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Choose the Right Frame for your Face Shape | EyeBuyDirect

October 16, 2019

When buying eyeglasses, yes it’s about correcting
vision. But let’s face it, it’s also about style. When buying eyeglasses, you want to consider
the shape of your face. Now, may think you have extremely special
features, and trust me, you are special. But most people’s face shapes fit into 5
categories: oval, round, square, base up triangle, and base down triangle. The best choice for oval faces is full rims
and chunky frames. For a more iconic look, oval faces also look
spectacular with round frames. If your cheekbones are well defined and prominent
and your jaw is strong, then you have a square face like me. Try round frames or square frames with round
corners. Rimless or semi-rimless glasses look great
too. Round faces fit perfectly with rectangular
and square shapes. The round shape benefits from well-defined
lines. So full rimmed and semi-rimless frames would
suit you more than delicate rimless frames. For base up triangle faces, we would recommend
to avoid design elements at the top of the frame. Oval frames would look great on you, but be
careful with perfectly round frames. Base down triangle faces look nice with wayfarer
style frames, horn-rimmed frames, and even cat-eye frames. So now you have the basics, but feel free
to experiment and find your own style. At the end of the day, there are no fools,
it’s all about the frames you like best.

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