Cheapest Full Frame Camera Ever: Canon RP Hands-on
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Cheapest Full Frame Camera Ever: Canon RP Hands-on

September 17, 2019

– So this is the quick
look of this Canon EOS RP. (dragon dancing music in background) I have to keep reminding, reminding myself it’s not PR. RP, RP. It’s EOS RP because this
is the second camera from the EOS R, last time EOS R It’s just not too many months ago. I didn’t really expect that they release a second EOS R that quick. Well as they say EOS RP. P stand for popular because they want this to be popular. That’s why this is the cheapest
full-frame mirrorless ever. I mean, around all the
current full-frame mirrorless, even the first Sony full-frame mirrorless, which is the a7, still a little bit more
expensive than this EOS RP. Basically this is their killer feature price it is the cheapest. And also latest, I mean, when you don’t consider the lens. I mean of course, well of course, the full-frame lens can’t be smaller. The lens have to be a full-framed lens. so it has to be big and heavy. But the camera, well basically the same thing with Sony, small
camera body, big lens. And this is really, this is
really proper light and small. This is basically the
same size as Sony a7. So actually how small is the RP? Well nobody is as crazy as Sony to make full-frame mirrorless
so small and thin until now. The RP is as small as thin as Sony. Now this camera body is
polycarbonate magnesium chassis Char Siu! So it is a magnesium
inside but plastic outside. Which is fine, I mean,
you have to find some way to make it cheaper because this is RP. It’s not R expensive, it’s not RE. Something I’m really glad is that the grip is not bad. The grip is a little bit
smaller than the EOS R which is expected which
is, I mean, acceptable but it is not bad. It is better, definitely
better than my Sony. This is still a pretty good grip. It’s better than a lot
of entry-level DSLR. Now if you don’t like the
overly innovative EOS R control this is a more traditional control because you got this more
traditional mode dial. Canon always get their on/off
button on different places across their different camera but yeah, you just have to get over it. I mean, yeah every other button, dial you can access from the right
side or from the right hand but you can’t pick it up to shoot just with your right hand because the on/off button
is on the left side. You always have to pick it up both hand, like we respect, like arigatou and turn it on. It got two dial though. That’s good, that’s good for entry-level. That’s good for a cheap camera. I mean a cheap full-frame. And function button,
that’s a lock switch here which you can set it up
to lock different things, lock dials or lock the touch screen. I set it up to lock the touch screen so if I’m shooting videos
or something like that, I can lock it so I
don’t accidentally press and change autofocus points. Actually quite hilariously, this feels more like an on/off button. Like a few times I pick it up, I want to turn it on from here. At the back is exactly the same. It got a flip screen. All these button exactly
the same as EOS R, probably exactly the same as
a lot of Canon DSLR as well. Menu button here. Quick menu. In my opinion, this is
still the best interface, touch screen interface,
ever on any camera. See anything, you touch that. You touch that, you got it. On the side, other than the mic jack, it’s good to see you, headphone jack. Long time no see. And you find a mini HDMI
port and a usb-c port. With the usb-c port, you can
charge the battery with usb-c. Like the EOS R, it has to be an actual usb-c power source, not a usual, not the old usb-a port. It just won’t work with that. Now something I’m really glad that all these new full-frame
mirrorless have these days, not even, not even full-frame, even Fuji have it, which is manual focus ring sensitivity linked to rotation speed so that now, when you do manual focusing it rotate exactly the
same as you expected, not like it will accelerate for you. Well to be honest it’s nothing wrong with all the specs it kind of like not as good, kind of sounds like it’s not as good. (upbeat music) Is it really bad? I think not really. It’s cheap. I’m not saying that because it’s cheap so it could be bad. But it’s not bad. It’s not bad at all. Well you’re not going to be sport photo with this because 4 FPS AFC or AFS 5 FPS, is really, yeah it’s less than EOS R, but EOS R is not that much better anyway. Let just say both are not
far from a sport camera. Not really, not really
for anything action. But these days, there are
no bad camera these day. Every camera can take
really great pictures if you know how to use it. Or even if you don’t know how to use it the auto intelligent thing is so good. And don’t forget the dual pixel AF is still industry gold standard. It’s probably the best
mirrorless AF system, for now, for now. (soft music) (men and children playing drums and music) Right there I’m attempting to shoot this with a 24-105mm lens. It’s bloody huge! 24 is not really that wide enough for selfie I think. And it’s quite heavy, look at that. Actually the weight
distribution is pretty good because all the weight is on the lens, because just because the body is so light. So shooting video with this is kind of, yeah it kind of so-so, because 1080 is fine. You can shoot 24, 25, 30p and even 50 or 60p so you can take a little
bit of slow motion. And it got dual pixel AF, but the dual pixel AF
doesn’t work with 4K. And 4K still got the same 1.7x Crop just like the EOS R. Why only the EOS R have it so the EOS RP, the cheaper
one, of course it has it. Since all the EOS R, last time I tried a
EF-S lens on the EOS R, shooting 4K with the 1.7x Crop it kind of fit with the
crop lens 1.6x Crop. So if you’re going to shoot 4K I think it’s good idea
to use an EF-S lens. One slight problem with this EOS RP is that when you’re shooting 4K that’s no dual pixel AF. It’s back to contrast AF. It works but it won’t be as good. Now this don’t have C-Log support. So you only have those
usual picture style. Those portrait, landscape, whatever. And I don’t know why it only got full auto or full manual. Shutter speed of course it has to be, it is set to one, only one shutter speed. If you’re serious about taking video, and then you have to
manually adjust the aperture. You can’t have auto
aperture on this camera. Unless you get this, all auto, full auto. You can set auto ISO but why don’t give me S mode to use because EOS R give you
all the exposure mode you can use in video mode. Not this. Something really weird, the same thing as EOS R is that see, now I have level,
electronic levelling display. If I choose face tracking, apparently Canon thinks that people who use face tracking doesn’t need to level their camera. Like why? Why discriminate towards
people using face tracking? Face tracking got feelings too. Well back in my days I shoot with film. And then there was digital SLR. So DSLR. At that time there was a first time I learned something about crop factor because turns out, at that time DSLR has a
smaller sensor than film. At that time, I keep thinking that’s just a period of transition. When technology catch up, we will have full-frame DSLR. Turns out, instead everyone
just change to use smart phone. (laughs) But anyway for people like us who still use a camera, camera, a real camera, to take photos. This is the first time full-frame camera is, well, I mean, full-frame mirrorless
camera is affordable. Kind of. This is the cheapest full-frame mirrorless camera, actually the cheapest
full-frame digital camera ever. Here it is, Canon EOS RP, not PR. (man speaking foreign language)

