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Chris Broussard – Liberty University Convocation

November 29, 2019

>>ELLIE MCKAY: All right, for those of you
who don’t know me, my name’s Ellie. I get the privilege of introducing today’s
speaker – one of them being actually not only a good man, but also a good, good father. And that’s my dad. His name’s Coach McKay. He coaches our Liberty basketball teams; so
can we give it up for him? He serves our school so well. Love him! I also get the privilege of introducing our
speaker today. He’s no stranger to you guys. He’s very well known. He’s internationally known for being an NBC
analyst for ABC and ESPN. He co-hosts with Magic Johnson on the MBA
countdown show and is seen daily on shows like Sports Center, Outside the Lines, and
First Take. He was also named one of the top 100 black
history makers in 2012, which is so awesome. He also worked for the New York Times in his
early career, graduated from Oberlin College, and he’s also a published author. But Chris Broussard isn’t just someone we
see in the media. He’s also very passionate about this organization
that he started. He’s the president of KING, which you can
find over there kind of after convo. I’m sure he’ll talk about it. He leads a movement of Christian men, and
he’s also a frequent speaker at churches high schools, charitable fundraisers, and youth
related events. And he’s not only that, but also a father
and husband to his two – well he’s not a husband to them, but he’s a father to his two young
twin daughters up in New Jersey. So can we just give it up for our speaker
Chris Broussard?>>VIDEO: Joined now by Chris Broussard in
Cleveland.>>CHRIS BROUSSARD: If you’re talking about
one-on-one, obviously LeBron is huge compared to Michael Jordan. And as great as Larry Bird was, I put LeBron
ahead of Larry Bird. What are your long term goals in the game?>>LEBRON JAMES: To be a winner.>>ANCHOR: Chris, does LeBron James deserve
series MVP?>>BROUSSARD: Giving him the MVP would be
a way that that would always be remembered. I think you’re right on the money with that. Really upset LeBron James. He told me he can’t remember being that upset
on an MBA court.>>ANCHOR: Interesting perspective that we
did not have. Chris, thank you very much- appreciate it.>>BROUSSARD: When you live as a Christian,
every day you try to live for Christ. Every day you’re just trying to glorify Him,
you know?>>RITCHIE MCKAY: Man, that’s impressive.>>BROUSSARD: Thank you. It’s great to be here at Liberty. I get excited when I meet one Christian, so
to be here with 12, 13 thousand of you is just amazing, and this is an awesome feeling.>>MCKAY: So look, I’m going to apologize
in advance; this isn’t my day job. But I will tell you this->>BROUSSARD: I will critique you; believe
me.>>MCKAY: Thank you. You are in front of the best student body
in the world though; I’ll tell you that.>>BROUSSARD: It’s been great; I’ll tell you
that. It’s very good to be here, and I’m excited,
and you know for a person that works in a secular environment, you know, other than
church you’re not often in this type of atmosphere. So to see this along with great academics
it is awesome. It’s what we need in this country, so I applaud
you Liberty, and I just want you to keep growing and growing.>>MCKAY: That’s great. We’ve got some gifts for you. I’m going to give these to you at the beginning,
because if I don’t like what you say I’m going to take them back. But this is a polo for you to wear on First
Take, and then we know how to do it right. We got the 71 jersey for you with Broussard
on the back with two s’s.>>BROUSSARD: Thank you! This is great. I do still play.>>MCKAY: Yeah, I’ve heard. We’re going to talk about that in a little
bit. But, man, for those who don’t know you- and
we’ve got a lot of students that are sports fans here, some maybe not- tell us your story. How did you get to where you are? You’re successful. I can tell by your shoes you’re financially
secure. How did you get to know Jesus, and how did
you get to where you are now?>>BROUSSARD: Well it’s interesting. My rebirth or being born again, my Christian
testimony, is linked with my professional testimony to some degree. I went to Oberlin College in Ohio. Thank you. I was raised Catholic. So, I was raised Catholic, came from a very
good family. My parents actually, this year, they’ll celebrate
their 51st wedding anniversary, so came from a good family, went to church every Sunday,
but I didn’t know the Lord personally. I wasn’t really living for Christ. I was getting involved with a lot of things
that young people get involved in: sexual immorality, drunkenness, and things like that. And my sophomore year at Oberlin I began to
date a woman who was a Christian, and she was the first Bible-believing, born again
Christian that I ever really was close with. And she introduced me to biblical Christianity,
and about a year and a half into our relationship— It was always a struggle, because I was going
one way, and she was serving the Lord, but she took me to a church. It was a charismatic church, non-denominational,
