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  1. What a Marxist POS. No wonder O dumbass wanted him in his cabinet, Sunstein thinks just like Odumbass. They're both Marxist Pos.

  2. The 2nd Amendment didn't create any rights, it just protects the individual's right to keep and bear arms that existed long before it did.

  3. How does his argument stand up against the rights of the People in the 4th Amendment?  Is the 4th only a right of the people and not a person?

  4. I find it ironic that Sunstein is from Concord MA. The very place where a little squabble was started when the British came to confiscate "firearms". Is it really a "mystery" what the intent of the amendment was? Really?

  5. Pennsylvania's Constitution of 1790 speaks of bearing arms in two places. Of the several constitutions this one is most relevant since it was ratified just three years after the U.S. Constitution.

    Article VI
    Of the militia.
    Sect. II. The freemen of this commonwealth shall be armed and disciplined for its defence. Those who conscientiously scruple to bear arms, shall not be compelled to do so; but shall pay an equivalent for personal service. The militia officers shall be appointed in such manner, and for such time, as shall be directed by law.

    Article IX
    To bear arms.
    Sect. XXI. That the right of the citizens to bear arms, in defence of themselves and the state, shall not be questioned.

  6. If C.S. doesnt believe in an individual Right according to many's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to own firearms how does he think this country won its independence ?
    So the founders after they won their Independence from the British they set up the same dictatorship they fought and shed blood and died for.I hate to say it but this doesnt even pass the idiot test.

  7. Its too bad Cass Sunstein doesn't know about this. I'm a historian. This is new..

  8. Cass, there is nothing mysterious about the Second Amendment: the American peoples' right to keep and bear arms is a natural and unalienable right. This right was not granted by government, and it can not be repealed by government. In fact, the US Bill of Rights ensures that government will not even infringe upon that right. The government HAS NO LEGAL POWER to write any laws, no matter how seemingly reasonable, that infringe upon our rights. Simple.

  9. Mysterious indeed! I am reminded of the fictional character of the police prefect in Edgar Allen Poe's story, who " had a fashion of calling every thing "odd" that was beyond his comprehension, and thus lived amid an absolute legion of "oddities.""  Funny how those who want to take away people's stuff always seek to obscure any constitutional protection against that theft finding it conveniently "mysterious"…

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