Carbon Frame Repair | [see UPDATE below!!!]  | I might have saved $400 fixing it myself.
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Carbon Frame Repair | [see UPDATE below!!!] | I might have saved $400 fixing it myself.

August 27, 2019

Okay, hey, it’s Eric with ride labs And you might have seen the video where I crashed this bike really bad and I snapped the rear triangle Probably like I should just get a new bike It broke all the way around all this side around this See you can see the crack here then let’s pull it around over here for a second. There we go That all got cracked up in there and around there Okay, so a guy at the local shop Mike over at Utah mountain biking happened to have one of these kits I guess they’re like 30 bucks on Amazon or Ebay or something and he loaned it to me. So very nice of you Mike Thank you. Go check out Mike’s shop. He’s got a great shop. That’s where I got my Rocky Mountain Instinct which actually is kind of like, you know, this is such a bummer that this happened But I ended up with a new bike. So I’m really thankful You know for how all that worked out and if I can get this fixed I’m gonna give it to my son for his birthday on Sunday So I got to get it done today so that it can cure in time. Hopefully so we can have that for him I’ve not done this before but I’ve heard It’s just like working with you know, resin and fiberglass For like a surfboard or something, which I’ve done a lot of so I don’t think it’ll be too challenging hopefully But you get to watch me do it and see how well it turns out. So here we go. I’m curious if I should like Pop this thing off or something. Should I put carbon over it? this is like Hard I’m sort of stuck on. So anyway, you definitely need to sand all around So, yeah, you need to create a rough surface that this stuff can connect to if I rip it off I’m gonna have a giant gaping hole in the frame. I go over it will be strong enough. I don’t know I’m gonna go over it If it doesn’t work going over it Then I can always rip it out now. I’m just gonna take this roll, wrap it around The area and hope that it will flatten around that metal grommet thing. You want to wipe it down with? something like a Clorox wipe or Use water I guess something Just to get all that dust off let that dry. Of course Okay, so these are the instructions That it came with you can pause the video right there and read them. Hopefully you got a clearer picture So but basically the the main points are two parts of resin to one part of the catalyst or the hardener We’re going to want gloves on. Well, yeah, it’s nice and dry now not that my floor would care, but I Don’t want sticky stuff down there, I guess. Okay, so I just got a little Paper here It looks pretty dry You have 25 minutes It’s my understanding before it really starts to Get hot. So what it does is it creates a chemical reaction the catalyst does the hardener and Starts the reaction and you’ve got a little bit of time to work with it It’ll get thicker by the minute until finally it starts to be really tacky and difficult to work with so So that is the hardener Doesn’t say catalyst, but I called it catalyst that’s I call it catalyst because it triggers the reaction And that is the epoxy resin Okay, before I do this, I am going to cut the cloth so that it is the right length Once I find it. All right, so it’s gonna wrap I want to wrap it three times at least Okay, so this is just a little trick I’m I turned the scale on with the glass jar on it So that that’s zero so that when I put it in the first part that’s going to be, you know, double the second part right, so Zero now we’re gonna pour in the epoxy resin Okay, so that says 7 Grams, I won’t actually hit 8 and it just turned off which is very frustrating So now I need to pour in so I just reset it Now with the resin in it, and we’re gonna pour this and we’re gonna pour in four And it went a little high so this is going to be hot and that is frustrating so I’m going to just pour in It was two of this so it went too high so I have to pour in four Grams I’d rather it be hotter Then then too cold because if it’s too cold, it’s gonna be tacky. So we’re gonna stop there. That’s a Little bit hot that we’re gonna mix it Mix it up really well. Oh Man is that enough? I think that’s definitely enough Okay, so then the first thing I’m gonna do is paint it All over Get it off my mixer here stick Okay, so I’m going to paint this all around And that’s pretty good coverage I’m going to start wrapping carbon fiber I’m just gonna cut that right there Sorry Mike wasting a piece I’m just gonna try and get this the hold Real tight and get some the air pockets out of there, which is going to be challenging because of that stinking grommet But that’s why we have the tape. I’m going to tape it really nice and tight Okay. Wow, this is difficult with his grommet here to get This deceit so I’m gonna really rely on Some tape here You grab that just peel it off, but don’t touch that. Resin. Thanks. That’s great If this works that’ll be pretty cool because That stuff was not seating very well around that grommet If it doesn’t work I’ll sand it down and put another coat Cool Well, that’s pretty well wrapped up actually I’m really glad I have duct tape for that because it’s like duct tape was very strong and it’s holding it nice and firmly so Hopefully that you can just squeeze that carbon and resin Epoxy whatever all around that and we will be able to just have a nice solid Bike when we’re done. So then the question is is Do you think a Clorox wipe? Hey, yeah, it’s Wiping it right off well There you go. My first attempt at repairing a carbon frame it is kind of like working with, you know, resin and fiberglass Hopefully it turns out if not, we’ll just stand it down and do it again So this is Eric with ride labs and we’ll be back in three days Okay, it’s not three days later because I’m sort of out of time. So I’m going to take it off I think it’s 40 hours, but I did add a little patch right here just because I had dinged this and that way it kind of allowed me to monitor how well cured it is and it feels really solid so we’re going to go ahead and take off the Tape now and see what kind of a mess there is under here. I really hope it worked Here we go Well, it looks pretty dang, cool It seems that the pressure from the tape really did what we wanted it to do fill in any gaps and holes Still a little bit of wax paper. There we go So you can see the break was right here We have some wrinkles from the wax paper that I taped around it But the tape caused the epoxy to squeeze into all the holes that I needed it squeezed into so, you know I I’m okay with that. You could do another another coat on here if you wanted I Think I’m just gonna go with that for now and see Looks pretty good. Alright, well There you go Repaired the carbon frame. It’s a lot like fixing a surfboard which wasn’t very hard, honestly in fact It was easier than fixing a surfboard Much easier to repair than I thought I called around for some estimates on repairs and I was getting the three and four hundred dollar Range and a new triangle. I think it was going to be about four or five hundred dollars if your bike breaks Maybe you can repair it with a thirty dollar kit from Amazon like I did Well There’s the repair, I mean you can see it but Mm-hmm, nice and strong I think Anyway, I’m super excited about it, you know instead of spending 400 bucks on someone else to repair it for you, you know Give it a shot. See if you can do it see this is Eric with ride labs. Thanks for watching my rear triangle repair and Hopefully you’ll be seeing this bike on the trail with me since I’m gonna be giving it to my son for his birthday tomorrow So glad I got it done in time. If you haven’t subscribed click the logo right there and follow along