and everybody was just— It was like this. Like the praise and worship was similar to
this. The words were on the wall, and everybody
was just excited and happy to be worshipping God, which I had never seen before. In Catholic church it was always just counting
down the minutes until you could get out of there- with all due respect to Catholics. But that really was when I first was convicted,
and the person that spoke- it was a guest speaker. He talked about how he had been a heroin addict,
and God delivered him from that, and I just knew at that moment that I really needed – that
my lifestyle wasn’t pleasing to the Lord. I was convicted of my sin, but the problem
was I didn’t want to give my life to the Lord. I didn’t want to repent. I knew I didn’t have to be perfect, but I
didn’t even want to really try to serve the Lord, so I kept running. And God still blessed me that summer—it
was after my junior year—with an internship at the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Did well. It was in sports writing, and they told me
they were going to hire me when I graduated. So going into my senior year I knew I had
a good job about when I’d graduate. So at that moment I was excited obviously,
but a few days later I began to feel like, man, is this all that life’s about? Like, I have—all my life I was taught to
reach for the American dream. Get good grades so you can go to a good college. Go to a good college so you can get a good
job, and now I had the promise of that, and I began thinking, man, is this it? There’s got to be more than this, and I knew
it was Christ, but I kept running. And finally, a few months later, God just
broke me down to the point where it was either keep running and be miserable, or give your
life to Christ and find some peace and some joy. And so, actually, on my 21st birthday, October
28, instead of making a wish over the cake and blowing out the candles, I prayed and
accepted Christ into my heart and became a Christian.>>MCKAY: That’s awesome, awesome. October 28, so you’ve got a birthday coming
up. Will you be 35?>>BROUSSARD: I don’t know if I should tell
my age. I will be 48 actually, 48 years old.>>MCKAY: Man you’re old. You’ve gone from that story you just told
us about – being a Christian at 21 – to now at 48. You’re bold in your faith. Your, like many of them out there, your social
media game is on point. Can you talk to us maybe about social maybe? You’ve been in controversial, or considered
controversial in some of your tweets, etc. What have you learned from that? And what would you advise our student body
as it relates to it?>>BROUSSARD: Well I would just advise you
to always think twice before you tweet. There have been times that I didn’t do that,
you know. I didn’t think about what I was tweeting. And a lot of times think about, as Christians,
we’re always, we’re told to value others above ourselves. And a lot of times I think in social media—certainly
for most people—we don’t think of the other person who we may be impacting whether we’re
putting up a picture, or a video, or just a saying, or whatever it may be. So I would say always think about the people
that you’re impacting with this tweet. You may think it’s funny, but it really could
hurt and damage a person. And then, number two, think about yourself
and your future, you know? Because your future employers, your parents,
any people are going to—like nothing disappears anymore. It’s always going to be there, and so I think
with Snapchat— I’m not on Snapchat, but does that disappear,
they say? I don’t know, but don’t count on it. Don’t count on it disappearing. You’ll be safe if you say it’s going to always
be there, so I would just think about that. I’m not, even though I do tweet because of
my job and stuff, I’m not a huge fan of social media. I think it can be great; it can be negative,
but maybe it’s because when you’re in the public eye, when you’re away from it you like
to just get your own time. But it’s a necessary—I don’t even want to
say a necessary evil. It’s not evil, but just be careful with it
because it can be damaging, but it also can be a great way to use for the Lord and other
positive things.>>MCKAY: Let’s just shift to the NBA. You’ve got—I’m dying to know this question,
because I’ve got a daughter that I’d like to see if I couldn’t protect her, continue
to plant seeds and water seeds until she gets married. If there’s a player in the NBA that you know
or you’ve seen. Not for Ellie, of course, a player in the
NBA that you would want Alexis or Noelle, your twin daughters, to date who would it
be and why?>>BROUSSARD: I don’t really want them dating
anybody.>>MCKAY: So next question—um.>>BROUSSARD: It would be—he’s married already. It would be without question Steph Curry without
question. Steph is genuine. Like he’s really sincerely loves the Lord,
and I’ve talked to him about it. Talked to him about the challenges that he
faces now as a superstar athlete, as one of the best players in the world. I’d say about 7 months ago that he was the
