet using military backup , no different than any bully except in the amassment of stupids to follow them…they are the german version of a caliphate, nothing more…substituting fancy words does not change the essence of who they are , a rose by any other name would still smell like a rose and the same goes for a pile of dung

  8. Whether a republic or the system we have, they are both fraught with corruption, as is evidenced by what is going on, in both Canada, and the United States. All politicians have be held to accountable for their actions.

  9. We have no ties to England since Queen Victoria never made Canada part of the Monarchy's inheritance when she died, Canada is already free of her, just doesn't know it, as these Parties don't want you all to know, that you can draw up your own constitution any time you wish to. Pierre Trudeau knew it, when he drew up the Charter of Rights but paid off Millions to Quebec to shut up about it. So life goes on as though we are slaves to the imposters in Ottawa who owe a legence to Queen elizabeth because they made a vow to her, not to Canadians. We owe her nothing and that's exactly what we get from her and her family, nothing.

  10. Unfortunately we are not a republic, the old lizard queen has control over canada to this day. Any law passed she has the power to void.

  11. Canada should be a republic. And I grew up in England. But Canada is my home & although I am fond of Britain, in this day and age Canada needs to separate from the monarchy. Too much is known and has happened.

  12. She is an illegal Queen… Queen Victoria was married at 14 and had a son, who was hidden. Then she got married again and never divorce from the first. So all the kings and queens after are not legit. Do the research… The Hidden King of England…..

  13. Think of the money we would save if not having to pay for the Governor General and his Staff's wages and housing!
    Canada doesn't need to pay for all that Pomp and Posture
    We have A PM that is more than enough Pomp and Posture!

  14. PLEASE GO TO THE "MYTH IS CANADA" Canadians need to wake up and have constitutional conferences for our freedom and safety- the current federal government is illegal

  15. Ditch the Royals and ditch them now! And they are behind you Fabian communists/liberals and our country! ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ
    God bless lCanadaโ—๏ธ

  16. First,ย Canada must "Disconnect " from the Rothschild controlled Bank of England ( a Private Bank). Only the Bank of Canada, that is owned and controlled by the People of Canada,ย can Legally Create andย lend interest free money to the Government of Canada,ย and Removeย the Fractional Reserve Central Banking System that is controlled by Private Bankers.ย  Canadians were not Allowed to Ratify their Constitution of 1867 and decide how they would be Democratically Governed. Therefore Canada's Constitution is Null and Void and Canada is still Ruled by the Crown of England (by a fictitious character called "The Queen of Canada."), who has the Ultimate Authority over Canada's Parliament, in the hands of the Governor General.ย Therefore, Canada is Still a Colony of Britain controlled by the BNA Act of 1867 (The British North America Act).ย  The Whole Process of Authority over all Legal Mattersย should Rest Solely with the People of Canada and NOT the Crown of England. Because the 1867 Constitution was Never Ratified by the People of Canada, NO elected Government canย have the Legal Right to Claim that they have the Legal Authority to Govern the People that Elected them to Power.ย  Calling Canada a Democracy is both a FRAUD and a Sham perpetuated by a Massive Conspiracy against the People of Canada.ย  It is Time that Canadians understood this FRAUD and take back Control of the POWER to Govern Themselves byย creating and Ratifying their Own Democratic Constitution, Bill of Rights and the explicit Powers and Duties of the various Branches of Government and the Judiciary.ย  Canada MUST have these things in place, to Control the Powers of Governance, ONLY by the Consent of the Governed, if it is to become a True Legitimate Democracy!!

  17. canada is canada because we have a queen. it is our anchor. the queen has done us no harm. it's the poor quality politicians we vote in that is destroying us not the queen. i'm voting for maxime bernier ppc 2019. good luck canada

  18. i used think we should get rid of that Draco Reptilian Bitch, Saxe Coburg Gotha a direct decedent of Vlad the Impailer (Dracula) Prince Charles owns his castle, bet they have blood rituals there. After many years of investigation i have come to the conclusion for the safety of our citizens it is much better to have a monarchy than not. The world is run by evil people. Rothschild's, Warburgs, Rockefeller's Lassars, they tend to be left, Communists, Maoist's, Socialists, they want to tell you how to live, they like making so many rules you are under their total control. The worst most evil person who lived in Canada was Pierre Trudeau he bought in the Basil Accord of 74, that meant Canada no longer prints it's own money (See Comer vs Bank of Canada) A private banking cartel prints Canada's money at Interest. look at Canada's debt before 1974 and what it has done today, it has risen like a hockey stick. (This isn't good folks) If America, China, Middle East, Russia invades Canada, England and it's commonwealth partners are Obligated to defend Canada. That is one big Insurance Policy, The evil elite are now trying to destroy Canada from within and they are winning, better prepare surfs.

  19. I consider myself a monarchist; however, I realize many Canadians are rethinking our ties to the monarchy, especially after the release of information about the lavish amounts given to Adrienne Clarkson. You were making a very persuasive and well-researched argument, so I listened intently to the very end. Then you said "ditch" the monarchy. Done with you – unsubbed.

  20. You didn't mention that if the Queen is against the Parliament she can dissolve the entire Cabinet just like she did in Australia.

  21. If Canada ever becomes a republic those jokers in parliament will be getting more than a strongly worded letter from me.

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