Chaperoning 7th Graders
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Chaperoning 7th Graders

October 27, 2019

You know, I’ve realized something. If I keep making videos about my life stories, then soon I’ll run out of life to talk about. Which is why sometimes I’ll agree to do a thing just so I can make a video about it later. Perks of being a YouTuber. So my Mom is friends with this junior high school teacher… Kudos to any junior high school teachers watching. It amazes me that anyone would be okay sitting in a room with twenty 7th graders and not even getting paid that much to do it. My mom was talking to her, like moms do, and I guess I came up in conversation. And my mom told her that I wanted to be a math teacher… But then I became a YouTuber instead. So my Mom’s friend, I’ll just make up a fake name for her… I’ll just call her “Mom’s Friend”. Mom’s Friend comes up to me and says “Hey would you be interested in helping tutor some 7th and 8th graders?” Ew! I think the only reason she chose me was because One, I’m good at math. (duh) And two, I’d be good with kids… or something. I told her I’d do it because 7th and 8th graders are the worst kinds of people. Un-Unless you watch my videos, then you’re cool. I’ll finally get to live my half-hearted dream of teaching kids math. Now I didn’t make this video to talk about math okay? That’s boring. Before I even started tutoring these kids, Mom’s Friend asked if I wanted to chaperone on a field trip so I can “get to know them.” Okay, 7th and 8th graders are between the ages eleven and thirteen. AKA: The worst time to be alive as a human. You’re going through puberty. You’re super self-conscious. No one wants to be your friend. 🙁 7th grade is just one big popularity contest And everyone’s losing. No one looks back at themselves when they were in 7th grade and thinks, “Yeah, I was alright.” There’s definitely some sevies watching right now thinking, “Oh, I’m not that bad!” Doesn’t matter who you are! You’re gonna look back on these years and hate yourself. I remember when I was in the 7th grade, I noticed all the cool kids wore really low socks. The shorter the sock, the cooler you were. So I always wore the LOWEST sock possible. Most of the time you couldn’t even see the socks! It looked like I was wearing nothing. That’s how cool I was. Sometimes I put on girl’s socks because they were the lowest socks I could find. I was sssssssoooooooooooo coool. Anyway, I was going to be chaperoning these kids on a field trip. They were going to the big college here in Arizona. Can I just say ASU? And this was suppose to get them excited to learn and pursue a higher education. Kinda awkward bringing me along, the successful college drop out. “Hey kids you should go to college. It’s important.” “I-I don’t count though.” And I didn’t know what to expect on this field trip. YouTube says my biggest demographic is 18 to 24 year-olds. But I don’t think that’s true. Because it’s usually kids leaving comments and emailing me asking to collab. Either they’re the loud minority, or there’s a bunch of kids lying about their age on YouTube. I walk into the classroom and everyone’s head turns. “Is that theodd1sout??” “Oh my goodness, that’s theodd1sout!” Kids started forming lines! They were taking pictures. They were hugging me- And I’m just kidding. That didn’t happen. No one cared. They were all still talking in their cliques. With all the kids I’ve talked to over the internet… That sounded wrong. With all the kids I’ve talked to, I was hoping that one, at least one, kid had seen my stuff. But nope. So I just sat in silence and played on my phone. We get on the bus–I don’t remember where I said this, but on school buses all the cool kids sit on the back. Well this time the opposite was true, because I sat in the front. We arrive at the college, I go to this group of kiddos, and I say, “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” And at that moment, I realized I sounded exactly like one of those adults who try to talk to kids but have no idea what to say. I was planning on them saying, “Astronaut!” or “Doctor!” And then I was going to say “Well, you could learn that IN COLLEGE!” That’s what I was going to say. “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” They said… Nothing. They didn’t say anything. They just looked at me like, “Why is this old guy tryin’ to talk to us?” So then I just walked away. Alright. I need a new question. I wanted to some how bring up, “Hey, I have over a million subs on YouTube.” But that’s tacky. You don’t just start conversations like that. Sub counts have to come out naturally. So I went up to a new group of kids and I said, “So, do you guys watch any YouTube videos?” And most of the kids did the same thing, looking at me like I was weird. But one kid said, “RiceGum.” “Ugh, ew!” Here’s actually the story of how I met RiceGum. So I was at VidCon, and all of a sudden a huge crowd of people just goes running by. And I said, “Who’s that?” And someone else said, “RiceGum.” And then I said, “Oh… ” “Wh-Whooo’s that?” And I didn’t really meet him. My friend Gabe did, though. *bark* So we were given a tour of this college and it was actually kind of interesting, because it was the college that I WOULD’VE attended if I wasn’t trying to save money. It was fun seeing what could’ve been. There were other junior highs doing tours at the same time. So we crossed paths with this preparatory school. (excuse that black frame, James accidentally pasted something for the end of the video) I’m guessing it was a preparatory school because they were wearing uniforms. And this one kid in the other group just pointed to me saying, “Theodd1sout! Theodd1sout!” Over and over, and I just said, “Heyyy” back to him. And that was it, we just kept walking. No pictures or high fives. Man, why couldn’t have THAT kid been in my group?! Preparatory kids are so much cooler. So we do the tour and I was in the back not talking to anyone. We ate lunch and there was actually a kid in my group who DID know me. His name was Conner. I think he was too shy to talk to me at first. Thanks Conner! Where were you when I asked your peers what they wanted to be when they grew up?! But he was cool, we ate lunch together. The field trip was almost over and I kept thinking “Man, I did NOT connect with these kids, like, at all.” “Well they are only seventh and eight graders, so it’s not like I need their approval.” “HEY KIDS! I have 1.8 million subs on YouTube!” It was tacky to use my sub count to get validated by these children. But after I said that, everyone loved me. I think made a good connection with them. And okay, all the kids I tutored that were failing math… 90% of the time they weren’t failing because they didn’t understand the material. They were failing because they were missing assignments. So, alright, I’m about to tutor everyone watching this video! And this goes for you college folks too. Kids… Turn in your work. Even if it’s late, it’s better than a zero. Alright, lesson’s over. We’re not going to do end card for this video because… I wanted to show you guys something. Here are all the cards I made for the plushies. Good news if you live in the States because they will most likely arrive before Christmas. Sorry if you live… somewhere else. Also, if you ordered a custom signature, you’re just gonna get one of these boys. We want to get them out before Christmas. But then we’re going to send the special ones later, so… You’ll get two cards if you- if you, uh, ordered special instructions. *indiscernable baby talk* Papi what do you have to say? *Papi snarling* Also another important announcement is I’m going to be taking a Christmas break. I have been working non-stop on videos since VidCon. So I am in desperate need of a break. I’m still going to be posting comics and maybe some other non-animated video if I can. But this is the only animated video this month so I guess, “Merry Christmas.” Can I say, “Merry Christmas”? Whatever holiday you celebrate, just wear your seat belt. Look at that. This is my–I haven’t… I haven’t hung it up or anything. It’s just, it’s just on the floor.

