Canon M50 + Speed Booster = Budget Full Frame EOS R !?!?
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Canon M50 + Speed Booster = Budget Full Frame EOS R !?!?

October 25, 2019

what’s going on everybody today we’re
talking about three of the cameras I use most often for YouTube videos one this
Canon 80D it’s a great camera but with these two out I wouldn’t necessarily
recommend people to go buy that now unless you are looking for a mirrored
SLR camera so the only reason why I’m shooting on it now is because I have one
already so it works and then here’s a canon M50 which has a very similar
sensor to the 80D but it’s smaller and cheaper so for a lot of people this is
what I would recommend and then here’s a Canon EOS R which is nice and full frame
its mirrorless so it’s fairly compact for what it’s capable of doing and I
really do love this camera a whole lot but the question comes down to how much
better is this than this and is it worth the price difference from $500 to like
23 ish now the EOS are always had a clear advantage over the M50 because of
that bigger sensor amongst other things but my question is now with this speed
booster that came out from built rocks to put the speed booster on this M50 is
it gonna be pretty similar to this EOS R and plus it would save you a whole
bunch of money now if you’re not familiar with a speed booster think of
it as a magnifying glass that kind of tricks your lens into thinking the
sensor is bigger that’s gonna affect your image in two ways one it’s gonna be
a wider image and since the light kind of gets magnified it’s also gonna give
you about an extra stop of light so when you slap on that speed booster and you
want to match that frame you’re either gonna need a zoom in that lens or move
the camera in both of which are gonna give you a shallower depth of field
gonna look a lot closer to a full frame camera although the EOS R still does
have shallower depth of field just by a little bit so one of that manages the
EOS R is that it is whether steel luckily I live in Los Angeles so I never
have to worry about that but you know if you live in a place where a trains once
in a while having the weather sealed camera now while we’re here let’s take a quick
look at the 120 frames per second in 720p which both of these
cameras can do neither of them look fantastic but definitely usable and fun
magnifying him both cameras can see all the drops from the splash so that’s
pretty cool I’d have to say the EOS R has a very slight advantage in sharpness
here anyways I was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever had to do
for YouTube so you guys told the o mio like for that and also you have to sit
through my sponsorship read it as usual on this channel if there’s a sponsor
then there’s a giveaway so if you want a Canon M50 with Viltrox speed
booster stick around both these cameras are set to 4k right
now can you take a little guess out which one is which now in 4k keep in
mind that both these cameras do crop into the sensor so you’re gonna need to
slap on some wider lenses for those but the eos r does have superior 4k because
it maintains that dual pixel autofocus while the m 50 loses it but in terms of
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spend hundreds of dollars on a lens that you’ve never used you could just put
that towards skills your class is much more useful right
just kidding we all want that useless lens anyways if you guys figured out
which camera is which and if you have not this
is the EOS R and this is the canon M50 now looking at the footage side by side it’s
surprisingly comparable although the EOS R definitely has a bit more clarity
but I’m gonna mention it again because it’s important the EOS R has great
autofocus in 4k and some really powerful codec in case you wanted to do some
heavy color grading it’s an option on the EOS R and of course C log which is
canons log format that was specifically designed to work with 8-bit codecs and
that’s really great because you have an opportunity to really utilize all that
dynamic range even with the built-in codec also on both these cameras in 4k
you have the option to shoot 24 frames per second but on the eos are you also
have 30 so peering out with a powerful codec awesome autofocus and C log it
really is ready for professional use yeah the 4k crop kind of sucks but pair
with the right lenses and it’s gonna look great now most of the time I’m just
shooting in HD so I’m utilizing the EOS R’s full frame and then with the m50 I’m
using the speed booster to kind of emulate that full frame feel it still a
little bit tighter of a shot than the full frame camera but it gets much
closer these are both 50 millimeter lenses right now and the m50 is still a
little bit tighter but they’re pretty comparable at this point and of course
when introducing the speed booster onto a Canon M 50 there’s gonna be some
concerns does everything translate okay for example how’s the autofocus and the
answer is surprisingly good with the Canon M 50 and speed booster we didn’t
notice a significant drop in speed for the dual pixel autofocus I was also a
bit concerned about noticeable vignette a’course oft nasaan the edges but from
normal usage I didn’t notice anything significant now the speed booster should
give you an extra stop of light so technically you should be able to drop
your ISO in about half however the EOS are still looks cleaner even when it’s
ISO is double the Canon M 50 ok so now let’s get to the test that I consider to
be the most important test of this video which is which camera has the best HD I
definitely love 4k sometimes but I feel like it can be a little bit overrated
because there’s a lot of people out there that think that to get a sharp
image you need a half 4k which is definitely not true if you guys saw my
video last week about which cameras were used to film the oscar-nominated films
you’ll realize a majority of them were filmed on either the Arri Alexa Mini XT or SXT and none of those cameras are 4k the sensors
on those cameras just don’t have that many pixels so oftentimes their shot at
2.8 K or 3.2 K and the reason is because they don’t want the most pixels they
want the best cleanest pixels and obviously they know what they’re doing
because they want a majority of the Oscars every year so the takeaway here
is that not all HD is created equal even though in the menu they may look like
the same exact things they can be completely different so let’s bring in
the EOS R and the Canon M50 and let’s take a look at the HD on both these
cameras now we’re gonna try to control this test as much as possible so we’re
gonna be using the same exact lens on all three cameras in the same position
same lighting all on the same standard picture profile if you basically pull
all three of these cameras out of the box and hit that record button this is
what it would look like on those three cameras all of these are shooting 1080p
at 24 frames per second IPB codec now let’s crop in real quick and you’ll