best player in the world before those finals. I think LeBron reclaimed that throne. I think LeBron reclaimed that throne, but
Steph is one of the greatest players in the world.>>MCKAY: You just lost some followers.>>BROUSSARD: And yeah, he’s genuine. And I would just encourage you. I pray for him regularly, and I would encourage
everybody here to pray for him regularly, because I’m around the MBA. I know the lifestyle. I know the temptations and the challenges,
and so be in prayer for him that he and his wife Ayesha – who I know will be here in
a few months – that they stay strong. They’ve been a great witness for the Lord. And one thing I encourage anybody here who
ends up being famous — I’ve encouraged people in that position to not look at it like, wow,
I have all this temptation. It’s so tough now being so famous, and trying
to live for the Lord, and be faithful to my wife, and this and that. Look at it as, look at all the opportunities
you have. Look at how many people now want to hear from
you, how many people want you to speak to them, and how many people you can impact,
how much money you have to promote the Kingdom. You know, so I would encourage people in that
position to look at the opportunities rather than just looking at the temptations and the
challenges.>>MCKAY: Yeah, that’s great. Speaking to contributing and impacting the
kingdom, we have a Flames Club that you could support. You’re bold, man. I love that. Just visiting with you in the green room back
there, and watching—I did my homework a little bit. You’re bold in your faith. You don’t pull any punches. Tell us about what you’re passionate about. I know KING Ministries is something that’s
dear to your heart that you started, and your associate Malik is here with you. Can you guys give it up for Malik back there,
faithful servant? And I know Ellie mentioned we’ve got some
stuff on sale, but what’s behind this movement? And tell us about your passion for leadership,
because you’re authentic about it.>>BROUSSARD: I’m just so passionate about
the Kingdom of God. Because, in addition to, obviously I’m excited
about eternal life and going to heaven and all that. But I’m also excited about the Kingdom of
God and the impact it can have on earth, you know? And I would love to just—I’m excited about
how Christ can impact individuals, and families, and communities in our country. And so I really, in my heart of hearts, what
I love to see is a spiritual awakening, and a revival in America that really brought our
nation— You know Jesus told us to pray, “Thy Kingdom
come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” So we’re supposed to pray for things to be
done in Virginia like they’re done in heaven, things to be done in America like they’re
done in heaven, you know. And that’s what I want to see, and I believe,
as any prayer, if you prayed to pass a test you better study too. If you pray to get a job you better apply
for the job. So if we want—if we pray for God’s Kingdom
to come I think we should use our opportunities, our talents, our gifts, our intelligence,
whatever God’s given us, to try to have it be done here on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you. So as an African American, you know I look
at a lot of the problems that plague us as a people: the fatherlessness and, you know,
various things. And I look at that like, you know, I know
they’re systemic obstacles as well, and institutional racism, but I also know that if we can get
men to sincerely follow Christ we can alleviate a lot of our problems, you know, that we have
that are holding us back. So that’s one reason that I founded the
KING Movement. It stands for knowledge, inspiration, and
nurture through God. And really it is a movement that really wants
to help strengthen men in their walks with Christ Monday through Saturday, you know,
be a support system to the church. So we can provide support and encouragement
and also a brotherhood for men that are trying to serve Christ. So you’ve got brothers that you can relate
to in other ways: in sports, in terms of music, whatever it may be, but who are also encouraging
you in your walk with Christ. So if you’re facing—there’s a woman at your
job that’s interested in you. Instead of telling you go ahead and, you know,
get with her, they’re encouraging you. Look man, you got to serve the Lord. You’ve got to be faithful to your wife and
things like that. And so that’s what the KING Movement is really
about, and ultimately it’s for men of all races. We do deal with a lot social issues. We do a lot of community service. We do evangelism. We have fun and fellowship, and create opportunities
to just have fun together. But ultimately we hope to help others in the
body of Christ as we all push for this unity in the Christ across racial, denominational,
political, and generational lies, because we believe that if—I believe firmly, and
KING does too, that if we in the body of Christ would unite across those various lines that
I mentioned that we could spark this Spiritual awakening. Jesus said in John 17, he prayed that we would
be one, and he said, “I pray, Father, that they’ll be one as you and I are one so that