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  1. Awesome! You've definitely worked with fiberglass before. Great video and awesome to see your wife's first appearance!

  2. I was so mesmerized… 12 minutes just went by so quick!…. That's an awesome option for carbon repair! 🤘

  3. Nice video and it’s good to see people working on stuff themselves. Also, I enjoy YouTube’s armchair “pros” that pop-up in the comment section.

  4. So there's a lot of hate coming at you for doing this. I would like to see it tested on the trail. I mean, you can know everything there is about fiber work in theory, but in practice… "it ain't stupid if it works" right? Would you be willing to take this bike off of some drops/jumps with the repairs you have made? I've worked carbon fiber for violins and other instruments, but nothing that required structural integrity under load. I would have at least vacuum bagged it, but I would really like to see it on the actual trail. video, maybe?

  5. I just bought the kit. I am going to use it on my Stumpjumper. I found that small puncture on the bottom of the frame that was hiding under the plastic protector. I think the bike has been like that for a long time and I have been riding on it like that. I think this will be perfect for what I need. This was great video. Thanks

  6. here is a big Tip for you next "DIY" carbon frame repair video, read the resins manuals, they need time to cure even before applying them, most of them 30-60 mins, so you will have a tacky material to work with. I have repaired a lot of little stuff in my house with carbon, fibreglass and resin impregnated cloths, most of them have survived for a few extra months.
    it would be nice to have like a review of how it went if the rear triangle if it survived or it didn't go that good

  7. Hello, you did not do anything more than the video and now you have not had any problems with it?
    I have a small fissure in the tube of the seat stem and I'm considering putting this on. What opinion does it give you?
    thanks for everything. a greeting

  8. This is some hillbilly/ghetto sort of shit homie. These elements are designed to handle loads in different ways by allowing play in certain designed directions, hence different type of carbon in different patterns are used in different parts of the frame. This sort of repair will make the part that you fixed strong like a fucking rock, meaning no play and the parts surrounding it are more likely to break. This isn't hate, as the idiot in another comment said, this is basic knowledge of how this shit works.

  9. NEVER STIR EPOXY FAST LIKE THIS! it creates air bubbles and airbubbles create weakspots in the epoxy coat. stir slowly. this goes for ANY type of epoxy btw

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