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  1. Lok bruv, go to a store and see how much the A7II costs brand new… and apart from video features it will kick the EOS RP's ass.

  2. Good camera but with a lot of drawback. Yes, it's the same price as some high end apsc, but apsc lens are way cheaper. So no thanks

  3. Cheaper than the Sony A7?… In Hong Kong, really? In Europe the A7II and kit lens is less than the EOS RP. It is impressive how many lenses Canon are making (soon), but they don't have any compact options and only one that isn't insanely priced and that's a niche lens. All this makes a budget compact body kinda pointless.

  4. God, you even hold the camera like Kai 9:16. Giving me a scare. I don't care what happens to the body, but that lens will cost you!

  5. This is really smart thing from Canon, nobody offers this, so many new photographers and people who don't care about fancy stuff are going to buy it. Sony should watch out this time imo…

  6. Brilliant. That short couple of sentences (paraphrase) "back in the day I was shooting film, then DSLR with crop, thought it was a transition, instead of technology catching up people switched to cell phone cameras, and the Canon EOS RP is the cheapest full frame mirrorless". That sums it up. Plus it is light and easy to hold. You are right, everyone is bitching about what the EOS RP does not have, but look at the low price! I think Canon will sell a lot of them. A few small light lenses to go on the front would help.

  7. I think this might actually be the camera I will upgrade to. Waiting a year to get a used one as I don't really want to spend that kind of money on a camera. Should be better than my EOS M.

