Chick-fil-a Kicked out of UK for Now: Oct 21 Debrief
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Chick-fil-a Kicked out of UK for Now: Oct 21 Debrief

October 21, 2019

Hey folks, I’m still on the road, but here’s
the week’s top LGBTQ news. The UK has strongly rejected the anti-LGBTQ
fast food joint Chick-fil-a. The Mormon Church is trying to stop reforms
that would block ex-gay abuse in Utah. A court in Hong Kong has ruled against marriage
equality — but left the door open for that to change in the future. And a gay activist in Uganda has been killed,
amidst officials threatening to revive the “death to gays” bill. We’ll have the week’s top LGBTQ news and
actions you can take on Weekly Debrief. If you find these videos helpful, head over
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who makes Weekly Debrief possible. Big thanks to everyone who supports the show. At this point, we all know Chick-fil-a donates
money to organizations that do terrible harm to queer people. The company has a charity called The Winshape
Foundation that gives millions to anti-gay activists, and that’s why people in the
UK were so upset that one had just opened at a shopping center west of London. But now, just a few weeks after it opened,
the center says that it’ll soon by closed, with a spokesperson saying that it’s “the
right thing to do.” One of the practices supported by Chick-fil-a’s
charitable giving is abusive ex-gay therapy. Regulators in Utah are trying to end the practice
by reforming the state’s licensing requirements for therapists, defining ex-gay treatment
as professional misconduct. But the Mormon Church has submitted a letter
to regulators saying that that would violate religious freedom, and that parents should
be free to subject their kids to the practice, which has been rejected by every major medical
organization in the country. Regulators could advance the rule change in
the next week, so we’ll soon see whether the Church is able to stop the proposed protections. In Hong Kong, a court has ruled against marriage
equality, finding that there’s no constitutional right to marriage. But the judge also wrote that legislators
should take up the issue, and that the laws on the topic are “incoherent,” conflicting
with each other and requiring resolution from elected Hong Kong officials. And finally this week, Ugandan gay activist
Brian Wasswa has been killed by unknown assailants, at the same time that government officials
have called for the death penalty for homosexuality. The situation in Uganda has grown even more
volatile this week, with other officials denying that a death-to-gays bill would come up for
a vote. It’s hard to say what the future holds,
other than that there are likely to be grave threats to queer people for the forseeable
future. This week’s action item is once again to
support the activists working in Uganda. Head over to to
donate and follow them on social media. I’m in Minneapolis for another few days. Let me know about stories that need covering
@mattbaume on twitter and in the youtube comments. And i’ll debrief you next week.

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  1. So no good news for us… save the Chick-Fil-A report out of the UK 🇬🇧 and possible good news in the future from Uganda 🇺🇬 and Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  2. So, Uganda wants to kill people because of the way they were born. I wonder how the black population there would feel about the history of discrimination against blacks because of the way they were born?

    Also, the first Canadian Chick-Fil-A location in Toronto is doing rather well and that makes me ashamed to be a Canadian 🙁

  3. There are now bills introduced in Ohio House and Senate that will (if passed) outlaw discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression. They are called the Ohio Fairness Act. It is SB 11 and HB 369. This is the first time that there have been bills in both chambers at the same time.

  4. Someone outside the Roller Derby community wrote a piece complaining about the inclusive gender policy of Womens Flat Track Derby Association so the organization refused to allow them to use any imagines for the article (more info needed) Can you check on how WFTDA responded and if any legal channels were used? Love your videos! thanks for uploading and keeping up with current happenings.

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