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Civil Partnership vs Marriage | The Law Explained

November 24, 2019

a civil partnership is a legally
recognised union between a couple of the same sex it follows a different regime
to marriage and it’s dealt with under the civil partnership Act of 2004 so a
civil partnership commences when both parties signed the civil partnership
document whereas a marriage can only be entered into when parties say their vows
so spoken words to each other so civil partnership and marriage tend to have
very similar rights and there are a few differences one is in relation to
pension schemes so if one of the parties that’s part of the civil partnership
passes away and the other civil partner may not receive the full entitlement in
terms of survivor benefits from the Pension Scheme that they would if they
were married there’s also differences in terms of travel provisions so some
countries don’t recognize civil partnerships so if couples live aboard
they may have different rights in the country that they’re living in and to
the rights that they’d have in England as civil partners so the dissolution of
civil partnership is very similar to divorce proceedings other than we use
different words slightly different words so we say that we’re dissolving the
civil partnership rather than referring to divorce proceedings one of the main
differences is that the civil partner can’t use adultery as one of the reasons
for the dissolution whereas that can be used in divorce proceedings so in order
to dissolve the civil partnership again there’s there’s one ground which
is the same as divorce that the civil partnership has broken down
irretrievably and to prove that ground and the civil partners would need to
rely on one of four facts one would be unreasonable behavior two years
separation and consent five years separation or desertion

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