  8. Lok, HELP! I’m considering this camera but I’m wondering what happens when you put an EF-S lens on it with the adapter in photo mode… it turns into a crop sensor right? But how many megapixels are the images? Do they remain the same? How do images compare in quality from full frame to cropped?

  9. Lok please bring us more from HK, like you so much. Your clothes are always legit casual. Like that as well:) Love from Berlin

  10. Hi Lok, nice video. How is the EOS RP working with the adapter for EF lenses on focus and accuracy? Will you recommend this camera to use on EF lenses?

  11. Great video Lok. This is a smart move by Canon to get people in the system with an affordable full frame. Give it till late summer and the RP will be sub £1000. All canon needs now is a few cheap lenses to throw on it.

  12. Lok, your voice is very harsh, its all bup-bup-bup-bup the way you talk. You need to slow it down. You need to speak English like you have caramel in your mouth. Not like an army drill sergeant barking like a chihuahua. English is more blaaah….blaah….blaah….blaah, and not bup-bup-bup-bup. Chinese people and many other nationalities speak very very fast. You don't need to do that with English speakers.

  13. Well; NO, you can still buy a brand new Sony A7 full frame camera for $800 at
    It doesn't have in body sensor stabilisation, but neither does the Canon R or Canon RP and you can do video 1920×1080 (60p(28Mbps)/60i(24/17Mbps)/24p(24/17Mbps)).

  14. Hey Lok, shouldn't this camera be called Canon RIP ???

    Expensive lenses, limited lens option, plastic, and cheaper price but A7 II is more feature packed and even cheaper…

    Do you think this Canon RP will be successful ??

  15. It's cheap and I bet it's because canon bought a shit ton of 6D ii sensors only to realise there utter trash compared to the original 6D so they release this to try and get rid of the sensors cos they don't wanna loose out

  16. it's $100 more expensive today than the D6 mark II launched in 2017. Looking at the D6 Mark II specs, its basically the same camera. But with lenses that will be much more expensive.

  17. I watch these videos 50% because I like Lok, 25% to hear a review of camera equipment and 25% to see everyday life in Hong Kong.

  18. I see a hint of the future here. A full frame camera for that price, I would call a break through, even if the quality is off. Basically, it it's an entry level camera, so can't expect much. I remember seeing the photos from a Canon 1100D, garbage compared to my 600D.. with produces garbage images compared to a 5D.. are the 600D and 1100D and the rp rubbish camera's? NO! Merely lesser quality at entry level prices.

    What matters, is it does what has been claimed. It appears to do so.

    When it comes to video, who cares. As long as it captures something. If you're simply uploading vlogs to yt, without special effects, then frame rate and even resolution, are mostly irrelevant.

  19. "R" stands for "Really" … "P" stands for "Perfect". Really perfect for the budget pocket. Of course … only kidding about the quotations. Lok, you are doing a fine job. Keep it up.

  20. Cheapest full frame my a*se.

    Without lens maybe. Put any lens for its mount on it and its price jumps into car used car category.

  21. I wish they could have at least improved the software features, While it is good to see a lower price point, most of the software limits seem arbitrary and punitive. It takes the value out of such a purchase.

  22. If nothing else, at least Canon ditched that stupid gimmicky touch bar and put proper controls into this camera it seems…

  23. 1200$,…….Not the cheapest!……. today 2019march, sony A72 680$, canon6D/nikonD610 650$ brandnew !!!!!

  24. Lok I hope you keep making reviews. Im coming back to the community and I remember your great video's when you were with Digital Rev.

  25. Maybe I'm not picking this up from the video but does previous lens type fit with this? Like ones with the red circle and white square indicated ones?

  26. Guyz, that RP ruined the game!! flip screen/touchscreen, Headphone/Mic Jack, 4K, FULL FRAME, price, we need now more RF lenses 🙂

  27. I think that canon and the rest of camera manufacturers are running a huge scam. What camera is genuinely worth more than 1000 dollars? I've been a photographer for over ten years, all these things are is a tool, not a commodity.

  28. Have you seen the dynamic range , it doesnt get the clouds they are all white, seems canon is going wrong way !

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