the world would believe that you sent me.” So He’s saying if we’re one, if we’re unified
then the world will believe in this Jesus we talk about. And so that’s really ultimately what KING
hopes to do is work with other Christians to help unify us across these divisions that
we have, and unfortunately, you know in a lot of cases we’re as divided as the world,
if not more so in some cases. So that’s really what the KING Movement is
about, so afterwards we sell paraphernalia: caps, tee shirts, hoodies. That’s how we support ourselves to some degree,
so please, you know, support us. Buy some after the convocation, because it’s
also a witnessing tool. You know you wear this and somebody says,
well, what’s KING? And it’s immediately an opportunity to talk
about the Lord, witness. So that’s kind of what the KING Movement’s
about.>>MCKAY: Yeah, that’s great. That’s great. Will you guys give it up for the KING Movement? That’s awesome. So passionate about leadership, obviously. I didn’t, but again I did some research. You’re passionate about hip-hop. As a matter of fact, you had some bars on
ESPN. We couldn’t download it. Give me a little—you don’t want to do any
bars here do you?>>BROUSSARD: I don’t know what you’re talking
about.>>MCKAY: You guys want to hear him sing a
couple of bars? Do you want me to give you a beat? I could beat box.>>BROUSSARD: You beat box? I used to rap. I used to rap in college. I rapped, and I DJed and all that. And when I got saved, early in my senior year
of college, I actually ended up doing a rap at school, and it was called “How You Like
Me Now?” And it was like you loved me when I was out
in the world and all that, but now that I’m serving Christ how do you like me? And it went over really well. That was, gosh, I don’t know, twenty something
years ago.>>MCKAY: Is that on YouTube by chance?>>BROUSSARD: Now I stay in my lane.>>MCKAY: All right, so we’re not getting
any bars. Let’s go back to MBA. Favorite coach or favorite team and why?>>BROUSSARD: Wow, you know when you cover
the league you’re objective, you know. You learn to be objective so you don’t really
have a favorite team, at least I don’t. And I moved around a lot as a kid, so I wasn’t
like in one city my whole life. I was in five cities before I graduated high
school, and so I didn’t—you know, I always was a front runner I guess. I like the 76ers with Dr. J, and the Lakers
with Magic Johnson, and then the Bulls with Michael Jordan. But my parents live in Cleveland. I finished high school in Cleveland. My first job was in Cleveland and I lived
there for a lot of years, so I was very happy to see the Cleveland Cavaliers bring that
championship for 52 years. I wouldn’t have been mad if Golden State because
I’m such a fan of Steph Curry, but I was glad to see Cleveland. And I was glad for LeBron. I think, you know, he is—he’s not Michael
Jordan; nobody is. I think Jordan’s the best player ever, but
I think you can now make a strong argument that LeBron James is the second greatest player
of all time.>>MCKAY: Well I’m going to leave that one
alone.>>BROUSSARD: Who’s your favorite player?>>MCKAY: My favorite player would be Steph
Curry, but you know his brother—.>>BROUSSARD: Mine too—he’s my favorite
player.>>MCKAY: His brother—and I think he’s one
of the greatest of all time. I won’t say if he’s it. But his brother Seth used to play for us back
in the day a little bit. Now he’s with the Dallas, Mavericks. Great kid, great family. And then my favorite team—I’ve even got
it on my phone— oops. My daughter—the Sonics. Can you all get a shot of that? The thunder, the Sonics. We’re coming back one day.>>BROUSSARD: I hope so. They deserve a team.>>MCKAY: Speaking of playing, you played
at Oberlin. You were a point guard, and we’re going to
show some clips here in a minute. Malik tells me you’re now a scoring guard
in your age. You like to shoot. But what kind of player were—hang on. Let’s see if we’ve got that— some video
clips of you this morning in the practice gym.>>BROUSSARD: That’s not photo shopped either. I though you weren’t showing that. What happened to the editing? There it is. There it is. Y’all did me dirty. This is a Christian school, man. They told me y’all were going to edit that
air ball out.>>MCKAY: So you know we go around the country
and recruit, and I tell everyone, hey, we really want some shooters, like you are. But more importantly, we need makers. We need the guys that can make it.>>BROUSSARD: Nah, I hear you. I hear you. It looks photo shopped. I did make those three-pointers, despite how
it looked.>>MCKAY: We have a great group of young people
in our basketball program. What advice would you give them or our student
body in terms of how, what it’s like daily for you as a believer. You live in a world — Because it’s great
when we’re on campus, when we’re around other believers, encouraged by them. You can walk on this campus, and people reading
their Bible in the library or Williams Stadium. What’s it like when we get out in the world? What advice would you give to them?>>BROUSSARD: I would say the main thing is
