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Capture Congress for the People | Shahid Buttar

February 13, 2020

[News Anchor Saagar Enjeti]
In 2020 House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi faces a challenger of her own. [News Anchor Kyrstal Ball]
Shahid Buttar announced his
plans to unseat the
California congresswoman, he plans to challenge
Pelosi on privacy issues- [Host Michael Brooks]
A constitutional attorney who works at the
Electronic Frontier Foundation, a grassroots activist, an artist, and candidate challenging
Nancy Pelosi and candidate challenging
Nancy Pelosi Shahid Buttar. [Host Mike Figueredo]
Not only does he support
medicare for all But he also wants to cut military spending. [Host Lee Camp]
With the congressional
candidate trying to end the WAY
TOO LONG rule of corporate queen,
Nancy Pelosi. [Nancy Pelosi]
“I’m not a big fan of
medicare for all” [Shahid Supporter]
And she’s not representing us. She’s not! She’s representing her
interests. [Shahid Supporter]
She needs to retire. Really. She does. [Nancy Pelosi]
If Hilary Clinton would have
won, I was ready to go home. [Shahid Supporter]
She’s out of touch with what’s really
happening. Shahid is authentic and he cares about people. [Police Officer]
Get one the ground! [gunshots] [Police Officer]
Shots fired! Shots Fired! [attendees of town hall in
frenzy and unrest] [Shahid Supporter]
He will stand up against police brutality. [Host Michael Brooks]
HIs fusion of a socialist commitment and justice for everybody is exactly the synthesis we
need right now. [SF Supervisor Dean Preston]
He’s tireless, brilliant, fearless, and watch out, he’s going to surprise
a lot of people in this race [Shahid Supporter]
He understands average,
everyday people. [Shahid Organizer]
The most effective way to reach somebody is face to face. [Shahid Supporter]
We need change in 2020! [Host Kyle Kulinski]
So just so everybody
understands we’re not just taking on
the Republican party in Washington D.C. and
the establishment Republicans, we’re also taking on
the establishment Democrats. And I’m not playing
about this. I’m not playing about this. We’re gonna fight. We’re gonna fight! [Author Ben Burgis]
He cares about taking care of everybody, making everybody
equal. [Shahid Supporter]
An end of the
surveillance state… an end of military spending. [Shahid Supporter]
We need a representative that really represents San Fransisco values.

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