Cardmaking with Dies: Frame Pull Waterfall Card
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Cardmaking with Dies: Frame Pull Waterfall Card

August 27, 2019

hello it’s Karen Burniston here with my
monthly designer challenge video. In the spirit of the new year I set the theme
this month as “new” so the team is instructed to try or use something new.
So I have a few new things going on in my card the chief one is that I’m going
to convert the action of the Frame Pull pop-up which is normally just a single
pull from the bottom that you end up with an extra little pop-up inside and
now I’ll be converting this – pretty easily actually – into a four panel
waterfall card that pulls from the side you can check out all of our die designs
at and today I’ll be using two – the Frame Pull pop-up and
just one word from Word Set 7 and then to decorate my waterfall card I’m going
to use a stamp set from Visible Image this is the Cheshire cat it’s new to me
although I did buy it a couple months ago. Okay so let’s get started by making
the waterfall the Frame Pull pop-up set includes 12 individual dies and I will
grab the three that I would normally use to make the frame pull those are the
same three that I’ll use for the waterfall I’m also using brand new
cutting pads (it’s so fun!) okay you can use any die-cutting machine that can
accommodate a wafer-thin die and today I’m using a Sizzix Big Shot
let’s start with smiley square so that’s the one that has the smiley face at the
top and a score line right below it and you’ll fold on that score line as a
mountain fold which means folding away from yourself and definitely can
reinforce that with a bone folder okay now on that piece we want to add two
more score lines to it and they should each be 3/8 of an inch apart so that’s
going to be three tick lines on your scoring board per fold. The two new
folds that you made will then also become Mountain folds and again for this
technique it’s a great idea to use a bone folder to get a nice crisp fold. So
three folds in smiley square it means a four-panel waterfall so step one is
going to be to add the large square to smiley square and I’m using my Lineco
neutral pH adhesive in my Fine Tip bottle we do sell both of those items on
our website you could just as easily use a strong tape runner or tape but I want
to add that square underneath smiley square starting at that outermost fold On the pull-tab itself there is a
score line underneath the smiley face and that creates a tapered tab that tapered
tab gets some adhesive so there’s a smiley face on that tab I know you can’t
probably see it on the video but then from behind the piece you bring the fold
line of the tapered tab over the top the two smiley faces line up and you just
glue them together. Now because I glued that square on I’ve made this piece
longer which means my outer end of my pull tab where the arrow is it’s not
going to work the way it normally would because if you folded it up it would be
too short so I’m just going to cut away above the arrow and then just cut
another pull tab. So from this new pull tab we can work on the arrow end and
that one has two score lines and they both fold in the same direction what
this does is make a very durable little section for pulling as well as it adds
that little arrow detail so the adhesive goes around the arrow and you fold in
the tapered tab first now if you wanted to you could have put a little something
behind that arrow first to add some color what I plan to do since my
cardstock is pretty dark is just to use a colored pencil through the opening so
now I’m going to fold over once more and glue down and then I’ll just take that
white colored pencil in there and just fill in the arrow. Okay now what this new
pull tab is used for is for gluing to the first one so that you can elongate
it and make it the right length so there’s quite a bit of overlap in it to
get it to sit just outside of the waterfall in the closed position so I’m
just lining it up and gluing it down I’ve already previously checked about
where it needed to overlap and then when I closed it I realize I am still a
little bit short so I want to pull that up before my glue is set too much and
just move it down a little bit so that’s the nice thing about using glue is if
you work quickly you can, you know, fix your errors. Okay perfect so now that my
whole pull tab is right outside of the square when it’s closed and I don’t have
to worry about anything that I did there at that seam because even when it’s all
the way out it’s not going to show that seam at all
for card size I chose a thick black cardstock and cut it to a to four and a
quarter by five and a half and then a piece of patterned paper from my stash
that’s four by five and a quarter and then for attaching my waterfall to the
card I’m going to choose a location where the main waterfall rectangle is
centered so I’m ignoring the tab itself and just looking at all of the waterfall
parts to make sure that that’s centered to my liking. Now one of my favorite ways
to attach a waterfall is using something mechanical like a brad or a staple
because then I don’t have to worry about any adhesive coming off as people are
pulling so I love the idea of using a staple and I’m just doing it in those
corners out on the end I’m going to be covering that up with a square on the
front and with a panel on the back so now with the pull tab all the way out I
can check and see how far in I can put my second set of staples and I’ve
discovered that it’s basically right over the seam from where I glued that
smiley square onto that larger square so that will allow me to still pull all of
those panels through. I’ve die-cut four of the largest squares to be the flipping
parts of the waterfall and I’m going to start in a section that has the staples
so for that one the square is going to completely cover what’s already there so
I can just add my tape runner or glue all over the back of that square and put
it on there so that’s the final square that doesn’t actually flip you just land
on it the other three squares will each attach to one of the skinny panels so
you just start by adding your glue or tape into one of those skinny panels and
then you want that square to line up with the fold line and glue is a good
choice for this not only because it’s strong so it’s not gonna come apart as
people open and close the waterfall but also because you have that chance to
