Celebrating Norway’s constitution day | Vlog 19³
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Celebrating Norway’s constitution day | Vlog 19³

August 24, 2019

Let’s take the photo for Instagram wonderful a new week has begun we are starting off the week with some swimming we are swimming for an hour Tønseth is coming right here he is about to do a flip turn my flip turn is just like the swimmers’ in the Olympics I like this I have received a new package what have you bought? I have bought a… you need to stay tuned but I have actually bought this on my own I will get in better shape after investing this thing at the same time, it’s very practical holy shit the bad thing about this is that we have to do it all by ourselves you are looking good Ola, this is not working haven’t you adjusted the brakes? no, as well as the seat is wrong assembled what’s going on? no I mean, look at this maybe you could have read the instructions none of the brakes are working I am holding in the brakes as much as possible right now look at this this is so cool what did it feel like? bicycling will still be tiresome bye, bye everyone bye happy birthday everyone happy birthday are you joining the parade? yes, I am see you then you look good thanks now I am leaving I need a flag I will go like this… put it in my bag see you in the parade then or what? and to all of the citizens in Norway May 17 congratulations on the Constitution day now the great day is about to begin happy birthday Norway! we are going in the parade this year, just like we did last year and the year before that Children’s Parade, Public Parade, and the Russ Parade we have joined all of them a lot of people are waiting for the Parade around the corner a place where there is always a lot of people it will be fun what? you like that I love it let’s go! do some hang-ups for me Pernille I only managed to do one you are still hanging are you a ghost? you are still hanging let me see do another one it was too tiresome in my “bunad” is your “bunad” too heavy? yes it looks so easy when you do it should I get you the camera? what a great training session should we take a picture for Instagram? yes we have already taken like 10 000 pictures already what are you supposed to say now? let’s go Instagram-picture! let’s go Instagram-picture! great good morning it’s the 18th of May I really hope you had an amazing day and celebrated the 17 May Niklas had to go inside because he is bleeding noseblood typical him I just told them that you were inside wiping away the noseblood that’s life are you trying to get back? a man was beefing with me yesterday so I had to give him a lesson did you use those? are you on a hike? yes the ferry is there we just traveled with the ferry to Fosen this is Rørvik yes, but it’s Fosen or something like that at least we are on the other side of the sea Trondheim is right there we are off the right path but we are trying to get to Pernille’s grandfather’s cabin I have packed my bag Pernille just got finished working is it that cabin? all the way over there? we are off the right path but we are doing our best this ended up as a hike I had a session on roller skis this morning, as you may have seen Niklas was bleeding noseblood mostly of the session otherwise, everything is good as I say to you earlier I hope all of you had a nice celebration yesterday at least we had Pernille did you have a great time? yes, what about you? yes that was actually my main message also, I hope you are having a great day today we are now going to the cabin and relax for some hours Good morning everybody it’s Sunday, also the last of the week I am going to have a hard session today Ola is joining us as well, let alone he is joining us on the bike we will now get some better clips and material for the vlog this is for extremely interested people… I will do 1*10/12 minutes 1*15 minutes and then another 12 minutes and the last for 12 minutes this interval will last for 50 minutes if you asked for extremely interested people and I will have a break for two minutes between the intervals are there a lot of hills? yes, we are starting at the lowest point in the city and we are going to the highest paved point in Trondheim it’s going to be tough and it will hurt but it will be controlled I hope it will be ok I’ll try keeping up with you you have an electric bicycle you will have a great time we let the car pass and then we are starting have a good session, Johannes are you a dead man? yes, I told you earlier either I never want to have a vacation again, or I want to have a vacation for the rest of my life I am dead I can’t feel my arms anymore, they are full of blood and my legs doing sessions like these or at least the first sessions makes me feel sick for a couple of days I have to get home and I’ll have to crawl into a fetal position do some studying after all, get ready for a second session thanks to this, I am tired I don’t think you can understand if you haven’t experienced it even though I was supposed to it controlled my legs get stiff and they hurt totally dead luckily there are still six months left until the skiing season is starting or five months and 30 days life is hard we are ending this vlog from the top of Skistua my second home a manifoldly week is almost over I hope you have had an amazing week and I hope you liked this vlog as well as usual see you next week and we are still hoping that we’ll reach 100k subscribers because we got plans for doing something crazy and some of you also have a lot of suggestions 100k is our next goal just hit the subscribe button down below and then I’ll see you next week I am going to relax for a long time

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  1. Hei Johannes skal du løpe santOlavsløpet i såfal kan jeg ta en selfi med deg, jeg mener har lyst til å møte deg jeg er stor fann og har lyst til å bli like god som deg på ski. Hilsen Isak Moen

  2. Min dotter är en fantastisk simmare, särskilt bra på bröst, fjäril o frisim! Hon ger er gärna en lektion!😊

  3. that skiing did NOT LOOK like fun…….but as u said…u will soon be doing it on snow….5 months of "vacation" left

  4. Konge vlogg!! Kult at du oppdaterer oss "spesielt interesserte"😊 Hadde vært konge om du hadde sagt litt om hvilken intensitetssone du ligger i👌🏼I1-I5

  5. Æ bor i Fosen i vanvikan, vi ska spill fotball kamp mot Astor og det e vell du som spille der, glede mæ

  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  7. Jeg er en kjempe fan av northug den capsen du hadde på i idrettgallaen 2017 har jeg kjøpt skal kjøpe luaå jeg elsker deg å northug

  8. with 5+ million people living in Norway you should have at least that many people subscribed to your Vlog!

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