notice pretty quickly that the 80D is definitely the softest which is why I’m
probably gonna retire this 80D pretty soon switch it out with something else
now let’s hand it off to the m50 real quick all right thanks man you’re
looking good today by the way are you just gonna ignore me now this is the
Canon M 50 and you may notice that already it’s looking a bit sharper which
I was pretty surprised about the downside of it is that it does look a
little bit digital now there’s a pretty big difference between getting an actual
sharp image like an actual clear image through the lens onto the sensor and
saved into the video opposed to a digital sharpening digitally sharpening
stuff can often look pretty nice because you are just kind of creating a little
bit more contrast around edges on everything but sometimes you can overdo
it and then things just start to look a little bit crazy so this does look
sharper than the 80D but a lot of it does look digital to me so I would
personally turn it down a little bit you could always add a little bit back in
post all right so let’s kick it off to the eos are all right thanks the kit
from us what did you just call me what you’re lucky that they’re right you’re
completely alright so welcome to the eos r and we have the same exact lens on
here but the reason why it looks the same and not wider is because it’s an
ef-s lens meaning that it’s designed for crop censored camera so when I put this
ef-s lens on the are automatically detects it and
automatically crops in so it looks just like the other cameras that’s actually
kind of a cool feature because then you can slap on full-frame lenses or ef-s or
crop lenses like the Sigma art lenses and again we are still in IP b codec
technically speaking if you look at the settings it should all look pretty much
the same but notice that the eos r just looks so much sharper and that’s
something i noticed from when i first got this camera is that everything just
looks naturally sharp and to me all the sharpness looks organic it doesn’t look
like super digitally sharpened so i’ve been pretty happy with the way this EOS R looks this might need to become my new camera that i leave on my desk I am
pretty curious how different this is gonna look to you guys after I render it
out and uploaded through YouTube’s compression but I can tell you right now
that when I look at this footage side by side on my high res display it’s very
very different and again this is in HD but you also have the option to kick it
up to 4k and here’s how different the to look in HD to 4k so yeah it does look a
little bit sharper over here in the 4k world but it’s a little bit tough to
tell unless you’re on like a high resolution display if we punch in we can
see a little bit of a difference but overall both HD and 4k look very
comparable when you’re just looking at it on a smaller display it’s kind of
hard to tell the difference honestly 4k can be a tad bit sharper but I don’t
think it’s absolutely necessary I’m very happy with how good the HD out of that
EOS R is so to sum it up the EOS R is a noticeably better camera on most fronts
the biggest factor to me is the fact that it looks so much better in HD and
doesn’t have that digital sharpening and it’s also just built more for
professional use like the EOS R has like a headphone jack so you can monitor audio
also there’s this cool thing how the sensor covers itself when you’re doing a
lens swap also the m50 if you plug in an HDMI monitor it shuts off the rear
monitor back here you can only use one or the other this one you can continue
to use this screen while you’re feeding to an HDMI monitor you could also record
10-bit if you’re recording externally you got more dials you’ve got more menu
options it’s more robust it’s just overall a professional-grade camera but
with that being said I still think the Canon M50 did so well and so
close to the eos aren’t in so many cases especially once you start slapping on
some serious lenses in that speed booster this became really surprisingly
good so yeah I would say if you’re a professional or you’re planning on
taking into some serious weather just want the best possible image more
options you want more dynamic range you plan on doing low-light
then I would say probably go for this cos art it’s a solid camera but if
you’re just kind of getting into shooting video then this m50 is
surprisingly good after playing with this ville truck speed booster I’ll link
this below I’m impressed with this thing I think it really narrows the gap a
little bit between these two cameras making this a little bit more of a
serious option and the fill truck speed booster is not crazy expensive so if you
already have anM50 or if you’re planning on getting in the M50 I definitely
recommend getting it in addition to getting the speed booster you’re now
gonna be using EF lenses and you have a huge huge selection also don’t forget
that once you put this speed booster on here you’re gonna have to treat this camera
more like a full frame camera so that means full frame lenses and I know a ton
of you guys have this Sigma 18-35 art lens but don’t forget that this is not a
full frame lens so you can kind of see that the sides here get cut off but once
you zoom in past about like 28 millimeter then you get that full field
of views I have also noticed that on this lens it does seem to glitch a
little bit right when i zoom in to a certain spot see how it gets brighter I
don’t know exactly why it does that and that’s really the only glitchy thing I
saw but that’s probably because this art lens isn’t designed to work with this
because it’s crop lens but I have yet to come across any issues with these
full-frame lenses so I think we’re probably good alright so now let’s talk
give away the randomized winner for the Panasonic G7 was Ryan so congrats to
Ryan hope you use it to film some epic stuff and now we’re giving away a canon
M50 with this Viltrox speed booster all you got to do to enter to
win is uh I haven’t even thought this part through how about you do like 10
jumping jacks and leave a comment or something best of luck
so let’s close this off by reading a few comments from my last video which is all
about lighting setups you could do with only one light the light foam video as
always get it get it gun light light cuz the video was about lights haha lighting
is so important good and light you guys have your puns are you gonna go
to nab this year if so I hope to see you there
probably not so unless you have an open bar while this video is lit
for 10 Illuminati confirmed see what he’s talking about there’s kind of a
little triangle underneath the eye I guess so yeah you got us I just want one
of those heart likes from potato Jeff done I make dreams come true I still
miss the Looney Tunes intro well just for you yo huge thanks for the G7 really
can’t wait to start shooting on it do you guys once I got my channel just
Ryan Sondak alright peace out

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