that you have to know the Lord for yourself. You have to have—and we know that’s a tenet
of Christianity: having a personal relationship with Christ, but you can’t, you know, ride
on the coattails of your parents. You can’t be a Christian just because your
parents were, or just because you’re in this environment, and everybody or most people
are, and they’re pushing it. You have to know Him for yourself. Because with me, I travel a lot on Sundays,
and you know I never really can go to a Wednesday Bible study and serve, so I really have to
study the word myself, and have a prayer life myself so that I can resist the temptation
on the road and stuff like that. So the main thing I would say is don’t—I
mean we respect and we learn from our pastors and our mentors in Christ and things, but
you can’t rely on anybody else for your walk with Christ. You have to know the Lord yourself and do
the things yourself that are going to keep you strong. Just like a basketball player you have to
work on your game. You have to work on your handle; work on your
jump shots, so on and so forth, lift weights. Same thing spiritually. You have to read the word, praise God, and
walk it out, and you’ll grow stronger as a believer just as you would as a basketball
player about doing those things.>>MCKAY: It’s great. Well we’re going to try and let our students
out early, amen. So this is my best David Nasser, because he’ll
put the mic right here. We ask all of our guests how—and we really
mean it. And I love David, by the way. Will you guys give it up for him? One of the things I love about David is I’m
like him in a lot of ways. We both married way over our head. I’m assuming that you’ll mention Crystal and
how our student body, and how we can pray for you man.>>BROUSSARD: Yeah, Crystal is my wife. We’ve been married 21 years, and she’s actually—
she’s that young woman that I met in college that introduced me to the Lord. And we have twin daughters who are 18-years-old. They’re freshmen in college. One, Alexis, is at Penn, and Noelle is at
Michigan. So what I would say, really what I’d like
prayer for is for my daughters. They’re Christians, but they’re not at a Christian
school, obviously, and so I would just ask prayer for them that they remain strong, and
they meet a, you know, good group of Christians that can encourage and inspire them throughout
their college years, and that they’ll stay with the Lord. I’ll also ask prayer for the KING Movement
– that we can become what God created us to be. You can go to to learn more
about it. We do a blog as well, and so if anybody here
is interested in blogging for, or, you can let us know at
the table, because we’re definitely open to that. So those would be the two things that I would
ask prayer for.>>MCKAY: Great. Prayer for the daughters, the KING movement. He also said prayer for Steph Curry, and that
thy will be done. So I’m going to give away his hat. Wait, come on up, man. What’s your name? Evan, congratulations. You’re welcome. I can pray? You want to pray. This is what you do. I can dismiss them or pray.>>NASSER: Let’s pray.>>MCKAY: You put it on this side or this
side?>>NASSER: I didn’t know I put it on. Now I’m all conscious about it.>>MCKAY: And then you pray with your eyes
open. Let’s bow our heads.>>NASSER: I have to pray with my eyes open,
because a lot of times when you’ve all got your eyes closed I’m watching if something
freaky’s about to go down, so I can shut it down. And I also pray with my eyes open whenever
I’m driving in a car, so there’s a couple of times when that happens. Let’s pray for you, man. Thank you. We’re just so honored that you would come. We know how busy you are. Can we thank just Chris Broussard one more
time? Let’s pray for him. Man, you are always on the front lines, always
speaking up for Christ, and you’ve got to be getting a lot of heat a lot of times for
that. Just know, when the world’s point fingers
at you we’re praying for you. Just know we’re with you. Father, thank you for this servant. Thanks for the way that You’ve risen him up,
God, to be a real voice in this generation. Thank you God that he more than just analyzes
a sport, that he just is a real missionary. God thank you for the impact that he’s had
not just on camera, not just on social media, but just privately God in the locker room
with these basketball players, with coaches, with people, Father, in the entertainment
industry who know him, and just the way He carries himself as a man of God, God as a
father, as a husband. Continue to give him favor. I do pray for his daughters, that they would
be just bright lights as well in the schools that you’ve sent them to. Thank you for the example that he’s been to
us today, the encouragement that he’s been to us today. We pray for KING ministries, God, that you
would just continue to give it favor, and allow it to be a real fraternity of men who
will do together what they could never do alone. We pray this in your name. Amen. Come on; give it up for Chris Broussard again. Thank you, brother. We love you.

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