Celebrating The Polish Constitution [Kult America]
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Celebrating The Polish Constitution [Kult America]

August 25, 2019

I’m standing in a place
where on May 3, 1791, the authorities of Poland signed
what turned out to be very famous document –
the Constitution of Poland. This was the first Constitution in Europe
and the second in the world. On today’s episode of Kult America I’d like
to explore what privileges modern day Poles currently
enjoy thanks to their constitution. I’ve decided to spend a day in a polish
parliamental complex to explore the articles of the Constitution,
which give polish people rights, citizen rights, I think that this is a perfectly appropriate venue for me to
better my knowledge on that document. I met one of the polish senators – Robert
Dowhan – and he invited us to see the polish parliament. I don’t usually have an opportunity to talk
to politicians, so I decided to take my chances and ask him his thoughts on the polish Constitution? As a polish citizen and as a government member
what does the Constitution mean to you? For me it’s the definition of Poland. The Constitution form the May 3 equals Poland, so for me it is a primary value,
that has to be respected. So the Constitution guides every
function of your decision making? Mostly yes, of course there is a regulamin
of Lower and Upper chambers, but it is based on the Constitution. Actually it is similar to my
country in that regard. I mean in America the Constitution is the
most important fundament of our government. There’s one article that actually reminds
me of an American Constitutional right
from the Declaration of Independence. In America we have the right to life,
liberty and persuade of happiness. In Poland article 47 guarantees “Everyone shall
have the right to legal protection of their private
and family life, honour and good reputation”. So this is my first experience in the Polish parliament. Huh, I feel quite patriotic, actually. So we’ve been here for a while now, and not only do the people
listening seem to be disinterested, but the people talking
also seem disinterested. Most people down there are kind of playing
with their phones, I’m sure important business, but it’s a little bis less epic that I would
have kind of imagine it to be. Look at that, when they go over their time
there’s like a brutal alarm that starts beeping. So we’ve just crossed the corridor and we’re
entering the place where the Senat works. These are our gardens. Probably the only parliamental
beehouses in the world. There was a time before the war, when a beekeeper did not have to make an oath
in a court if he was the witness. I really need to drink some tea
with the parliamental honey. I will ask if that’s possible. This was the presidential flag on board of
the flight, that crushed in Russia killing a lot of the polish government. So we are actually going to enter the opening
of the Senat session, which is pretty exiting. This room is a little bit less climatic
than the first room we were in, but it’s kind of formal energetic. I can feel some more passion. So I just asked the senator here if the articles
they are voting on are alredy decided before this session. And he said “yeah, we know what we want
to vote, but there’s going to be a discussion later
and sometimes things can change.” So what are you doing to protect the Constitution? I just vote as my consciousness tells me
and with respect to the Constitution. Everyone can give his vote to his representant. The polish Constitution also assets obligations
to the citizens of the country. One of which I hope to observe in making these
videos, as article nr. 82 Loyalty to the Republic of Poland as well
as concern for the common good. I hope that by sharing this videos with you
and people outside of Poland we can celebrate together the values which makes
this country so unique and special. But maybe you feel otherwise. And if that’s the case, I’d encourage you
to use article 54 in the comment section below.

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