Canon EF-S Lens on a Full Frame Body (5D Mark IV)
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Canon EF-S Lens on a Full Frame Body (5D Mark IV)

October 22, 2019

hi there I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that had problem if you want to go from a crop body camera to a full frame camera that you’re pretty afraid of the cost because I mean let’s face it the lenses are really expensive and if you spend a lot of money on a camera you don’t have the money normally to buy a lot of new lenses so there is a certain way how to put crop lenses on full frame bodies but everything I’m going to show you right now you do on your own risk so if you damage your camera your warranty will be worried with this approach so keep that in mind I’ve been using this method for a while now because I wasn’t able to afford all the new lenses so let’s get to it so this is our setup we have a 5d mark for full frame body we have 24 to 105 millimeter EF lens and a 10 to 22 millimeter ef-s lens i will show you now the differences between the EF lens and EFS lens and how to put the EF lens on the full frame body so stay tuned let’s start with the EFS lens if you take a look at the lens itself there is a wide square on it white square in Canon systems tell you that it is an EFS lens those lenses are just made for the crop body you sell our cameras and normally if you take the cap off we have this plastic mount basically this is the main reason why you cannot fit an EFS lens on a full-frame body so let’s head over to the EF lens so if you examine the EF ones there is a red button the red dot shows you that it’s an EF lens if you take off the cap on the EF lens you’ll notice that the plastic cover is not as high as on the EFS Lens so here you can see the white square and red dot so the top of the EFS lens is the thing that is preventing you from using this lenses on the full-frame bodies let’s take a look how the EF lenses are connected to the full-frame bodies so as you can see on top there is the red dot that indicates that you need to align red dots to put the lens on the camera on the crop camera so you have red dot and white square so you can loop use both lenses but you have a crop of 1.6 with the Canon cameras so when you now try to put an EFS lens on the full-frame body this is what happens so now i align it and in one going so this part of the lens is what’s your problem what solution is there to put this lens on the camera it’s a pretty simple if you have a zoom lens the most important thing is you don’t want to scratch the lens let’s go to the narrowest angle you can go take your finger grab the cap and pull and this is what comes out now you now take the body take the lens align it and see snaps right in perfect if you use the 10 to 22 millimeter lens and you go to the widest angle you’ll notice that the lenses are a bit outside of the body if you look at it side by side the same thing does not apply to the EF lens so if you do this modification you do it on your own risk what could happen is if the lens is too far out and you take a picture mirror is snapping the mirror could hit the Lens and could damage the mirror so keep that in mind you can totally use it with 12 millimeters but I wouldn’t recommend to go to 10 now I’m going to show you how the crop lens is affecting the pictures on the Fullframe body I’ve set up a little test picture for you guys this setting right now is with 22 millimeters if I go up you see that the picture is getting a really wide angle where I’m pausing right now is with about 15 millimeters as you can see there is slowly starting to appear a black ring outside and this is because the lens isn’t big enough to support the big Sensor of the full frame Body there is a sweet spot where you won’t get the black ring and you have a really really wide angled lens with this lens and now let’s come to the catch if you use the 5d Mark IV and you’re recording movies in 4k the camera has a crop of 1.4 so if you use that lens and you go into a wider angle you won’t have the black ring around so now i’m at 12 millimeters and as you can see you have a beautiful wide picture the little darker edges but not too much it’s perfect for video making I use this set up on the travel VLOG so basically most of the selfie videos I did I did with this lens and this camera so this is how I got basically a very good start with the full frame body and a cheaper EFS lens feel free to post in the comments below and if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and if you haven’t already did it please subscribe so see you next time

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  1. Ever tried 18-135mm stm lens with power zoom module ? a lot of zoom range and smooth zoom plus IS , seems a good walk around lens.

  2. I did a similar conversion with the less expensive 10-18 STM and was able to get some nice (albeit vignetted) images up to 12mm, with the solid black vignette disappearing by 14mm. It was able to AF well with my 6D but didn't play nice with my 5DIII. In any case, it's now my favorite lens/camera combo to take on the go.

  3. I did not know you could do this!? OMG! I am planning to get 5D mkIV but I do own the Canon EF-S (10-22mm)
    (Dam, I should had kept the one I had broke previously so I could have used it for this) Oh well, Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Thanks for your video !!! Do you try with the Canon 17-55 F2.8 EF-S ?! do you think it work ? (or hit the mirror at 17mm ? ) Thanks !

  5. The 4k crop is x1.74, not x1.4 – so even more reason to use EF-S lenses. 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 turns into a 17-38 f6-f8 equiv on full frame as far as field of view/depth of field. Still the 3.5-4.5 light gathering obviously. As much as people complain about the 5D IV for video this can actually be better since it's much easier to get everything in focus for stuff like vlogging, or pulling focus, etc.

  6. I only have one question…why? Canon make lenses for full frame cameras…if you can't afford them, don't buy a full frame camera. They make superb APS-C cameras that take EF-S lenses, buy one of those instead! Anyone considering doing this needs to seek medical attention!

  7. Good description & info….would have been nice to see side by side examples of photos taken from both lenses at the same distance & same focal length though.

  8. I have ef-s35mm and want to use it on eos 5D mark III. Tried using as per the direction of this video; however it doesn't seem to work. Error pops up!

  9. Once the lens is modified, will it still work on an ef-s camera like the sl2 or 80d? Or once you chop it will it only work with full frame ef cameras? Thanks!

  10. With respect, if you have Canon equipment. I would be recommending to people going from Crop sensor to Full frame to swap, sell or just invest in new lens. There are so many secondhand lens out there. In fact, the market is much more buoyant now because Canon has introduced their new R and RP editions onto the market making Mirrorless cameras the way to go…
    Of course, for those who have done their homework and have used Apsc and Full Frame. But of course newcomers to Dslr type cameras will have to learn from scratch…

    I never gave it much thought, Never suffered at all.
    Of course, I did my research and have picked up all my L lens for my Full frame camera without breaking the bank.

    If you are going to upgrade, surely one should already know what you are saying in this video…
    Well, I guess there will always someone out there who did not do their homework!
    With respect.

  11. And for anyone making the change from crop sensor to full frame, you should have invested in your first L lens before.
    The Canon 24-105 f/4 L is a MUST. it is an almost versatile walk around point and shoot lens which you will be able to learn with and use on both types of sensor cameras. It’s only negative aspect if it is, is that it is not as bright in low light situations as a f/2.8 lens.
    But on a full frame or a canon 80d you can push the ISO to get superb images in lowlight if you know how to use your camera.

  12. If you're trying to choose which EF-S lens to use with your Canon full frame body, I suggest you pick none at all. EF-S main elements poke out and it takes one costly accident to just snap a picture alongside literally snapping your mirror. You're better off using the crop lenses of third party lens manufacturers because they design their lenses not to poke out of the mount. A Sigma 18-35mm for example will give you the sharp results you need for the 5DMkIV's 4k video.

  13. My understanding is you can't use EFS on full frame cameras. So you buy an expensive 5d MK 4 and then buy cheap lenses. And why would you take a chance of damaging your expensive camera using cheap lenses?

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