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  1. I'm in seventh grade, and if james would chaperone me and my friends he would hear so many cus words he would need some holy water to wash himself from it

  2. AW THX! Even though im in 5th grade… 😬 Also no … some people are born late like me and eh hem im 11 and not in 7th grade also cause im dumb

  3. I'm in 8th grade now and I can honestly say that's seventh grade was one of the worst years of my life mostly because I kept on failing Spanish in writing I'm in 8th grade now I know I can honestly say that 7th grade was one of the worst years of my life mostly because I kept on failing Spanish and writing but it is fuckin matter because I passed all my end of the year exams AKA where I live the STAAR test

  4. In 7th and 8th grade I wanted to be a neurologist…. then I went to to Highschool and I learned about TUITION.

    SOOOOO I’m going to a community college for nursing
    (It’s free) soo yea.

  5. i got offended when he said "7th and 8th graders are the worst kinds of people" but got lowkey really happy when he said "unless you watch my videos"

  6. From 0:00–1:38 is relatable. I’m in 8th grade. TheOddOnesOut, I respect you for describing middle school life in the most realistic way possible. 👌😂

  7. You should put air on all of your characters cause I no you have hair in the real world but when I first saw you in a video I thought you were bald!

  8. I'm in eighth grade people thinks that I was wider that I wacth you I feel like that I'm the only one who wacths you in my skool

  9. I'm in seventh grade and I hate it. The cool popular VSCO Brandy melvlille girls are mean hoes.
    The cool basketball jocks are super mean to us lowly nerds.
    And in our nerd group, there's a group of hoes that try to become popular and flirt with everyone!
    Shipping is so prevalent here
    Since Im a tomboy that is friends with a lot of the boys, all the girls hate me cuz all the boys like me.
    I get left out a lot too.
    Seventh grade fucking sucks

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