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  1. Sad 😔 to see all these young people Brainwashed 🗣🧠 to believe in the Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax…

  2. The Global Warming/Climate Change Scam is a manufactured "crisis" to make the elite 99% richer than they already are via the Carbon Credits program. Check out the research work of James Corbett ( and Tiffany Fitzhenry ( She did an interview with an actual Climate Scientist who debunks and exposes the Scam for what it is – LIES! 😠

  3. It's shameful and contemptable the way the elite are using children to push their Fraudulent Climate "crisis" SCAM! Follow the money (ALL the way) to see who's reallly behind this Climate "crisis" Propaganda. It's all about the Money 💲💲💲….

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