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CIA Director Sworn In On Constitution With NO BILL OF RIGHTS! – Political Maniacs

August 25, 2019

newly minted c_i_a_ director john
brennan who took his oath of office our constitution that was missing a certain
something old-boy vice president joe biden
privately so warring c_i_a_ director john brennan today in the roosevelt room
of the white house the white house notes that bring took the oath of office on
the constitution original draft as seventeen eighty seven document that’s
still bears george washington’s penmanship in annotations except there is a one very rather large
patriotic problem this verse in the constitution simile symbolically appear in its
original origins in extremely flawed elmo emblem in one very important way this cannon does not include a little
thing called the bill of rights as blogger or marcy wheeler who belongs
and will be no and you will points out that means in brennan vowed to protect
in defend the constitution juice wearing on one that did not
include the first fourth fifth or sixth amendments or any of that other
amendments now including our constitution bill of rights not from her work as
usual seventeen ninety one four years after the constitution the bread
interviews of the office on i really don’t need to be asl about this
these vows always carry a great deal of symbolism and whether he meant to invoke
the symbols are not the moment at which brennan took over the c_i_a_ happened to
exclude in symbolic form who presumably not legally yuki limits on governmental
power the protective american citizens from
it’s gone forty third well i think you should have checked all right ladies really bad staff work first and foremost unanimous also as
much as i don’t agree with this debate is also sort of goes into the thirteen-hour filibuster this week
does a very much dust like resolve iran paul as well who’s also quite maniacal
was alright you and i think you know the fact that
he chose not to teeth is going to take them overlap with on your constitution that having to arise greenbacks or is he no
one ever to serve others on it prostitution knows all about your right
so he wanted to make his viewpoint that he was you’d be the defender of the constitution in his term is the redirect your an aid in the opposite yes and so he used the wrong wanted to share not not to mention the
fact that arm keep here to withdraw his name from com obama’s first term person i a
director because it is an outspoken proponent of george w_ bush is
waterboarding techniques like which is yeah and i believe the exact opposite of the
bill of rights some of the region we read the stuff
that you cannot make this up on the evite

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  1. The point of this isn't that the bill of rights wasn't attached. The point is that everybody in that room thinks that the constitution and bill or rights only apply to corporations.

  2. That is also true….I think the point here is it was missing the Bill of Rights that should protect us from U.S. Drones!

  3. Next time fowler is about to insult a conservative's religion, please watch this video b4 you do it.

    this is as religious as any christian ive ever heard.

    please focus on substance. attacking others on aesthetics is the refuge for those who have no arguments.

    this video was a waste of time.

  4. His true intentions, as foreshadowed by his swearing in on that particular document, are being exposed.

  5. Not all athiests are communists but all true communists are athiests… one year form Brennan campaigning for and voting for communist presidential candidate Gus Hall, Brennan decided that he was going to seek employment with the CIA.. fact.. by his own words.. Hello!

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