Changing the Constitution to stop racial discrimination
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Changing the Constitution to stop racial discrimination

September 29, 2019

Discrimination against people on the basis
of their race is unfair, and Australians don’t accept it in our multicultural society. We have laws to prevent it in every state and territory. And, a national law called The Racial Discrimination Act. But the Australian
Parliament can set this law aside. That’s why one proposal for changing the Constitution, is to include a guarantee against racial discrimination. That would legally bind the Australian Parliament. The guarantee could be included in a new section that prevents the Australian Parliament from discriminating on the basis of race. Or a new power, for the Australian Parliament to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples but only for their benefit, and not to discriminate against them. But, because the Constitution can be interpreted in different ways by different judges, we need to carefully consider the effect of any changes. So, get the full picture and join the conversation.

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