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Civil Rights Claims – Attorney Jody Broaddus – Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm – Legal Tips

February 14, 2020

Hi I’m Jody Broaddus with the
attorneys for freedom law firm and I’m here today to talk to you about civil
rights claims and general civil rights are a person’s right to social and
political freedom and equality there are certain restrictions under both federal
and state law as to the types of claims that can be asserted for civil rights
deprivation if you do have a wrongful deprivation of civil rights there are
certain hoops you have to jump through and both federal and state laws under
federal law you’re required to file a notice of claim in general within one
year and you have to file that with the agency that caused the deprivation under
state law it’s a much shorter time period you only have 180 days to file
the notice of claim in both the notice of claims under federal state law
there’s certain requirements that have to be included within your notice of
claim for example the basis of liability what your damages are and an amount to
resolve the matter now if you do have this Notice of Claim done and is served
upon the appropriate entity they have a certain time that they get to respond if
they don’t respond it’s deem denied and then you’re forced to file a lawsuit
now timelines for lawsuits are also very critical it may be one year or two years
so it’s important to contact an attorney immediately if you feel you have a
deprivation of your civil rights I hope you found this information helpful you
can reach out to me or to the attorneys for freedom website at attorneys for
freedom dot com if you have any questions

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