redo it. You know you can pull it off of there if it wasn’t particularly straight
okay and then I just go on to the next panel so the adhesive goes in the next
skinny panel I can pull that tab so that I can see where the fold line is get a
good connection flip it open make sure I like it it’s nice and straight and then
do the same thing with the final square and then once that final square is on, my
waterfall is now working its complete and just needs to be decorated
so my first decoration is one that I wasn’t originally planning on but I got
a little sloppy with my glue and I have some glue stains in different places now
I know the one on the purple square will get covered but the ones on the black
patterned paper I’ve decided just to handle that by sliding in a piece of
patterned paper and gluing it to the card as though it were decoration
although technically it’s to cover up my glue just checking first to make sure I
don’t create a catch point the frames in the Frame Pull die set actually have an
embossed feature on them if you run it back through with your rubber mat and
then you can get that raised almost woodgrain type of texture and I’m going
to use that larger frame on that top square that will add some decoration as
well as cover up those little glue stains now I feel like a four-panel
waterfall is perfect for a Cheshire cat disappearing so I stamped and colored
the Cheshire Cat and then fussy cut him out and then did various stages of
invisibility now I just copied the styling from the packaging Thank You
Visible Image for giving me that gorgeous “go by” and I used prismacolor
colored pencils. Now I used that same cat stamp two more times and cut it out
partial and then there is a stamp that is just the face for the final panel and
as I add my adhesive for that cat I just need to make sure that I avoid the areas
that are going to hang off the edges and then it’s just a matter of flipping
through the waterfall and decorating it and you do have those pieces those
decorator pieces that come in the die set like this rectangle that will cut
you those perfect pieces to leave that little shadow so then I’ll add some
adhesive behind my second cat and just use the first one as a guide to make
sure that I get the same position. Having the cats in the same position as you
flip through really adds to the illusion and then same thing with the tail add
the adhesive behind that partial tail and then use the first one as a guide to
make sure I get the same position In the third set of panels I added
patterned paper and then the head of the cat and just tried to eye it so that I
got the same position. The Frame Pull pop-up set has some decorator pieces in
it so it has a die that will cut two hearts and two dies to cut mirror image
matching birds and I’m just using the same colored pencils to color in the
hearts but leaving a little black outline. Now the birds have a nice stencil feature to be able to
highlight the wing and add the eye so I’ll use the die itself as a stencil for
that and then finish out the coloring with those same colored pencils leaving
a little black showing around the edges so the reason that I chose to style the
birds and the hearts this way is to make them tie in a little bit better with
stamped and colored imagery so I find that when I’m using black outline
stamps and coloring them that then when I mix in just die cut paper pieced
elements – it, you know, it kind of has a different look but by doing this method
of using black cardstock and then the same colored pencils to color the images
then I just feel like it ties in a little bit better. And one thing about
these videos is I absolutely create and compose these cards as I go so I haven’t
tested any of this stuff yet and now I can see that I’ve created a catch point
with my little piece of patterned paper that was meant to cover my glue oopsie
because the tail of the cat is hitting it so I need another solution so I cut
the same black-spotted patterned paper and I’ll go in and glue that in over the top
it’ll make my highlighting patterned paper a little bit skinnier but it will
eliminate the catch point so now the tail can’t catch against that purple
paper and speaking of the tails as you flip it open of course you see the back
section of that tail on the white cardstock so that’s where I decided I
would put my Birds so that it would just fill in that white
area a little bit and make it look more intentional and then the birds are going
to stand on the smaller frame from the Frame Pull die set which I also ran
through with an embossing sandwich to give that texture and then in my final
section I added the large frame and then the fussy cut cat face and then I just stamped and fussy cut
out all the pieces to the greeting so it says “which way you go depends on where
you want to be” and then there’s also a stamp that says “we’re all mad here” so
you could send a card like this for almost any occasion but I did think that
welcome would be a good reason to use a card like this you could be welcoming
somebody to your workplace or to your neighborhood or even to your family you
know this idea “we’re all one mad happy family and welcome” now the technique
itself of altering the Frame Pull pop-up die set into a waterfall – that’s
completely generic so you could make this card in any theme you want. Just
swap out the stamps for some different stamps or some dies or however you want
to decorate it. You can even add additional panels if you just add more
score lines and it’s just a great way to get more out of your investment. So if
you own the Frame Pull pop-up die set you also own a waterfall die set with
just a couple of easy modifications. Thanks for watching!
if you click on the website link you’ll go to where you can
find out information about purchasing these dies as well as links to all my
other social media accounts you can subscribe to this YouTube channel and
check out some of my other videos thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you
next time

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  1. Your card itself is fabulous, with the disappearing Cheshire cat. But the whole Waterfall technique is AMAZING and I can't wait to play with this idea. Brilliant!!!!!!!

  2. Another winner! I'm so happy I already bought the Frame Pull Pop-up and I'm eager to try the waterfall aspect! Thanks for being so clever and for sharing with us!

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