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Chassis Paint – The Best Coating for Your Frame and Suspension – Eastwood

October 21, 2019

today I’m going to take you guys on a
road trip to the other side of pottstown and visit one of the area’s premier
hotrod shops Derek White Street visions his guys are
spraying chassis black or an old Corvette frame and we’re going to show
you how easy it is to spray and how great it looks now let’s head on over satin chassis black is one of our most
popular pains because it’s a realistic sixty to seventy percent gloss like the
OM coatings found on frames and suspension parts it’s tough long-lasting and resist chips
and corrosion and even resist brake fluid solvent and UV light so not only does it look great and
protect your car will also keep you within your budget so if you’re looking for a paint its
durable and looks great she got Eastwood chassis black available
in gloss or satin just click the link right here for more
information or to buy yours today and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
channel before heading over to for all the paints and
coatings you need to do the job right

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  1. Including surface prep, priming, and other alternative surface coating ( with costs) would make this video much more useful.

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  3. Hey Guys, What is a decent paint gun to get for home use to restore Dirt Bikes. Don't want to break the bank, but looking for one that will get me a decent paint job. Thanks for the help

  4. Hey so I don't know if you'll get this but I was wondering if you guys offered any other colors than black. I have a 1986 El Camino that I want to shine up and I wanted to paint the chassis General Lee orange. Would you guys have an orange color paint that works the same way as the paint in the video?

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