Celebrating #Suffrage 125 at Parliament: 125 years of women’s suffrage in New Zealand
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Celebrating #Suffrage 125 at Parliament: 125 years of women’s suffrage in New Zealand

December 5, 2019

[♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫]>>Today we are celebrating 125 years of women’s
voting in New Zealand.>>And we’ve been hosting people on special
tours around the building, who have been finding out all about the characters – just what they
went through.>>So I believe it was my great-great-grandmother
who signed the petition. I’m just very grateful that she was part of
the change. It’s never easy to go against society and
society’s norms.>>It’s something to be proud of. We’re the first country, we took
the first step. We showed other countries that it was possible.>>It’s better to have more women vote because
women deserve the right too.>>That is the best quality in a woman. She is the Mother Earth.>>Kate Sheppard was the public face of the
suffrage movement. It was the largest petition, so it was a huge
citizen action. And when it was presented to the House by
Sir John Hall, he dramatically unrolled it along the central corridor of the debating
chamber, and it hit the Clerk’s desk with a thud. And the House supported it through.>>I think I’d say ‘thank you so much,’ and
how brave they were. It must have been very courageous to go against
everybody’s thinking at the time.>>We really hope that it’s inspired people
to learn more about the efforts of women, and also for people to come back
and to learn more about Parliament and how this institution works.

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