Change Headlight Bulbs on a Jeep Liberty
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Change Headlight Bulbs on a Jeep Liberty

November 30, 2019

Hey folks, I’m Dennis, today I’m going to
show you how to change the headlight bulbs on a first-generation 2003 to 2007
Jeep Liberty. Let’s get started What you’re going to need for this job is
a set of 9007 headlight bulbs. I’m going to replace these with
some SilverStar Ultras but any brand will do as long as this number is the
one that you’ve got the 9007, you’ll be fine. The first thing you’ve got to do is pop the hood. The hood release latch
is on the driver’s side kick panel right where your left foot goes when you’re
driving. You pull that lever that’ll release the hood. Lift the hood up and you press the
hood release lever to release the safety latch on the hood. In this engine
compartment, to get to the headlights, you have to go in
underneath here and then underneath here to get to them unless you want to remove
a bunch of stuff. It’s easier to just reach in underneath so I’ll show you how
that works on the driver’s side first. You got the battery you’ve got the fuse block
and you’ve got a little gap in here and right here you can see that right here
where my finger is the back of the headlight bulb socket so what we’ve got
to do is is turn that about an eighth or a quarter turn counterclockwise to pull
that out and then we can get the wiring harness over here closer where we
can get the bulb out. Alright so what I’m going to do is I’m going to reach my
hand in right back here like so, I’m gonna show you from the top…. reach my hand
in right under here underneath the radiator hose and underneath this
bracket so I’ve got my hand back here I don’t know if you can see this or not but,
this is the back of the headlight socket and
this is a ring that goes onto the back of the headlight assembly itself. Your
going to take that ring and you’re gonna turn it about an 1/8 of a turn
counterclockwise and then it’s gonna get loose and when you get it loose you can
just pull that whole headlight assembly out with
the bulb and all. Okay so I just pulled my fuse box out a little bit so that I could
better show you how this works and I’ve gotten the the headlight socket up
above the header panel so I can show you a little better. So this blue clip is
part of the socket, it’s not a closed clip, I don’t know if you can really
see it but up here the ends of this clip are open so all you have to do is slide
this off of the headlight bulb. You gotta kind of work it loose and it’s a
pain because this is in your way. Just pull it off like that and set that
somewhere we can get to it in a minute and then your then your headlight bulb
will just come out like this. Remember when you go to put your new bulb in
which way you got to have it though, these teeth that are in here have to
point toward the bulb itself so anyway I’m gonna set
it there just like that so that I don’t get confused before I open up my new
bulbs. Now what’s important when you’re replacing headlight bulbs, halogen
headlight bulbs, is to be very certain that you don’t touch the glass part of
the new bulb. The oil in your skin will cause the glass portion of the bulb to
have a hot spot and it’ll cause it to burn out prematurely so the best
practice is just don’t touch it. There’s the new bulb.
We’ll take this old bulb out and set it off to the side and set that new
bulb right in there, I don’t want to confuse the old bulb with the new one.
Alright I’m gonna hold on to it like so and I’m gonna be careful like
I say I’m gonna be careful not to touch this glass part with my skin I guess
another good countermeasure would be for me to put gloves on.
You can see this is D-shaped the socket is it’s got a flat, and the end
of the head light socket’s got a flat too, so you just line those up. push it on there until this clip snaps
on and then you’re ready to install it now when you go to push this in you’re
gonna make sure that this headlight is all the way into the assembly so that
this o-ring around here seals and then you’re going to just tighten this
ring up clockwise about an 1/8 of a turn and you’re done. now hopefully you can see this, I’ve got the headlight lined up into the
socket or into the headlight assembly and normally if you don’t take this fuse
block box loose you would go in from underneath the radiator hose back here, you
would just go in under here like so. so you turn that headlight until you
you get it seated into that housing, that the headlight assembly, and then you push
that ring up on there and just turn it clockwise. looking from this
side, about a an 1/8 of a turn and then make
sure that’s in there and you’re done. We’ll go to the other side…….
the passenger side is a very similar process you’re gonna go in up under here,
underneath the the cold air intake and you can reach the the headlight assembly
right up under here. It’s between the washer bottle and the cold air
intake…..I’ll see if I can show that to you if you can see it, it’s right there, right here so you’re gonna turn that 1/4 or
1/8 of a turn or so, pull that out and then bring it up here where you can
actually work on it and then the process is the same. You’re just going to unplug
the bulb, put the new one in then go back in there with it and make sure it’s
seated and then tighten that ring up so I’m going to take this bulb pull it out take the new one make sure if that ring falls off, you’ve got to
make sure you get it on there the right way
otherwise it won’t tighten up onto the headlight assembly. So again making sure
you don’t touch the glass on the bulb snap it in there all the way and then you’re gonna fit that back in there
and tighten it up just like we took it out let’s take it in this way get it in the headlight assembly make
sure it’s seated, get that ring on there and you’ll know once it’s on there
right because when it tightens up it’ll snap into place and then you shouldn’t
be able to pull the headlight bulb or anything out. This should all be pretty
secure so, there you go, that’s done. there you go folks
that’s how you change the headlight bulbs out on the first-generation 2003 to 2007
Jeep Liberty. Thanks very much for watching my video, I appreciate it. Check
out the other videos I’ve got on my channel please and please subscribe if
you would. Hope see you back soon! Thanks

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  1. Much thanks! Had to go through three other videos before finding yours, which was spot on, especially as to the passenger side headlight bulb change. I was fiddling with how to move the air cleaner box out of the way!! Tough being a Polock! 🙂

  2. Great video, and like the previous comment, super helpful. It took all of 5 minutes to change both bulbs and be on my way. Thank you for the easy to understand instructions!

  3. Read a review here. Review claims bulbs only last a year. Anybody have any experience to verify or refute this claim?

  4. Great Job Dennis.. Thought I would have to take the whole lamp out but your showed me a better way.. Thanks

  5. I really miss the Liberty……..I would trade my new Cherokee for a pre 2008 Liberty in a heart beat……..Easy to work on and reliable as a Jeep SHOULD be.

  6. Dennis, this video really confused me. I want to DIY (again) installing new headlight bulbs in my 2005 Liberty, this will be the third time in my ownership. Driver side was a piece of cake to do as per DIY vids I followed. Passenger side was rather difficult having to remove layers ( to me with special tools for a non-mechanic I didn't own). Not only that, I need to replace the "bulb" of passenger side parking light. Only vids I see are for complete unit replacement. You did by "feel" not "visual", I don't know what I am feeling.I'm going to try your method, as well as change both headlights ATST…..but I am rewatching your vid and studying it!!! Thanx.

  7. Thanks Dennis! I've changed headlight bulbs before, so I know the basic process, but it's always been on sedans and my Liberty is a much tighter area. Your video was very helpful and informative — I feel much more confident changing my headlight bulbs now!

  8. Really good camera angles. I don't know why I watched video. I've done a half dozen 9007 bulbs. Maybe it's a new habit watch videos before any repair. Again some really good camera angles.

  9. Thank you, sir. You made that explanation really easy to follow. If it wasn't for the dirt, I'd be done almost as quick as your video.

  10. Thanks for showing us! Would of put my fingers all over the bulb if you didn’t say that little fact about the oils from the skin burn out the light sooner!

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